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  1. auburnfanatic

    auburnfanatic New Member

    to the guys out there -just curious-i know what gets me excited, but what are some of the things you like to hear during sex that really get you turned on ... i wasn't sure where to put this topic, there used to be a category for sex, i think
  2. stiletoes

    stiletoes Well-Known Member

    I am a HUGE fan of dirty talk if we are fucking as opposed to making love. Dirty talk is a turn off when making love, but a turn on when fucking.
  3. Malik True

    Malik True New Member


    When is it too close to being racist or over the line? In other words do the words "You want me to fuck that white pussy" go too far? What about "I want to suck that juicy black cock" it that to close to the line? "Is fuck me nigga" over the line? Is "You're a dirty white whore" at or over the line?

    Sometimes when you are in the moment you are in the moment and things are said and done. Perhaps you and your significant other just get down like that. I would imagine everyone has a comfort zone but be careful when you open pandora's box...
  4. fnnysmrtprtty

    fnnysmrtprtty New Member

    I think all of that depends exclusively on the couple - and can even be narrowed down to what is going on b/t the couple at any given time. If they just had an argument b/c, say an in-law used a racist term about the other spouse, then using a borderline term as described above probably wouldn't fly - even if it was OK the week before.

    Personally, I cannot even imagine saying 'fuck me nigga' or even asking if that would be OK. Blech.
  5. designer

    designer New Member

    I did the whole dirty talk thing before but it was more funny than sexy.
    If you ever heard me say stuff like "you know you want it... who's your daddy,
    you bad girl...." you'd laugh too!!!

    To me the best most sexy sound - MOANS OF PASSION.
    When I want talking, I'll listen to those voices in my head.
    I like the one that tells me I am a sex god....
  6. fnnysmrtprtty

    fnnysmrtprtty New Member

    I'm sure you are baby - I'm sure you are... *pats designer reassuringly on head*
  7. kenny_g

    kenny_g New Member

    Alot of brothas love that fuck me nigga talk from a white woman, the same reason why alot of women like being called dirty whores, sluts, etc. in the bedroom it's all in someone's sexual arousal.
  8. kenny_g

    kenny_g New Member

    Some black men like that "fuck me nigga" the same reason why some women like being called a dirty whore, bitch, slut, etc. in the bedroom.
    It's all in roleplayin in the bedroom of being a "badgirl" and "naughty girl"
    or "bad boy".
  9. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    i think there are alot of things you can say without going over the line...this is where your imagination cums into play...if you have to make reference to race during the heat of the moment i might be a little concerned about your motives...
    :smt078 it would be complete turn off
  10. stiletoes

    stiletoes Well-Known Member

    I personally would not like racial elements in my dirty talk, but hey to each his or her own
  11. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Honestly, i believe "fucking" isn't complete without dirty talk. To me at least, dirty talk is more than just what comes out of your piehole during sex. It stimulates the moment you're supposed to enjoy and believe me, lying there just moving back and forth is very boring, at least for me. I do love dirty talk and it makes the sex better.

    About the racial element, i'm not really sure where i stand on it. I've repeatedly emphasized that i'm not keen on racial slurs (even as a "joke") and will not tolerate them at all. Having said that, will one say that because his wife or girlfriend whom he loves dearly and exhibits no trace of patent racism, automatically becomes a Confederate just because she makes a racial implication? Seems hard to answer.

    I've had many white girls (both girlfriends and non-girlfriends alike), during sex, say things like, "Your black dick feels soo good in this white pussy", "Fuck me harder, sexy nigga" (pardon the graphic details :lol: ). For the sake of decency, i'll choose not to go on but you get the drill. If it's something you say when you get caught in the heat of the moment, it's okay but of course, there are different strokes for different people.
  12. WhiteSheDevil

    WhiteSheDevil New Member

    I can't imagine using racial talk during sex, sounds too skeevy to me.

    Now I do speak, things like, Oh papi, yeah baby, you feel sooo good, that's it, right there, right there, ooooohhhh.....

  13. Wedlock

    Wedlock New Member

    Conversations.Dirty Talk During......

    :? So much of what I prefer during sex is subtle and unspoken. I cannot imagine using terms like "p#%$y," or "d*&k," or "white b$$$h," or having racial invectives like "n$$$@r" directed at me during sexual intercourse.

    It just isn't my style. I DO, however, like to engage in fantasy and roleplay where by their is an unspoken racial dynamic to the scenario. For an example, the juxtaposition of a "black executive" or "black politician" with a white office secratary as a direct report and the black man "abusing" his authority is erotic to me.Reversing the roles, the idea of a white school teacher seducing a black student into a sexually compromising position in order for the student to receive a passing grade is equally erotic.Or a white therapist doing the same with a black male client during the analysis.All psychosexual for me.

    I'm not particualry verbal during intercourse; my mouth is too full of something else to speak, I'm too busy licking the salt off my partner's skin, and taking in their scent.I don't need words to stimulate me during sex. All I want to know is how to make the other one feel good.
    Probably too much info, but this topic got me aroused. :D

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