Best Colleges for 'Interracial' Hookups

Discussion in 'How To Meet White Women and Black Men' started by Kid Rasta, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted

    I know that many of us are past college age, but in your experiences with college, which US colleges have the most interracial dating & hookups???

    I'll start this off with:

    (1) UM -- Univ. of Minn/Minneapolis

    (2) UW -- Univ. of Wash/Seattle

    The Kid Rasta 8)
  2. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    Seattle is the spot for Ir I lived in that area for 6 years.
  3. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted

    I know, but which colleges other than UW???
  4. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

    the State University of New York @ Albany is great and the #1 party school and town in the US

    University of Mass at Amherst

    Rutgers University NJ

    UPenn at Philadelphia,

    University of Maryland

    SUNY Buffalo New York

    U Arizona

    Univ of Cal/Berkeley

    U Washington

    Brown University
  5. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y

    Princeton, NJ

    Stanford University, California. My Eva went there.

    John Hopkins, Baltimore, MD

    University of Rochester, New York

    Uinversity of Richmond, Virginia

    Columbia College, New York City, New York

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

    Georgetown University, District of Columbia

    Western New England College, Springfield

    University of Miami, Florida.

    University of South Florida, Tampa.
  6. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

    are there really alot of Interracial dating going on at University of Richmond in Virginia?? I cant say that about many other Southern Colleges, except University of Texas and University of North Carolina, maybe??
  7. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    There is the University of Seattle I dated an lovely Indian girl from Singapore.
  8. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

    a great school which I attended for a summer history program, University of Texas at Pan American.

    man oh man, the place is on the mexican border and flush with Latina honeys. and being the only brotha on campus besides the basketball team, I had a girl friend the second day. my dad was like, son, this is paradise!!!
  9. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted

    Very interesting. I think this is the first college IR hookup thread on this board.

    I'm going to add another college: ASU/Arizona State Univ. in Tempe -- because it prolly has the most beautiful female students of any US college...and if a brutha enrolls there he wins big time!

    The Kid Rasta 8)
  10. CiViC SpiKeS

    CiViC SpiKeS New Member

    I wish this thread existed before i appled to colleges lol
  11. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

    for true, ASU is da bomb with da hotties; so is U Miami and Univ of Florida. UVA is pretty liberal but i wouldnt say it was liberal enough to want anyone to date their sorority sister.

    Syracuse is good, URI is good, Oberlin, U Wisconsin, UT Austin nice!
  12. CiViC SpiKeS

    CiViC SpiKeS New Member

    Ive visit Syracuse and went to a bar out there... didnt see anything out of the ordinary though
  13. charmer

    charmer Member

    Are you saying a black man could hook up but not with a sorority sister?
  14. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

    in the south, sororities are big stuff and they are the feeder market to the country club and the junior league, as the frats are to the Republican party and the good ole boy network

    yes, I am saying that it is hard enough to score with a southern girl, it is darn near impossible to get close to a southern girl in a sorority. It is the white citizens counsel in lipstick and pink
  15. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Moderator

    That is definitely true!!!!! On my campus the sorority girls are very cordial but go out of their way to make sure you understand that they could never be interested in a brotha. Funny thing is...they will trip over themselves trying to flirt with any black athlete (most schools really but especially in the south) but if you are a "regular" joe (or DeAndre) they'll run from you like you are a leper.
  16. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted

    What ur sayin' is that the white sorority chicks only get with a brutha who is a superstar??? That's some fukked up shit! Have u ever tried to play those chicks??? I'm mean front like u were a baller only trying to get an education.

    The Kid Rasta 8)
  17. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

    I was an athlete at University so didnt have to front(as you say). but at the university i went to brains were more important that sports. But since I am from the south, i also know the culture there and the sorority girls will know who you are, since there are just so few black men at these universities. they know they will get ostracized by their sisters and others on campus so they know who is a player and who is an athlete--it is pretty serious stuff down there and IR is not taken lightly.
  18. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    thats my college, you know? 8) Love my campus. Very friendly with IR.
  19. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

    thats what i wrote my brotha, that U of Miami is great
    south florida is good mostly

    I lived in north florida as a kid and it wasnt that cool back then but better than other southern cities. i started dating IR in Jr High School in florida, though i had crushes on white girls back in elementary school as well as well as white women teachers
  20. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Erm, i hope you know that North Florida is quite racist. I have been living in Miami for 5 years now and so many people have moved to south florida mainly Miami and Tampa from North Florida. I hope you know North Florida had Jim Crow too. So i wont be surprised it was not cool. I've heard tales of how bad it is there.

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