Anyone want to come to Ukraine?

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    NATALIYA New Member

    Hey guys! I wish there were more black men here. So guys if u have plans for visiting write me here and if u have some questions be free to usk.
  2. fromrussiawithlove

    fromrussiawithlove New Member

    One of our members goes to the Ukraine regularly. I talk to him on facebook still but he's not active anymore on the forum sadly!! He goes to Kiev a couple of times a year, loves Ukrainian ladies that much :p
    It was sad actually, I missed him by about two weeks before I left! Would have been great to see him.

    I'm sure a few other members have been to the Ukraine. It's a fun, vibrant place. Kiev and Odessa should be a must-see for frequent travellers.
  3. botoan

    botoan Active Member

    I saw your pics last night and I just want to say that you are absolutely gorgeous. I have seen many European women and they are arguably the most beautiful women in the world overall. But, I think the perceived language barrier will keep many American black men, like myself from traveling there unfortunately. I could be wrong I hope I am wrong.

    I will say however, if you continue to post, educate and entice BM about your fellow Ukrainian women and yourself more will eventually come. Just as many BM want to travel to Australia now, myself included in part because of the beautiful Aussie women we see on this website.
  4. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    One of my coworkers and I have been discussing a 2 week Euro trip, next year. Ukraine and Russia have been mentioned as possible destinations.

    Also considering.,. Italy, Switzerland, Poland and Sweden.

    He's actually pretty hesitant to do Ukraine, Russia and Poland for fear of racism.

    NATALIYA New Member

    Well as about the languege-u r completely right...mostly people in Ukraine and in Russia dont speak english...some of them can speak a little bit but American english is very different from what they studdied at school there is an accent and especially the black americans-first time i start speaking with those guys i didnt auderstand any word(that was after a allready was speaking good english in university for few weeks) so if u speak very slowly and nicely maby some of those Ukrainian people will understand few words(and even this will be if u r a lucky guy:D) So if to talk seriously u better find a good friend from ukraine who will be a gide for u and can make your treep really safe and interesting...sure in the best case will be if u r comming to a girl that u allready r almost loving and really want to see her and spend time with her then u dont need english that much...she will probably meet u in the airport and take u to all nice places u discuss before...
    But also it can be a good friend who will take u to nice places where u can find some nice Ukrainian girls to spend time with them...

    As about rasism-in some parts of the countries there is such a problem in other it is not that bad...i would never advice u to go to north of russia where theyve never seen a black men-those people can kill u and noone even will know that...otehr places r more safe but still it is some risk u should ask someone who at least allready have been there to which places u should not go...forexample in my city some night clubs r mostly filled with foreign studens and there r so many black students too but in some clubs people may be agressive...but here mostly is safe at this time our people r user for foreigners of different colours...not like few years ago when i just finishen high school and old people were telling small kids when theyve seen a black man jr women that those people r made of chocolate and they were so serious at that moment - it was so funny:rolleyes:

    NATALIYA New Member

    Thank u dear!
    I dont know why i can not find anyones pictures here:( i even can not understand if they r a BM or WW ;) because they dont choose the gender...
  7. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    I'm a BM, everyone else here is a WW.... that's all you need to know.
  8. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    Ok, so let me ask you this.

    I've been to Deutschland and as a BM in certain clubs / areas, we have a LOT of options with gorgeous WW. I've also noticed that the German women prefer american (especially non-military) BM to African BM. A lot of the women that I spoke to said that the African men would go on a date or two and in a few weeks want to propose marriage for immigration purposes. I think the perceived wealth and power of America make American BM a more attractive option.

    That said.,. is it similar there?

    - Are WW there beginning to have a strong desire for BM?
    - Is there a preference one way or the other between African BM and American BM?

    This quote makes is why I ask this question.
  9. botoan

    botoan Active Member

    Women tell me I am handsome and I have always dated pretty women but, I have never been keen on taking pictures. I should take some however, because I feel awkward looking at all the beautiful women on this website, but they have not seen me yet. I wonder if they think I am fake or they just respect my privacy. I hope they don't think I am ashamed because I like WW and I don't want co-workers to find out or something. All of the people I really like have seen me primarily with white women anyway. If they read my post everyone who knows me would be like 'I know him'. I am not very mysterious.
  10. daydream16

    daydream16 New Member

    I was born in europe and lived there til I was 5, and still haven't had a chance to go back and visit some of my family :(

    However, on a lighter note, you menz should visit canada sometime... no language barrier here :D

    NATALIYA New Member

    Well i can just tell about those places where i was before that i know for sure. In USA girls both white or black were going creasy about africans because comparing to afro-americans they were defferent and more interesting and they were rich enough also because those from Africa who live in USA r comming from very rich families usually...
    Here in my city there r no afroamericans i think but also i think women will not care it is just interesting for them to date a black guy and that is all...but money will definitely be a reason for taking someone more seriously because all the BM here r students here and r very poore from countries with really bad economy ... But here it will be hard to find a good adult woman for serious relations. Mostly hidh school girls or some young univ. students r with BM and all the rest r thinking that they r creasy...still people r little sceared of black people... But in Kiev or others big cities the situation is different.
    Well i think that if u tell that u r from USA u will have more chance for everything both one night of fun or some serious relations...

    NATALIYA New Member

    U have a great sense of humour!!!:weedman:

    NATALIYA New Member

    U dont need to be keen on taking pictures then-just usk one of your women to take picture of u and u will have some good pictures(or usk all your women and then u will have a lot and will be able to choose the best ones to show us;))
  14. xoxo

    xoxo Well-Known Member

    kiev, i'll put it on the list!
  15. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    What part of the Ukraine are you from?
  16. FG

    FG Well-Known Member

    whu?? I assume you used "European" by misstake??? I mean refereing to Europe and language barrier threw me off a bit. Did you mean Eastern Europe?
  17. botoan

    botoan Active Member

    Yes, Eastern European women or women of that heritage are often hot. So hot I leave out words when thinking about them.;)
  18. dj4monie

    dj4monie New Member


    I've been to Kyiv already.... Its not Racist, FAR FROM IT.
  19. dj4monie

    dj4monie New Member

    Your wrong, just go anyway. Most people speak workable English, in a sense the people you'll be dealing with. Otherwise befriend somebody, guy or girl from Ukraine and have fun.

    I had no problems taking the metro or finding anything. Even when I got lost, I was able to call one of the local tax services and got an English speaking dispatcher.

    This overt concern for personal safety is ridiculous. America is the most racist country on the face of the planet. Most people are not evil enough to prevent you from getting a job, a house, a car or kill you, but too many are ready to throw you under the bus as soon as something goes down.

    The rest of the world DOES NOT THINK THAT WAY. Do you have any idea how many Universities outside of America have studied our racial problems in America? They find it terribly interesting America spends its time saying its a free and tolerant nation when every statistic imaginable shows other wise.

    Don't be fooled into "America Is Great" nonsense and everyplace else is a security risk or security concern. If it was it would be listed on the State Dept Web Site.

    Trust me, White People outside of America are not looking for Niggas to kill, your ass ain't that special.
  20. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    I was planning to visit the Ukraine years back but my friend who lived in Lviv said it was dangerous and suggested the meeting would be in Poland. I lost her addy and wished I had met her face to face. DD16, what country were you from before moving to Canada?

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