can you be pro-black and still date/marry a white woman?

Discussion in 'Conversations Between White Women and Black Men' started by shion, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. shion

    shion New Member

    This idea came from one of the threads concerning Rev. Wright's alleged affair with a white woman considering his views...can a brotha be pro-black and still date outside his race? Or does this depend on your definition of pro-black.....If you think white women are "cave bitches " or "lab grafted devils" you still associate on an intimate level? Is sleeping with as many white women as possible, especially if they're married or the daughter or sister , is in some strange way of getting back at the "man"?

    Everyone please chime in.
  2. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    I personally think that if you think that way about white people why date a white woman, I think you can be pro black and still date a white woman and I mean pro black by helping out your community or rallying for better education for blacks and not that supremacist crap. But I hear some brothers on this site say that don't like white men they just love the white women. I guess things will be awkward if they are invited to the family's for dinner. Oh and btw when I say don't like white men I mean that in a no homo way.
  3. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator

    Yes as a matter of fact, you can. If this was 1968 instead of 2008, I'd be the only member of the black panther party with a white girlfriend.
  4. Loki

    Loki Well-Known Member

    Frederick Douglass risked his life everyday fighting for the rights of African Americans, his second wife was white.
  5. rinnaye

    rinnaye New Member

    Now that ish was funny! :grin:

    However, I just don't think us brothas can afford to be too militant, which may relate to a form of racism, and be interested in white women. It's a contradition, IMO, and who'll take you serious?

    *"I HAVE A DREAM!" but "KILL YT!"* :confused:


    Malcolm Luther X
  6. Elklodge

    Elklodge Active Member

    Yes of course, I'm very pro-black but race is only skin deep in the end I want to be with someone who makes me happy no matter what color skin.
  7. thefieryphoenix

    thefieryphoenix Active Member

    Sure a person can. Why not?
  8. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    My definition of "pro-black" is that you want to see your brother or sister do well instead of the hating, jealousy and backbiting that we blacks are known to do. You build up instead of tear down. Hence you can be with a white woman and still be pro-black.
  9. Moskvichka

    Moskvichka New Member

    I think you can be very pro-black and dating whoever you please, including someone of another race, because as a free self-respecting person you simply refuse to be told what to do.
  10. rinnaye

    rinnaye New Member

    Feelin That!
  11. scott1618

    scott1618 Active Member

    Depends on your definition of pro-black. Is it you are pro black in the sense of you are proud of yourself and the accomplishments and history of those who share you race or you are "whitey is the devil" and "I am such a victim" pro black.

    The former sure, the latter is quite hypocrtical and ridiculous.
  12. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Moderator

  13. GFunk

    GFunk Well-Known Member

    Yeah I guess you could. It just would be common to see it. So uncommon that people would be like "what the fuck?". Not gonna see Chuck D or Paris with a white woman anytime.
  14. Sonny Dragon

    Sonny Dragon Well-Known Member

    I think you can be pro-black and date whoever you want. Its funny on how easy it is to be labeled by society.
    Would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. message would have been any different if Coretta Scott King was white? No. You could be pro-black, and still date a woman outside your race. All women are beautiful, and I would not miss a chance at true love, because a girl didn't have the same complexion as me.
  15. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    Keyword: "see."
  16. Bryant

    Bryant New Member

    My father is pro-black, and racist, and he even admitted one time that he was sexually attracted to a white woman that he worked with.
  17. GhettoGurl

    GhettoGurl New Member

    Wow nicely said
  18. Ejackson725

    Ejackson725 New Member

    Could your be pro-black

    Before I answer that question I will provide a clear definition. I will start of with defining pro, than I will define what the term black mean. According to pro- is a prefix indicating favor for some party, system, idea, etc. Black referring to someone of the african Diaspora. When you combine the two you have a person being in favor of the idea of blackness. In otherwords having a preference for blacks involving their progress, relationship, education, in their finances etc. I would like to add that being pro-black is having a biased/preference for the advancement of the black race. Hence pro-black.

