Black men ONLY like white women with a BIG butt.

Discussion in 'Stereotypes and Myths' started by Frozen Veins, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Frozen Veins

    Frozen Veins New Member

    Even though a white women with a big ass is good doesn't mean that we would not date a white girl just because she has little to no ass. This to is a preference not a generalised fact. I have seen black men with white women with no butt hips or breast and they still say they are their best sex partner(From my uncle who is dating a white women).

    Me personaly I really don't care about the size of rear or the size of anything on the women.

    I know this is going to sound corny and you can shoot me for it but.

    I am more worried about the size of her heart than the size of her ass-sets. LOL

    Reason why I brought this up was because I work with some white guys that like to get a "Black" opinion on things and they showed me two girls. One had a giant ass with big boobs and the other was a really skinny girl with no ass and small boobs but she had lot's of long hair. I picked the skinny girl because she looked really clean and she looked like she took care of herself. The other girl I knew her personally and she does drugs and stuff. They where like why you picked the skinny girl don't you black guys love big asses and boobs? Then when I told them that, that rule doesn't apply to everyone and they looked really confused and started calling me white.



    Ah, yes.

    Skinny girls.

    Even though the Big Boob and Wide-Hips with Ass combo generally increases Lucifer's blood Lucifer's molecularly dense member. Heh. :twisted:

    Lucifer must confess that he has often been laid low by the so-called skinny girl...

    ...including one member of this site...ahhhhh

    Lucifer remembers her well...

    The Sophisticated Class she radiated (Yes, Lucifer knew she was the kind of woman that made him want to subject her to constant, animalistic, passionate nights and days and afternoons of seething sweaty sex just because. Yes, Lucifer knows he is nasty. :twisted: )

    The thin but willowy frame and wiggling hips that held promise of many a night of intense baby-making passion for that lucky man (Yes, Lucifer instinctively knew that he did not fit her height requirements. Oh the indemonity! Boo. Hoo. :roll: )

    The green(ish) eyes (or were they emerald? Lucifer was too busy imagining what her lips could/can do...aside from putting people in their place as we have read here AND as she was doing to Lucifer ever so often that fateful evening)....

    Lucifer could go on...(but Lucifer would be accused of cyber-stalking and that would not do for Lucifer's rep :twisted: )

    Skinny girls...

    Lucifer endorses them too.
  3. fnnysmrtprtty

    fnnysmrtprtty New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Blue - you sweet talking, naughty Nigerian!! Whew, just when I was getting a complex about my lack of juiciness, you dashingly swoop in and restore all confidence in my feminine powers!

    Thank you, kind sir!! *damn, no emoticon for fluttering eyes!*
  4. Obsidian71

    Obsidian71 New Member

    I ain't gone lie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE some junk in the trunk. The good thing is white women are endowed here as well as any other women. Don't let Calista Flockheart fool you ..most white women I know have a little sumthin sumthin trailing them.

    I have to like seeing you leave and much as I like watching you come.
  5. Frozen Veins

    Frozen Veins New Member

    LOL Frozen Veins understands you! :twisted:
  6. Frozen Veins

    Frozen Veins New Member


    Unless you are talking about Lucifer.........
  7. Frozen Veins

    Frozen Veins New Member

    Yeah I know but I am giving some love for the white girls that has little to no junk in the trunk.


    He of the Frozen Veins and Evil yet Seductive Glare,

    Blue refers to the eyes of the object of Lucifer's admiration/lust.

    Nigerian refers to Lucifer's nationality.

    Who refers to Lucifer which you correctly deduced at the end of your post.


    Why thank you Frozen Veins.

    Evil minds think alike. :twisted:
  10. Moskvichka

    Moskvichka New Member

    Thank you from me too... and fluttering eyes. :oops:


    Willowy Ladies, the pleasure is all Lucifer's.
  12. Frozen Veins

    Frozen Veins New Member

    Yes and Frozen Veins too ladies *Waving a little flag trying to capture attention*
  13. natedogg2772

    natedogg2772 New Member

    We gotta give love to ALL the pretty white ladies regardless of size.
  14. Frozen Veins

    Frozen Veins New Member

    Yes indeed!

    To all the white ladies that are different sizes, we love you all regardless of your size.
  15. JasieS

    JasieS New Member

    AAWWWW :!: :smt058 You guys are so sweet. :smt060
  16. natedogg2772

    natedogg2772 New Member

    And more EXTRA lovin' from me to you THICK, LUSCIOUS women, JasieS!
  17. JasieS

    JasieS New Member

    When are you going to send me some more stories Natedogg???
  18. natedogg2772

    natedogg2772 New Member

    I'll start working on another one for ya. I was occupied with posting "The Doctor" and taking care of "The Flame". She likes for me to carry out the "reality" of the stories behind closed doors! :D
  19. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    Not all black men love women with big butts.

    I like small butts. I like the WW with flatter butts. I don't discriminate in any way.

    I don't have the biggest of butts and I would hate for someone to dislike me cause I don't have the typical size butt they would expect from a BM.
  20. 2legit

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