Damn, Ethiopian woman on Black American women

Discussion in 'In the Media' started by GQ Brotha, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. GQ Brotha

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    Damn she ripped into black American women. She echoed some sentiments that were harsh.

    Stating that many are not good women, not eligible women, poorly spoken, rude and loud. Factors which explain why they are the least likely to date outside of their race.

    While I don't concur with all of her sentiments, she seem to lock in on a certain segment of black women today, she does raise some issues that are indeed poignant.

    I mean honestly could anyone of us black guys on here picture ourselves with a woman who doesn't know how to speak respectfully or not interact with a man like she has a bigger dick than him.

    I treat every woman with respect and disrespect is something that I just cannot deal with. If a woman is to get all up in my face I would have to call deuces on that relationship.

    Yes all women can be problematic but lets not pretend like we don't know who can be the biggest pain in the ass today for black men that deal with them, I like my women soft and pink, i.e. feminine.

    P.S. no I'm not seeking to bash black women, just to see whether these comments have merit or not within a civil discussion, if one disagrees state their points respectfully and tastefully and the same if one agrees to any degree and extent or if you don't want to even waste time on this just ignore it. :)

    Also I'm Afro-Caribbean and grew up exposed to a different setting before America so my perceptions could be skewed by that comparison of my mom as a black woman and what I see today from many young black women.
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  2. Hypestyle

    Hypestyle New Member

    what are the cities with larger populations of east-african women?
  3. Tirkah

    Tirkah Active Member

    DC and L.A. have large Ethiopian/Eritrean population and Minnesota has large Somalian community.
  4. z

    z Moderator


  5. 4north1side2

    4north1side2 Well-Known Member

    "The majority of black american women have no chance of dating outside of their race"


    Delusional ass bitch. Thanks for wasting my time.
  6. Tamstrong

    Tamstrong Administrator Staff Member

    IMO, this woman is an uppity, racist bitch who thinks her shit doesn't stink.

    No offense to Asian men, but I've never in my life heard any black woman I've ever known say they wanted one. Or any other woman for that matter. lol

    She obviously has issues.
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  7. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    Not the biggest fan of the video at all but what's delusional about that statement? They don't.
  8. MissWacy

    MissWacy New Member

    damn, i didnt expect this to happen today lol
  9. exist2live

    exist2live New Member

    Everyone has a 'chance' to date outside their race, its just dating not the lottery. :confused: This lady should have done a video with a blank screen as to not show her face, kind of scary. :smt105
  10. Morning Star

    Morning Star Well-Known Member

    It's one thing to say they have no chance as oppose to the majority of black women just PREFER to date black men. That's more accurate. Also, another thing to point out is that she's probably talking about herself too.
  11. naija4real

    naija4real New Member

    This wasn't uppity this was crass.

    In my language, there is the proverb that says, "Omo ale lo fi owo osi juwo ile baba re " (translated, it means it is an irresponsible child that points out the direction of his father's house with a left hand). I have never understood the bashing of the African American women by recent or first and second generation immigrants, talk-less of someone of Ethiopian descent. This is plain ridiculous.

    What must have flown by most listeners and watchers of her video was her careful typification of history, and the not so subtle classification of the status (slaves) , and the geographical area (West Africa) that the forefathers of African American women came from.

    Yet, I am no American, but I do have the conception of what freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness means.The idea of having a second chance at a new beginning that most immigrants were granted on the terms of their hard-work and the ability of the human spirit to overcome odds without the strictures of a feudal system, social class, or heritage.

    It is chilling to observe that in modern times someone would spew hate such hate unabashed. People that are now dating outside of race are doing so , I think, because they have opened up the territory of their mind to accommodate choices that is not limited by geography or race, not because of hate. For someone that benefited from the generousity of America where her parents, or grandparents could start life afresh, this is a gutter low in my opinion. Very sad.
  12. Tamstrong

    Tamstrong Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, it was extremely crass & nauseating. I think she should be ashamed of herself, but sadly, with her arrogance & self-righteous attitude, it's not likely to happen.
  13. GQ Brotha

    GQ Brotha New Member

    While you are correct that the majority of black women prefer to just date black men, I have noticed that the one's that will date out are primarily often of a very educated and of a high economic level, often well spoken and have many interests and pursuits that shape that.

    I think what this individual did was apply the hip hop, ghetto type of black women as the example of black women as the reference point.

    Certainly middle class, educated black women can date out if they so desire and are exposed to that environment that enables them to.

    Possibly something took place in her personal life that made her create this video to rant about Asian men and Black women, the lowest interracial pairing out there. If anything I figured she would have examined black women /white men, that she spoke about asian men/black women says this was a personal rant from her experience.
  14. z

    z Moderator

    "you sand nigger that what you is", lol

    Bwhahahahahahaha :smt043:smt043:smt043
  15. Morning Star

    Morning Star Well-Known Member

    It is a personal rant from her personal experience. That is not disputable. However, she comes off as being bitter or angry and seemingly the type that's more willing to acutely examine blacks in general, especially women and yet willing to look at non-blacks and their actions on a case to case basis. Should an event like an epidemic of sickle-celled anemia comes to form where Ethiopians are generally considered the carriers of it, she would do her best to distance herself from her roots altogether or justify that she comes from a generation that's born in the U.S., thus creating another "us vs. them" altogether.

    It's very sad that go out on a tangent on collectivism because it's easier.
  16. 4north1side2

    4north1side2 Well-Known Member

    Just like this website, I've come across websites catered between asian men and black women. See a them couples mostly around college campus.

    :smt105 the saying is cliche...I know... but you really should get out more if you truly feel this way.

    Even these "ghetto mutiple kid having hoochie baby mama's" as many of you guys regard them can still pull men from any ethnicity if they choose.
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  17. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    I'd like to live on your planet. What color is the sky there?
  18. MissWacy

    MissWacy New Member

    LOL id like to take a visit to
  19. GQ Brotha

    GQ Brotha New Member

    Yep there are some black women that have an attraction to Asian men indeed.

    As for the hoodrat types pulling any ethnicity, not believing that for a single second. What kind of man worth his salt would pick up a woman like that. Can you give some examples you have seen in your personal life such as marriages and long term relationships.

    College educated, middle to upper class black women have that option certainly of dating out, but I am not buying that any respectable man is trying to wife up a project chick, unless she is looking to better herself of that environment.

    Many women can pull a man, but will he form a meaningful relationship or use her as a jump off for a quick piece of cookie. That's the question. Sexual relations are a dime a dozen, successful relationships are much more different.

    There are always exceptions in life, but having grown up in the inner city and then gone to college and now out in the real world, a man looking to marry wants especially if he is about status, a woman that can leave him a legacy in his offspring, who will succeed him. That's cold reality if a man is upwardly mobile, image conscious and successful.
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  20. 4north1side2

    4north1side2 Well-Known Member

    Of course it's easier to nit pick when you use the outdated institution called marriage as a measure of a successful relationship when the subject is about dating.

    I don't reserve the words chickenheads or hoodrats for black woman exclusively... so their really isn't no point of me listing examples because they are all around you. You think all because a person left a certain environment that it left their character?

    But I'll play... My Mother is a hoodrat to the fullest, smoke, drink, loud abnoxious, argumentive, literally will fight you for looking at her wrong, doesn't work and sits at home doing nothing, just ain't got shit to offer, this square ass white dude who comes from a respectable working middle class family still Wifed her.

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