Fellas, Which Type of White Girl Turns You On Most?

Discussion in 'The Attraction Between White Women and Black Men' started by PeyBackTime8818, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. PeyBackTime8818

    PeyBackTime8818 New Member

    So Fellas...which type of white girl do you dig the most?

    Hip Hop Wiggas who talk that ghetto slang, love hip hop, got that black giirl body and swagger?

    Sweet Country Girls with Southern Accents?

    Sophisticated Upper Class Business Types?

    Tomboy Sporty Types?

    Slutty Bi-sexual/Lesbian clubbing ecstasy popping party girls?

    Hard Rocker, heavy metal, tattoos and piercings kinda chick?

    All American, Goofy, Kind, Sweet, Goody Two Shoes Suburbs White Girl?

    Nerdy, shy geeky smart girl?

    Dumb, Ditzy Blonde Air Head?

    European girls with sexy foreign accents and super model looks?

    ......Personally I love ALL kinds and would love to combine my favorite qualities of all these kinds of girls. I LOVE accents, southern as well as European. I love tattoos, not too many but a few I find soo hott.

    I love tongue rings and lip rings, especially that one stud right under the bottom lip (aww man this blonde girl that works at my mall has that and she is sooo hott). Nose rings are very cute too.

    A BIG HUGE turn on of mine is LONG nails, manicured nails. French manicure, whatever. Spanish and black girls tend to have this but when white girls got their nails done...MAN is that soo damn hott to me! Another weird thing is a hate smokers and i dont smoke, but for some crazy stupid reason, when I am around a hot white girl and she smells like she's been smoking, it TURNS ME ON!!! What the Eff is up with that? LOL

    I also LOVE fat booties and yet a girl who can look sexy in high heels and a mini skirt and nice looong legs. Long hair is a must and I want someone open minded to ALL kinds of music so yea I guess that's my perfect girl. A combination of ALL those things I mentioned above. Is that perfect girl out there? I dunno. Although Kendra Wilkinson from E! Channel's Girls Next Door is pretty damn close LOL!
  2. designer

    designer New Member

    Where have you been?

    Anyway of the ones you have listed I'll go for the "Sophisticated Upper Class Business Type"

    But I really like the preppy girl/woman next door type [Think J. Crew and LL Bean women]
    and the dressed in black arty glamazon type [ Think fashion models in black dresses for a night out mixed with dressed in black cool Beatnik girls].

    Tomboys rank real low on my list. REAL LOW.
  3. graphicsRat

    graphicsRat New Member

    'Gotta love the nerds and nice girls. :D
  4. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    I just found it entertaining how you created the categories. Pretty funny stuff. But on a serious note, I like the ones that have good chemistry w/ me. I can't forecast which category she may fit in because there's so many variables. But I know there are some features I don't like in a woman.
  5. PeyBackTime8818

    PeyBackTime8818 New Member

    Where Have I been Designer?

    Loong story. Taking care of my son (my german girlfriend had him a few months ago). Hmmm, what else.... Just dealing with Love. Loss. Sluts. Break ups. Make up sex. Cheaters. Heart Break. School. Work. Stress. Life in general my man. Just didnt have the time or energy to come "chat in a forum". Wish I could explain it all but that would take a month lol.

    Bottom line is me and my girl broke up and then I found out she was pregnant and she moved in with this otha black guy but that didnt work, so then she wanted me back to help raise the kid but I was dating this fine ass white chick from upstate, then I find out she's messin around on me (And I should've known better than to trust her slutty, black dick loving, upstate butt, becuz i knew all along she was shady, but MAN she is a freak in bed so I fell for her lies)!

    ....So anyways...I just decided to give it another chance wit the German baby momma and do the whole "responsible father" thing....It's going ok so far.

    It's good to be back though...I missed you guys. What y'all been up to?

    P.S. If I HAD to take one of those categories above it would actually be the ecstasy popping bi-sexual clubbers. They usually dont have accents but they tend to have several things from the other categories, such as lip or tongue rings, tattoos, hip hop swagger, etc. The only problem is they drink and drug too much and ya cant trust them. I'd say 80% of my girlfriends have been this type and they have broke my heart each time. I dont know why i go back to them. The only "good girls" I've had, I messed that up somehow. So we'll see. I used to think marriage was in my future but I feel I'm gonna wind up one of those single-for-life kinda guys that sitcoms are usually based on ya know lol? We'll see....
  6. SardonicGenie

