Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes prefers BM

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  1. SharenoH8

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    Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes admitted in a national paper last year that she prefers BM.
    She said: "I represent a young healthy woman and I am not as thin as all other models. This has advantages and disadvantages because you are always different than the rest.
    But I also have a private life and I have a preference for black men and they mostly like curvy bodies, and eh, I am very proud of my butt...haha"

    So..what are you waiting for....?

    Wonder who Doutzen is?
  2. kenny_g

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    I only found one brotha she was linked too, I think everyone knew this one with maxwell:


    She has been linked to mostly white guys though one was a skateboarder and the other an autsralian actor and the rest are two dutch male models.

    So until futher proof she actually said that...it could of been a misquote.
  3. SharenoH8

    SharenoH8 Active Member

    That is what they try to feed you my friend. Here is the Dutch article from Google cache cause it is deleted form some...reason:

    Translate it with bable fish, the paragraph above the header "beroemd" you will get this translation:A part of its success thanks them to its beautiful appearance.I represent a young, healthy woman, am not as thin as the rest of the models. That has advantages, but also disadvantages, because you always fall a beetje. But hello, I have also a privé-leven. I and that love fall on dark men contours and eh, I am hartstikke on my kont, hahaha proud

    Thats the weird english being made but hopefully understandable :)
  4. Soulthinker

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    The link does not work.
  5. natedogg2772

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    Regardless, she is smokin' hot!
  6. LaydeezmanCris

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  7. Giordan

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  8. Javelin

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    Yeah she is indeed smoking hot. I like. 8)
  9. MrT

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    Her Wiki Page claims she prefers Black men...


    but she was suprised it had that entry....

    however she said this

    "DUTCH beauty Doutzen Kroes is shocked her Wikipedia page claims she's got a penchant for "black men", but cheekily admits her fondness for the opposite sex.

    "I just like men," the single L'Oreal spokesmodel giggled when told of the online encyclopedia's entry.

    "It's true that black men have an extra flavour, but I can't believe the page says that."


    So there it is, she likes black mens FLAVOUR!! LOL

    and I would love to see her sock on a chocolate candy stick![/img]
  10. MrT

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    and here she is!!!




  11. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    Yeah, why would Wikipedia say she prefers BM?

    Even if she did.

    Like posting a profile that claims Tiger Woods prefers WW.

    I dunno, personal info is cool and all but... ah well.

    Doesn't matter though, cause she said it herself BM have "more flavour".

    She's hot.
  12. nobledruali

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  13. Soulthinker

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    MrT, lets hope she gets some more chocolate sometime soon.
  14. dj4monie

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    Why would she back away from what somebody on Wiki wrote?

    Remember Wiki is user friendly in otherwords anybody can write for it and I am sure somebody found some of her comments and put two and two together.

    I think she backed away from it so as to not kill her chances with some elible and rich european anglo dude.

    She could claim it was a "phase" and that's she's only down for white males now.

    Funny though as many people in general in Europe don't give a fuck about it...
  15. Sifu

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  16. SharenoH8

    SharenoH8 Active Member

    News about Doutzen. She was on the news yesterday and has a new boyfriend.

    The guy is a darkskinned brother with an afro called "Greg". Kid or anyone, help me out to find him.

    Glad all of the above is true. No I wonder why that newspaper deleted her statement that she loves bm. Fishy....
  17. kenny_g

    kenny_g New Member

    having trouble with the findings on them, can you provide more info?

    What news show was it?
    Last name fo the dude?
    What was discussed about them?
    anything else....
  18. MrT

    MrT Member

    Yeah me too...saw a mwssage on a forum she was seeing a "greg" but is all...
  19. SharenoH8

    SharenoH8 Active Member

    Check it out! Greg is a NY Dj and apparently Doutzen is very in love with him. This is them together recently..
  20. Be-you-tiful86

    Be-you-tiful86 Well-Known Member

    Hehe I am only an amateur model,not eve close to pro but I also prefer bm :D

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