Can white women sexually satisfy black men?

Discussion in 'Stereotypes and Myths' started by senwosert, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. senwosert

    senwosert New Member

    I once heard a black woman say that black men belong to black women and that no white woman can satisfy a black man because the body of a white woman is not built for a black man. What do you think about this tidbit?
  2. JordanC

    JordanC Well-Known Member

    If you are a black man then why can't you give us the answer instead of the question??!! You have had sex no??
  3. senwosert

    senwosert New Member

    Yes, I have had sex with white women and most of them were good experiences. The point of the question is that I was drawing attention to another myth: that black men are well-endowed and that white women do not have big hips and thighs like black women. The black woman who originally made this statement was repeating the myth of blacks being hypersexual.
  4. curleyblonde

    curleyblonde New Member

    Like you said, its a myth.

    I have been told by a black BF that I was too hypersexual, and guess what, I am as white as they come.
  5. Ches

    Ches Well-Known Member

    There are a couple of myths in that one sentence:

    1. Not ALL black men are well-endowed. The smallest man I was ever with was black.

    2. Not ALL black women have big thighs and hips. Plenty of black women are slim and petite. They may have rounder booties.

    3. Not ALL white women are tiny and petite. Plenty have big thighs and hips.

    Besides that, it's not big thighs and hips that are needed to accomodate a man who is well-endowed. So, not to be rude, but that sentence really made no sense.

    Sounds like just a jealous BW to me.
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  6. wtarshi

    wtarshi Moderator

  7. Sin Mari

    Sin Mari New Member

    Hahaha! I was thinking the same thing. Since when does hip and thigh size dictate the size of the penis you can fit?
    Insanity. Even more so for starting a thread with such a topic. There's not even anything to debate here. :smt017
  8. Alinoa

    Alinoa New Member

    I would think that the forum is full of black men that can attest to the fact that white women can sexually satisfy them.

    This users posts are very suspect.

    First the attraction thing and now this.

    Must sit back and watch..
  9. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    Sooooooo when you coming to NY again? :D
  10. curleyblonde

    curleyblonde New Member

    lol Dark Knight.... was it the hypersexual part that caught your attention.
  11. FG

    FG Well-Known Member

    No, they can not - because sexual satisfaction is in the color of the skin.

    Its quite fully how this thread and the other thread you made are mutually exclusive.
  12. Nebula J

    Nebula J New Member


    I'd be willing test this theory out


    TERRASTAR18 Well-Known Member

    it's safe to say it's a no.....
  14. goodlove

    goodlove New Member


    I smell a troll
  15. SexyBaltimorean

    SexyBaltimorean New Member

    Bingo. VERY jealous...
  16. ReginaStar

    ReginaStar New Member

    LOL what an idiot. I got news for her. My body is perfect for my husband. His body is perfect for me. Our race is irrelevant.
  17. blackbrah

    blackbrah Well-Known Member

  18. orejon4

    orejon4 Well-Known Member

  19. lizziepindc

    lizziepindc New Member

    Can white women sexually satisfy black men?

    yes! [giggle!]
  20. SexyBaltimorean

    SexyBaltimorean New Member

    senwosert, a woman's heart, supportiveness, sole, dedication, and humbleness (regardless of the woman's color) goes far beyond all the ass, hips, & full breasts in the world....

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