Can sex be casual

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  1. actionjackson3

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    Is it crazy to ask of girls to have the friend type relationship, maybe involving flirting, fun chat and stuff. Not even necessarily sex.
  2. satyricon

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  3. KimboSlice

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    Sex can be casual but great sex can't.
  4. FRESH

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    I disagree, I think it depends on what type of person your & whom the casual sex is with. Often time a barrier to good sex is commmunication, level of & comfort with. A partner, two things that usually comes with time. Although, if you have two uninhibited people that can communicate more quickly what they want, how they want it, when they want it, you can experience the same mind altering episodes you do with people you have love connection with.
  5. KimboSlice

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    I use to think the same way until I got with the women I'm with now, the sex just gets better and better. Women are more comfortable with someone they know more so than with a stranger. Even if you two hit it off immediately, instantly vibe, that great sex you thought you had at the beginning will get even better with that person over time.

    The key is communication AND education. As you get more comfortable with each other, you can explore more options. Things that she may have been a little apprehensive about when she first met you she will have no problem with once she trusts you. Certain errogenous zones that you learn about a person over time through exploration of that person.

    Women are a lot different then men when it comes to trust and being comfortable with someone. A lot of times, you don't see their true selves until later on. Its when their true selves comes out do you start taking sex to another level.

    Logically, what you say makes sense but experience has shown me otherwise.
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    Rep added.:smt023
  7. FRESH

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    lol, nice pic Tony:)
  8. Most married couples who initially felt that 'instant spark' will disagree.

    Right back at thee.
  9. KimboSlice

    KimboSlice New Member

    ....and you know this how??? Is this something you just made up or has there been a study done on this from a major university that you know of????

    I am making my point based on the natural characteristics of most women. Ask your mother, sister, aunt, it won't matter. Ask them do they feel comfortable with someone they just met or does it take them a while before they truly let their hair down around someone.

    It won't matter if "instant sparks" fly when they initially meet. It won't matter if you had great sex initially. When you've been with a woman long enough to where she is comfortable being herself around you, thats when sex can go to another level.
  10. lippy

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    great sex can be casual are assuming that casual means just met...not always the case...people who have known each other for some time can still have casual sex and it can be GREAT:smt077
  11. KimboSlice

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    We were both assuming casual means first met. Of course you can have casual sex with someone you've known for a while but that goes back to my point that over time, you build a comfort level. A comfort level that you just don't have with a complete stranger.
  12. pettyofficerj

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    yeah it is, which is why god created masturbation. 1 x Hustler Mag, 1 x Tube Vaseline, 5 x Cleanex, a dark room (or alleyway, whatever gets you hard) and 5 minutes.

    spank away
  13. wtarshi

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    I see you as an alleyway kind of guy, and 5 minutes is a stretch for you isn't it?? :D
  14. Life, my friend, a couple of decades after the stuff nobody teaches you at Harvard, not the almost-two decades before. And my point clearly flew over your head.

    Unless you are asking me to question female members of my family about their sexual appetites, and I REALLY hope you aren't, then the above applies to almost all human beings, save extreme extroverts and the mentally ill/disabled, and as such is glaringly obvious. Now, you mentioned a "point" above. What is it?

    So I have to wait until she is no longer uncomfortable being with me? Why is she in my bed if she isn't comfortable?

    Buddy, if you felt your last partner wasn't comfy with getting into bed with you, blame her, or blame yourself, or both. Do NOT blame the act.
  15. havoc

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    Very true.
  16. havoc

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    Let's define "casual" so that we'll have a working definition.


    1. Occurring by chance. See synonims at chance.
    1. Occurring at irregular or infrequent intervals; occasional: casual employment at a factory; a casual correspondence with a former teacher.
    2. Unpremeditated; offhand: a casual remark.
    1. Being without ceremony or formality; relaxed: a casual evening with friends.
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    Interesting visual petty LOL
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    Meow :)

    Its a CAT thing to do..there is an alley not far from my place. The Cats meet there regularly..only thing they make a HELL of a lot of noise..a Concert and all. Humans are more discreet (!?).
  19. scott1618

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    Yes it is okay.

    Sex is better in a relationship. Crazy/Freaky/Wild sex with someone you trust and knows your likes and dislikes and vice versa is the best.

    Even the open relationship type stuff I don't want. I'm not going to be completely sexually free with a girl that I know has six other fuck buddies. I'd hope she isn't completely open with me either. Not saying I havent had some flings: I don't like it though.

    Any women that tells me that she prefers casual flings over relationsip sex --No thanks.
  20. driver

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    my experience

    My personal experience has been (if I'm interested) to say yes! absolutely,with the ulterior motive of making it much more.I used to think that once You had Me sexually, You would want all of Me, all of the time...

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