Any White women in Long Island looking for black guy?

Discussion in 'How To Meet White Women and Black Men' started by trinipilot, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. trinipilot

    trinipilot New Member

    Any White women in Long Island looking for black guy? PM me.
  2. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    If you are livin large they will come.
  3. hntr18

    hntr18 Well-Known Member

    hey soul

  4. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    That guy is from the Caribbean you would had thought he would had met some of those women who go on vacation on the island he once lived and invite him to one of their homes in the Hamptons.

    UKVISITOR New Member


    Hi, I'm Suzanne. Will be in NYC in March.
  6. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    thread 3 yrs old...sorry.
  7. archangel

    archangel Well-Known Member

  8. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    These people

    UKVISITOR New Member

    Oh shit. How do I get to meet people on here. This site is difficult
  10. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    If ur looking for a one night stand, hit me up
  11. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    :smt005:smt005:smt005:smt005:smt005...taking one for the team...gotta love petty
  12. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    It's my duty to please that booty
  13. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    UkVisitor,put your addy in the profile you made.
  14. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    You'll be in NYC trust me you won't have troubles, just visit and enjoy my friend

    UKVISITOR New Member

    Good, excited to hear it :):)

    UKVISITOR New Member

    oh ok, I'll do that
  17. Hypestyle

    Hypestyle New Member

    What cities/towns within greater Long Island are more open to IR?
  18. EuroChick

    EuroChick New Member

    I'm not, but that sounds delicious right about now. :drinkers:
  19. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    I got ur Long Island right here
  20. EuroChick

    EuroChick New Member

    Perfect. Bring it over.

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