Do white women seek out black men?

Discussion in 'How To Meet White Women and Black Men' started by darkgable2000, May 11, 2005.

  1. darkgable2000

    darkgable2000 New Member

    My experience has been that ww would like to be with black men, but are afraid to step out and make it known...any one have anything to add?
  2. 7Seven

    7Seven New Member

    There arent many white women willing to risk social suicide, if that is what you mean. Maybe the ones who have nothing to loose would.
  3. Princesa

    Princesa Banned

    I have to say I disagree with you both, I have known since I was in high school that one day I would be with a black man, and I have had very few people ever look down on me for it. I have also known other WW who want to be with BM and we have never tried to hide it. As for it being social suicide, again, I haven't had those issues, it may just be where I'm from, but I hardly ever see a young BM with a BW, the majority of the time they are in an IR relationship. I believe that there is much more to gain from being with someone you love that it is worth dealing with the closed minded people, but hey, that's just my opinion.
  4. graphicsRat

    graphicsRat New Member

    Princesa what's your marital status if you dont mind me asking?
  5. Princesa

    Princesa Banned

    I am single, but I am a little curious as to why you're asking me, my marital status.
  6. graphicsRat

    graphicsRat New Member

    You mean never married? ... Because I find that a lot of the WW who seek BW are divorced/seperated ... (Maybe such women were too imature to acknowledge their attraction to BW, or were too scared to do so ...)

    Sorry if I'm opening a can of worms here.
  7. ClssySthrnBBW

    ClssySthrnBBW New Member

    Yes there are probably some that are. For many reasons from insecurity or family/social pressure to low self esteem. But not all white women are like that.....
  8. Princesa

    Princesa Banned

    Yes, I have never been married, and I don't know why other women have waited until they are divorced or seperated, but there are so many different aspects of dating IR, so I can understand why it would take time before they are ready. [/quote]
  9. RRobert

    RRobert New Member

    Me and white females

    I am divorced, no kids, living in New Jersey--near New York City.
    I always place personality first; however, I have noticed that white females have the personality and outward demeanor that I seek. Too bad, there are none around here (who are available) for me to meet. My backgrown lends itself to white females only. Don't know why, except that it is compatibility, and expectations for mutual kindness and fulfillment.
  10. Iffy'swifey

    Iffy'swifey New Member

    I think it's already been established that all WW are no more the same than all BM are!

    Some women, black or white do not have the confidence to seek anyone out, regardless of the race of that person. And some, like me, live in a very white area so "seeking out" a BM would be very much like looking for a needle in a haystack. I'd never been with a black man before being meeting my man, and it wasn't because I was afraid to seek them out, it's just that there are very few of them around here. But since being with my man, the few BM that are here try to chat me up. What that means I don't know!
  11. kenny_g

    kenny_g New Member

    I don't really see that in my community and every place I go. I have found if you go out for a whole day just walking around going to stores, restaurants and see a movie or something like that you will encounter at least 10 IR relationships. So I don't think thats true in the public. The only place where it is true and then some is of course in the entertainment industry.
  12. CiViC SpiKeS

    CiViC SpiKeS New Member

    Thus the influx of BBWs that are into BM.
  13. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    American WW

    It is definatly true of WW in the US and Canada. They have a lot of scuples and not bold enough to meet black men. The American ones only go after roughnecks,livin large brothers,and verbally endowed ones.
  14. levhotchick

    levhotchick New Member

    some do

    I never dated a black guy until I met a guy at a party , he was nice so I went out with him. but I'm not sure you 'd let everyone know who your dating if it's just one date whether white or black, I dated him for about 6 months at first I was nervous about introducing him to friends and family.
    before I dated him I was attracted to black men just never met one serious enough to ask me on a date
  15. Trisha777

    Trisha777 New Member

    I agree with Princesa completely. The first black man I ever dated was in HS and my parent s and family didn't even need to voice there approval or disapproval, it was just a complete non-issue. many white women who might have the good fortune of being raised in good homes with good values about difference may not ever consider it social suicide. The boy i dated in HS insisted that people were going to talk, and i found that the people who did most of the talking were in his circle of friends and family, which is just another way it can go i guess. But I never considered my choice social suicide. And if I could meet another BM that i liked as much as Tristan, I would do it again in a heartbeat because it is simply my preference.

    Must confess that I'm from the east coast up in the jersey/NY area, where I think people people pride themselves on being right like that. I think down south it may be harder to find entire communities who act right around this issue, but up north, you can live in an entire city, town community that doesn't take much interest. Not everywhere i understand, but plenty of places.
  16. Trisha777

    Trisha777 New Member

    verbally endowed! just read that term, and i think that's so clever. i think women what verbally endowed from any man. I don't want a white or black uneducated man and it shows on either guy, but i think in different ways possibly.
  17. PearlGirl

    PearlGirl New Member

    I have specifically sought out black men. It is my preference and so, that is what I look for. I notice almost any and every black man walking on the street or in the mall (there are not THAT many around here!) However, this does not mean that I am ATTRACTED to just any BM! I only said that I "notice" them!

    Yes, it did take me a little while to fess up about my preference, since there is some social stigma associated to WW who date BM exclusively. But I have decided that I need to be happy and find what I want, rather than listen to what others think I need (ie: my mother!)

    I am single and have never been married. I have been dating BM for about 5 years now and by no means am I an "ugly, fat white girl who can't get a white guy"!!! I have a profile up in a non-interracial dating site and although it is clearly indicated in my profile that I am looking for a BM, I do get many messages from WM.

    So, yes.. some WW do specifically seek out BM.. and not just ones who are looking for casual sex with a black bull! I am looking for the love of my life, who will give me lots of little mocha babies and who I will live happily ever after with!!
  18. PeyBackTime8818

    PeyBackTime8818 New Member

    Yes some WW and white GIRLS seek out black penis. You can usually spot them a mile away. They wear hip hop style clothes and talk hip hop slang. I see them all the time.

    If you are talking about the post-college, corporate world, prissy, white bread, goody goody, white WOMEN who seek out only black men, that is a much more rare breed. I am sure they exist out there for sure, but not as many as we (black men) would like, and they are very hard to spot. They also, like many previous posters have stated, might be scared to make it known that they only spread those sexy long white legs to a black cock....
  19. SardonicGenie

    SardonicGenie New Member

    There isn't anything really wrong with this, unless you only seek them out for 'the myth.' You don't seem like that type, so no sweat off of my back.

    If only more white women thought like you did.

    Glad to have ya here in the forums. :wink:
  20. dj4monie

    dj4monie New Member

    Yes PLENTY of White Women SEEK Black Men and not just for sexual experiences even though those types of personals make it past the management. Its kinda funny a site that promotes LTR's, will ban your ass for sharing your Yahoo screen name, but let Lilly White girls post how they want to get plowed by some big dicked brotha...

    On the mean Streetz of America, it really looks like you have to seek out the types that are open with their desire to date black men and yeah, sorry to say most of them stand out miles away and claim to be blacker than you are in some cases, if that were even possible of course.

    I say, stick to the Internet, chat rooms (where you can find them, though RARE these days) and visit selected nightclubs and other places where your bound to find alot of single white/latina/asian women & black men like yourself (note: this only works in PROGRESSIVE areas of America)

    US women seeking Black Men only outnumber the rest of the world due to the sheer size of America. Next would be ladies from the Canada, UK and finally Germany.

    I'd say if you can't find anybody in that group of women your in TROUBLE.

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