Ali Larter vs. Ali Landry: Who's Hotter???

Discussion in 'Celebrity IR Couples' started by Kid Rasta, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted

  2. hntr18

    hntr18 Well-Known Member


    there both hot but i think ali landry is hooter :p
  3. Equinox

    Equinox New Member

    Ali Larter




    Ali Landry



    for my taste...


  4. Dex216

    Dex216 New Member

    They're both pretty damn fine, but I'm givin the nod to Ali Landry :p
  5. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    Damn Rasta, this is a tough choice. :D



    I'll go w/ Larter. :rolleyes:
  6. BronzeSaint

    BronzeSaint New Member

  7. DarkSyde24

    DarkSyde24 Member

    I've always liked Ali Landry ever since the old Doritos commercials, so I'll give the nod to her.
  8. hellspawn72

    hellspawn72 Member

    I'm bias 'cause I'm from 'the boot' (Louisiana), so I'll have to say Ali Landry. Aside from being former Miss USA, she's been a model and actress. And she is pretty, like ALOT of white girls in La. Too bad she's married to a mexican dude though.:mad:
  9. Elklodge

    Elklodge Active Member

    I'll say Larter
  10. JamalSpunky

    JamalSpunky Well-Known Member

    Since when? There is obviously a movie coming out called "Obsessed" in which there is a extremely rare representation of even some hint of sexual interest between a black man and a white woman. But I woudn't exactly call it an IR film. I doubt the two even sleep together and I definitely know there won't be a romance between them. Considering that the wife is played by Beyonce and that Ali looks to be the villain in the movie I'm tempted to call it anti-IR.

    Besides other than that and that horror flick a decade ago in which she flirted with Taye Diggs character there isn't any indication that Ali will be pulling a Julia Stiles or anything. No, if you want go-to chicks in IR flicks there are no white girls. Only black girls, Asian girls and Hispanic girls. And almost all the time the IR involves white men.
  11. JamalSpunky

    JamalSpunky Well-Known Member

    She does seem to like the Latin guys. One cheated on her like crazy but she ended up hooking up with another.
  12. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Moderator

    As a young man with plenty of family from East Texas and Western Louisiana...I can say that Louisiana women are hot!!!!! Smokin!!!! like a bucket of Habanero pepper juice. I'd say Texas/Louisiana produces the best looking women in the country...only my opinion. Some places have more good looking (imported) women but as far as homegrown natives...TX/LA takes the prize.
  13. BronzeSaint

    BronzeSaint New Member

    ....Only in the United States.

    Outside the United States, BM/WW films are just fine...even in South Africa.

    This Sarah Connor video that was in one of the forums reminds me of how out of date we are as Americans....Made and shown in Germany, I'm not sure if it would have made it to MTV even if the song was better.

    Turn down the sound and just watch:

    Thankfully, when it comes to real WW and not just those on the Hollywood screen, we're doing just fine...thank you very much.
  14. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    Okay may be the term "go-to" shouldn't be used but there are white actresses like my girl Ali that have shown to be more open to doing onscreen IR like Julia Roberts, Julia stiles, Brittany Daniel, Olivia Wilde to name a few and having said that, you know MY ALI GETS THE THUMBS-UP FROM ME!:smt038


  15. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    Ali Landry is more of a model, thus, her looks are slightly more model-esque.

    Larter is pure actress.

    I remember the first time I saw her in Varsity Blues wearing the whip cream bikini.


  16. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted

    It's NYE, and I gotta go...if I had more time, I'd give u examples.

    The Kid Rasta:cool:
  17. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    Sarah is married to a white guy in real life, though.
  18. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    This is rather difficult, but i'ma have to go with Ali Landry.
  19. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    JS,you are right what Hollywood is cranking out on IR is just not funny. I wished there is more displays of emotion and love. Like I said before I will not hold my breath on it. Only a independent produced movie will do justice. The really bad news is Hancock is one of the top five highest grosed movie this year. Oh yes Ali Landry is hot but ,I wished she dated a brother.
  20. Malik True

    Malik True New Member

    Very nice video BS....
    The singing is some gar-bagge though

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