Black Football Player Marries White Woman w/ Racist Threats

Discussion in 'Celebrity IR Couples' started by Kid Rasta, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Kid Rasta

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  2. archangel

    archangel Well-Known Member

    I believe this has already been spoken of
  3. 2legit

    2legit New Member

    What part of Africa do couples jump over a broom.... Nigeria ?????
  4. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Mainly Nigeria and other West African countries. My relatives did it too.
  5. 2legit

    2legit New Member

    Oh thanks bro, I was suspecting they do that in WA coz I've never seen or heard it being done elsewhere. C I learned something today :lol:
  6. Ronja

    Ronja New Member

    Let me! Let me! I wanna do that!!!

    Do you think they do it in Cameroon too?

  7. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Since Cameroon is in West Africa, probably.
  8. Ronja

    Ronja New Member

    Cameroon is considered to be Central Africa...

    However, they still might have the broom-jumping, since it's next to Nigeria. I have to ask my boyfriend tonight. I doubt he'd do it though :)
  9. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Actually, it isn't geographically. Cameroon is bordered by Nigeria and the Bight of Bonny and the Bakassi Peninsula. There is an Eastern state of Nigeria called Akwa Ibom which borders Cameroon.



    I went to secondary school at Federal Government College Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.
  11. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Shit, you're kidding? I have a very good friend who lives in Chicago now that went there. What alumni are you part from?
  12. Ronja

    Ronja New Member

    I know it borders to Nigeria. But it's still considered to be Central Africa :) The border have to be somewhere, and it happens to be between Nigeria and Cameroon.

    Geographically I'd also disagree with you. Cameroon is one of the most central countries you'd find. At least in East-West direction.

    I asked my boyfriend as well (as you might know he's Cameroonian), and he agrees with me. That's also why Cameroon is a part of the Central AFrican Union, and not the West African Union.
    Middel/Central Africa is:
    Central African Republic
    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Equatorial Guinea
    Sao Tome and Principe

    West Arica is:
    Burkina Faso
    Cape Verde
    Cote d'Ivoire
    Saint Helena
    Sierra Leone

    So even UN agrees with me :D


  14. Soul_Brotha

    Soul_Brotha New Member

    I fail to see how Cameroon is considered central, especially since it use to be part Nigeria. If they never seperated, would Nigeria be central as well? I would say it's the last western nation. Any other african nation pass that would be considered central.

    I'm also surprised your BF agrees. Every person I've met from Cameroon see themselves as west african. Also being part of a union doesn't mean much. For the right amount of money, Nigeria would join the middle east union. Doesn't mean they're located there.

    But I see where you're coming from.
  15. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Ah, my friend was in the 1991-92 class. Was that the school you went to before you came over here?
  16. Ronja

    Ronja New Member

    Not to be bitchy or anything, but acording to what I know, Cameroon has never been a part of Nigeria. :D

    Cameroon was founded by the Germans, and later split into two by the English and French. English Cameroon was much smaller than French Cameroon, and was being administered from Nigeria. But it was never an actual part of Nigeria. Some smaller parts of the oil-rich border areas (Bakassi), have however been Nigerian for shorter periods, but only because you've had a little bit of "quarreling" about those areas, until the UN settled it.

    Please do correct me if I'm wrong though...

    (By the way: I don't think anyone whould say that Chad and Gabon is anything but Central Africa, so saying that the area between those two isn't, seems exceptionally strange to me.)

    P.s: as I said, I don't mean to be bitchy... I just like to have the facts straight. I guess that's what being a teacher has done to me :D
  17. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    I don't think he (or anyone) is saying Cameroon was ever part of Nigeria. He's simply saying that its location is equatorial positioning makes it more Western than Central.

    All biases aside, Nigeria really owns the Bakassi Peninsula due to its geographical location but that's another story.
  18. Ronja

    Ronja New Member

    well, he did say:
    How did I misunderstand that?

    Regarding Bakassi, It seems like UN, (and probably all Cameroonians) would disagree with you, so let's just avoid that discussion :)

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