    I am aware that black males may have their preferences with the race of women and date who you date. But you cant seriously call yourself Pro-Black if you have a white wife/gf/fiancee the reason being it is completely contradictory. Pro-black has a connotation that your preference is BLACK.
  19. Bhayes

    Bhayes New Member

    I agree that we need to define or re-define the meaning of pro-black. its meaning has now changed or EVOLVED.

    lets take a look at revered wright.

    So, if its true, its now amazing that revered wright is now secretly dating a white woman. But then again it doesn't suprise me. Beneath the surface the man probably just wanted somebody outside of black american culture that brought some womanly balance into his life as man for a change, if thats the case.

    take a look at this clip here from "diary of a tired black man".

    so if by pro black as it was defined during the 1960's then HELLO NO. you probably could not be with a white woman. people like sammy davis and his wife, fredrick douglas and lot s of other people who were able to help in the struggle but put themselves at risk, literally, show how times were back then.


    but now that we are more integrated now i feel that the black americans have achieved the "dream" that dr.king talked about. what is left over from the previous generations is just really all the RACIAL TENSION. we see it everyday. no side is more right than the other now. black people are just as racist as a white person can be, if not more.

    Now black or brown people have new issues. Because of the fact that the struggle is mostly over how we don't have anything that brings us together as a people anymore. and we don't.

    a former freind of mine who lives in an expensive luxury apartment complex - lives around lots of semi wealthy african americans. In his own words he says this to me "ya know there are black people in this building with 6 figure incomes but the men and the women almost avoid each other intentionally as if there is some sort of closeted hostility between the sexes"


    i attend a HBCU and i can concur that its the same on a college campus.

    and then i good example i have is with my job. My boss has a male assitant. He is a younger black guy (24). But he is a very cold, grim, serious "all about the business" type of male assistant. He is not rude, just cold.


    But its funny. when an attractive brown woman comes into the room, he reverts out of his serious up-tight mode, to a friendly-nice guy who cares who "smiles" and as soon as this woman leaves, he becomes the serious jerk again. like a light switch.


    so on one hard there is distrust and anger/hate/resentment between sexes. And then we have people (bm) who only care about that famous 3 letter word and nothing else. This fits the steerotype that bm only care about sex. so there are so many levels. too many actually.

    so african-americans have overcome the "stuggle" but we now have new issues and we don't have anything that brings us together now. we beef with each other. I myself have been caught up in this dominos knocking each other down - crabs in a barell syndrome. it affects all of us black people here in the U.S. - somehow we have to get out of it.

    and being that we are integrated, a black man gets tired and wants to be with a WW, but he doesn't want o leave his values behind.

    this book here discusses this very well in one of its chapters.

    There are so many levels of dysfunction in our black american culture that its too complex to analyze in one thread.

    many of the intelligent people here in the forums have tried to analyze it and many books have been written about it.

    so the whole "pro black" thing i feel has taken on a new meaning.

    we all need to now have a world view and learn diff. languages and diff cultures to neutralize this problem out of our lives as black men.

    so to answer your question, yes. you can be pro-black and date/marry a white woman. However, getting brown people together to support your ideas for change will be difficult if not impossible when it concerns african-americans.
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  20. BlackMasterJay

    BlackMasterJay Well-Known Member

    Hm, you sure about that?

    To me, the white woman is like a bait, for white men to continue his practices of white supremacy and make it seem like his woman is wanted by not only anti-black males but pro black males as well.

    If youve watched any recent interracial movie, "white chicks" "Undercover Brother" "save the last dance" "black and white". Eventhough these movies may be directed at a younger crowd, they still provide solid messages about interracial relations with white woman. You will realize that in most of these movies, the white woman is utilized to symbolize the break down of "brotherhood and sisterhood" within the black community.

    So i have to disagree with you on that final statement. Pro black are in most cases "anti-white" and as such, deter the mentality of having a white woman wrapped under their arms. There are exceptional cases though, where by some "black" women are not able to be productive as "some" white woman, thus the pro black man will use her (the white woman) to make half black seeds. And those half black seeds will be trained to abide to the mindset of black supremacy (ie anti whitism) so they can engage/reproduce with black women thus manifesting the conviction to have a persistent existsnce of pro black supremacism.

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