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    Scientific tests show ( see 'Mulatto' Wikipedia), between 84-90 percent of African-Americans are PURE BLACK.

    About 33 percent of whites have African or Black ancestors. Whites are 70% Negroid genes, Asians, 60, percent Negroid genes, American Indians - 60 percent.

    Mixing during slavery affected about 5 percent of Black of the BIG HOUSE. Field slaves, 95% of slaves, were mainly PURE BLACK ...

    Read Full Story: http://community-2.webtv.net/BARNUBIANEMPIRE/BLACKPEOPLEBLACK/page5.html

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    Bro. Justin: Contrary to popular belief I've always thought that most of us are pure black. I think people exaggerate interracial defiling in slavery.
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    Some people just love to think that they are part Native american,white,black and everything inbetween. I consider myself black, I also agree the the stats for interracial loving or raping of that time is overstated, Some folks just hate being considered pure black.
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    While I think that some people may have issues with being “pure black”, I also find it hard to believe that African Americans are 90% “pure black”.
    I would suppose that it depends on your definition of “pure”. I don’t think 90% of anyone is pure anything for the record.

    "There's about a 15 percent genetic variation between any two individuals," according to science writer Deborah Blum. "Less than half of that, about 6 percent, is accounted for by known racial groupings....A randomly selected white person, therefore, can easily be genetically closer to an African than another white" (Blum). “

    I’ve known more than a few bi-racial people that have called themselves black so I guess race and color are more of a mind set than anything else.
  4. Bro. Justin

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    Yeah, I'm trying to rid myself of all Eurocentric influences
  5. designer

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    To each his own Bro.Justin.... You live your life man.

    Let me toss this out there too for people who, like myself, wonder about this race thing that seems to drive so many people off the deep end:

    “It has already been said that in most states the "nation" is a product of the state, not the basis for the creation of the state. And when it is asserted that these "nations" have anthropological character of their own, a "racial" character, the answer must be that the state which is inhabited by an anthropologically pure race is yet to be found. Scientific investigations prove that there is in all countries an endless crossbreeding between the various constituents of the population. A "pure race" does not exist at all. Furthermore, although various external anthropological distinctions - the shape of the head, the hair, the color of skin - are exact enough in themselves, we cannot prove that any intellectual or spiritual traits are associated with them.”

    Christian Lous Lange 1921 Nobel Peace Prize Lecture.

    Me thinks race is not all that we were taught it to be.
  6. QSSassy

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    ok stupid question, but why would anyone have a problem being 'pure black'?? I don't get it.
  7. designer

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    We live in a race driven society that seeks to place people in some sort of hierarchy based on race.
    Many black people feel that they [we] have been placed on the bottom of that hierarchy.
    Some people will do whatever they can to move off of the “bottom” so they feel that if they have over blood in their history, then they are not totally on the “bottom”.

    I think that we all really need to truly understand that if it ain't race it will be something else. So the sooner we learn that people are people, the better off we'll all be. And the sooner we learn that we all come from the same place.... Well, you see my point.

    But I will say this... Who is pure? Really.

    I hope all is well with you Q. Good to have you back!
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    :lol: That's just another reason why I like you Sassy becauseI wouldn't have a problem with it at all! :wink:

    JREMINATOR New Member

    Sassy, I`m sorry, but it really IS a stupid question...
    In this country, for centuries black ppl have been told, taught, brainwashed about how great the whtite race is and how low and depraved the black race/genes are.
    So of course some ppl that may not be as free, bright or open-minded as you will think "ah if I have at least one drop of that higher race gene, then maybe I`ll be more respected, better treated, smarter,..."

    Ok, to you it sounds crazy, but put yourself in some simple-minded ppl`s shoes and you`ll have an idea!!
  10. Bro. Justin

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  11. INJERA70

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    Man you hit the nail on the head, come on sassy you knew the answer all along folks pretend like racism does not exist, yes Virginia people still judge you by the color of your skin.
  12. QSSassy

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    I never said racism does not exist. Don't come down on me for asking a sincere question. I'll never know what it is like to be black, nor do I seek to act like I would. But I happen to care what you guys think and thus the question.

    I wasn't raised with any white supremacy BS. So for me to think in terms of even an ounce of white blood having any desired special value isn't fathomable in my mind.
  13. INJERA70

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    Oh come on nobody is coming down on you. J was just answering your question I know that you can't be as naive to think that some people will not want to be label as pure black because of racism.
  14. flaminghetero

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    Just look around you..MOST U.S Black people like just like the people on the Continent.

    Just ask an African what percentage of American Blacks look just like the people back home and they'll tell you 90 to 95%

    I don't know why we like to say "well,most of us are mixed anyway.."


    "There are no pure Blacks left in America.."

    It's STUPID..all you have to do is LOOK
  15. Silvercosma

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    That's quite an interesting and creative interpretation of the "one-drop rule". :lol:

    Unfortunately, it didn't matter how much of this alleged "black blood" or "white blood" one had as an individual, a mysterious "one drop of black blood" was enough to force generations of people to deny whole parts of their ancestry. I believe that the refusal to accept this white supremacist nonsense proclaimed by the "one dropper's" out there and to challenge their system of racial control is a healthier attitude than the attitude of, let's say Halle Berry for instance, who declared that she is "the first black women to win the academy awards" while everybody saw her "white" mother sitting in the audience. One can only speculate about the number of black and white supremacists who rejoiced that "this good negro still knows her place".

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    To be honest, i've never really understand why anyone would hate being black, when its what you are. And please, don't even get me started on any of societal's BS. I've lived in Venezuela where the black population is below 10% so i know what i am talking about. I never one did and never will hate being black. Maybe it was the way i was raised (laregly away from the U.S) but with me, its a personal thing. You cannot make me see myself how you want me to, rather i'd do it my way.
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    Post this in the Stormfront site. :lol: :lol: :lol: Get some soda and popcorn ready. :lol:
  18. SardonicGenie

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  19. ronaldl79

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    Great quote! As my signature states:

    "Race is a tool to fool". For the last 400 years, we've been led to believe that race actually exists -- it doesn't. It's a concept. A creation. Pure and simple.

    What "lights my fire" is when people define me based on my appearance. Because I'm a caramel-complected man, that automagically makes me "Black" or "African-American"? Please!

    Of course, I'm usually alone in my ideas and thoughts, but I know I'm walking in the right direction.

  20. QSSassy

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    why did you quote that... I was pissed at his condescending way of replying to me that way the first time

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