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    But now that power might be used to find true love.

    As chronicled at Hardwood Paroxysm, Andre Drummond recently declared his love for Jennette McCurdy, a young actress who starred in Nickelodeon shows Sam & Cat and iCarly. In fact, iCarly debuted in 2007 when young Drummond was just 15 years old.

    What follows is a few Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW) posts, an entire legion of followers trying to forge this love connection and mutual following and perhaps even a date on Nov. 17 when the Pistons are in Los Angeles.

    The thing is just so damned adorable.
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    This is new. We've gone from pictures of brothers standing next to WW in public being labeled as "IR couples" to stories about ballers to talking about how they want new jump off being posted in this section.

    I guess that's progress.
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    well it's not like she is ignoring him, she likes him as much as he likes her. stop hating!
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    Hey,homeboy has got it made with that hot babe. How many brothers can get a woman like that? Not many.
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    Of all the repeated responses found on these boards this one may be the most silly and comes across as the most self-loathing. First of all it suggests that this particular woman is some sort of goddess who floats above the reach of men (or brother men). Why is that? She's white? She's on TV? Geez. She's cute. She's nice-looking. That's about it. But is she some breathtaking beauty that blows the doors off all other women? I don't think so. I suppose that is a matter for debate though. Here is something that is not up for debate: she isn't some household name, superstar that the media is hounding 24/7. She ain't Taylor Swift whose status as Miss All-American White Girl precludes her from probably even looking at a black man. All this Jennette chick is is some kid-TV star.

    Secondly I've seen more than my share of (most of them not celebrities) black guys with white females who look just as good if not better than this woman.

    That being said even if Jennette were only some young lady who was stuck with a pathetic gig of hosting PBS fundraiser marathons at the Boise Idaho station, she would still be able to have her pick of men. Why? Because she's cute and on she's on TV. And that would mean it wouldn't just be a few number of "brothers" who'd be able to tap that, it would be a few number (relatively speaking) of white men as well who could get her. Being a good-looking woman at any level of celeb status allows one to be choosy. Very choosy. And such women tend to choose dudes of a certain status, a certain wealth and/or a certain level of attractiveness. Granted as the status for such a female increases, the group of men who are the most likely suitors decreases. And it decreases for all men. At least 90% of all white males (probably higher) are not in contention to even dream about dating pretty, white female celebrities because they don't meet the necessary physical, montrary or success requirements.

    TERRASTAR18 Well-Known Member

    you are seriously overthinking this.....girl likes boy, boy likes girl,that's it.
  8. Athlone McGinnis

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    He's making an accurate note of gender dynamics as they relate to the impact of celebrity/socio-economic status on female mating behavior and choice. He's doing this to dispel the notion that only "most brothers" are out of the running for a girl like this (the reality is that most men, regardless of race, are out).

    I don't see any overthinking being done here and I think that such a dismissal is unwarranted. Good looking women can be choosy and usually are. This is just a statement of fact. He made a solid argument in what is, on the whole, a solid post.
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    I've never heard of this young woman. Sure, she is cute and attractive. And she is YOUNG. Taylor Swift is another matter altogether. In this age of tech, it is too easy to intrude into a person's life. The two shared tweets and a possible relationship has developed. The world knows of this. In the 1970's the gossip papers like Star or The National Enquirer, or People magazine tried to keep tabs on celebrities. They still do. Now, the celebrities let people into their daily lives. However, they are sharing with their fans. However the status of their relationship, I don't want to know anymore. I wish them well. If they break up, it is not the end of the world.
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    Well said by both of you. She's nothing to write home about. She's an average attractive girl, she's not even on the level of women I wack off too. Actually I can say I've dated girls more attractive than her and I'm the ugliest shortest dude on here by far so I don't see what all the commotion is about. But like you both have pointed out her status as well as her blonde hair make her some type of object of desire for some.
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    Weird couple but Nickleodeons current #1 girl showing love to a brotha is good for IR imo




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    @ the bolded, please consider the source. The could drink the Nile dry and still be thirsty.

    @ your underlined point, while you make a valid point IN GENERAL, the reverse could be said about Andre Drummond. He is an new NBA player, and thus is appealing for his own set of reasons. Which in turn makes his pool of qualifying women go down. Your average Black woman can't score him, either.

    I tent to agree. It's actually a sweet, adorable story.
  13. The Dark King

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    Your average woman period
  14. Bliss

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    No doubt, but I specifically said BW only b/c JamalS was comparing WM failing to get her attention. IE: the same can be said for Andre, since he is a relatively good catch in society's eye.

    TERRASTAR18 Well-Known Member

    i agree. i understand his point and who he is posting too, but at the same time it's an issue of two b-list celebrities, barely out of their teens. it's like hs or college. he probably had a crush on her the same way back in the day had crushes on punky brewster. and on her end, she probably doesn't get ppl flirting with her like that.
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    Just publicity on her part probably - anyone with the IQ of a seventh grader knows that an interracial celebrity relationship or even the appearance of one will garner press coverage. Well they finally hooked up this thursday and they have photos together and all. Now people are talking about them so its a win-win for their respective Q-ratings.

    Celebrity couples get noticed so if they are an interracial relationship then its even more media. If Rousey & Pettis go public with their alleged relationship just think how much more media coverage they would earn for Dana 'good to be' White and the Fertita brothers . . . and they both half-hispanic. Rousey upgraded his judo and he just won the UFC world championship thanks to her in some degree probably and he can return the favor by helping her defend her UFC world championship by training her in tae kwon do. As a couple they would earn sports coverage everywhere and even some mainstream media because they're photogenic
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    your 2nd paragraph i believe but the first no way. she's a disney/nick star catering to a white middle america audience. dating a black man isn't helping hher.
  19. Gorath

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    When you are a star on a show with Disney or Nickelodeon, it is your duty to maintain a wholesome image. I recall that on The Cosby Show, the girls on that show were not allowed to date white guys on the show. Or offscreen, for that matter. Bill Cosby questioned Lisa Bonet about her role in the film Angel Heart. The Cosby Show was a vehicle to prove that black families can have professional careers and stay together. AND...entertain white America. It is all about image. Actress Elizabeth Berkley almost lost her career due in part to a film called Showgirls. That above all else, it is all about image.
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    Speak for yourself.

    You better up your game lil dude....seems to me you cant catch.

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