    SardonicGenie New Member

    The Sophisticated Upper Class Business Types usually do it for me, mainly depending on the gal. The same thing goes for the Sweet (usually very naive) Country Gals with Southern Accents, the All American, Goofy, Kind, Sweet, Goody Two Shoes Suburban White Girls, the Nerdy, Geeky, Shy Girls, (I've been attracted to some of these ones before) and especially European chicks. I don't care much for the Bi-sexual Pill-Poppers, Hip-Hop and Heavy Metal types, nor the Dumb, Ditzy, Blonde Airheads, and the Tomboys are a complete turn-off for me altogether.
  7. madscientist

    madscientist New Member

    Sweet Country Girls with Southern Accents
    All American, Goofy, Kind, Sweet, Goody Two Shoes Suburbs White Girl
    Nerdy, shy geeky smart girl
    European girls with sexy foreign accents and super model looks
  8. marieSF

    marieSF New Member

    I'm glad designer and SardonicGenie can appreciate a woman like me :wink:
    ...though I'm not yet in what you'd call the financial 'upper class' :) but i'm working on it!
  9. BlackTiger

    BlackTiger New Member

    I gravitate to average white women, though they have to be somewhat smart and can handle herself in situations.

    But it seems that European women gravitate towards me, espeically women from England and Ireland. I don't know why, but it always happens. It's fine with me, I love their accents and their different ways of seeing things. I particularly love redheads, yes I am a glutton of punishment, but it worked when I dated a couple of them. And they were really redheads. :lol:

    Nothing is better than when you are grazing through the strawberry patch!

    But once again I've said too much. :wink:

  10. DanteX

    DanteX New Member

    Those are just disgusting. I can't stand that whole ghetto culutre to begin with anyway, for the most part, and I don't like it when other girls come up to me thinking that I'm receptive to it.

    Not a bad choice, wouldn't mind them. Chances are, though, that they'd end up sort of overlapping into another one of these groups.

    Oh yeah, they work pretty nice.

    I'm 15 though, so I haven't had a shot at finding any of those yet.

    Nah, not really.

    Hellz no.

    Good god, spare me!

    No way in hell.

    Yeah, they aren't too bad. I think there's this girl I like in my school right now. She's kinda goofy like that, but very kind at the same time.

    Dunno how much of a chance I stand with her though.


    I don't like girls who are overly ditzy. A little goofy, ok, but too much ditzyness, and I might go nuts after a while because I'm just not that much of a clown anymore(I was once obnoxious, but after middle school I just got over it).

    I know a few of those types in my school, but I couldn't date them I don't think.

    Yeah, they work for me to as long as they aren't too ditzy or anything like that.

    To be honest, I admire lot's of qualities in my women, but class is the most important to me. I like girls who act classy, but not only that, look classy to.

    I do know girls who are really attracxtive at my school who look classy, and have mannerisms that make them look a lot older than they are(that's a sign of classiness in my mind) but their personalities at times are a lot less immature.

    On the other hand, I also know girls who are beautiful, classy, and have personalities that kind of fit that to, even though they can be a little goofy at times.
    I also like elegance in girls. That's a hard quality to describe, but it sort of goes hand in hand with the classiness thing. Just the way a girl walks, the way she flips her hair, etc, etc,...really pointless things like that, I'll notice for no good reason.

    For me, things like nose rings, smoking, tattoos, etc, etc...those kind of turn me off. In my mind, they sort of take away from the elgance and the natural qualities I like to see in a woman. It adds the elements of hip hop and metal rock culture that I really just consider undesirable and not all that great, IMO.

    Sadly, kids at my age are mostly idiots, or at the least like to act like them, so it's tougher to find those qualities I like in girls down here, but everyonce in a while I do see it.
    I guess if I were to pick a girl I really liked, though, and describe a few of them, they wouldn't really fit into just one category up there.

    But the girl I like now I think is closest to the suburban goofy, al american kind sweet type.
  11. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    :arrow: Well I usually go for the SUBURBAN REPUBLICAN-CARD-CARRYING-BUSH-LOVING SOCCER MOM TYPES!!! :p It's been my experience and in my age range that they are some of the hottest for black men and the most LIBERAL :shock: in a sexual way :!:

    I also like the younger "daddy's little girl/debutante" types that are in college or grad school. :wink:

    Being culturally aware is cool but the WIGGA TYPES:roll: don't do anything for me at all.

    Redneck girls are cool too if they have fine bodies like Brit and love black men just like they do NASCAR :!: :p
  12. webmaster

    webmaster Administrator Staff Member

    DanteX. There is an age requirement on the site - 18. So, you really should not be here. But I am not going to ban your account. You'll have to come to terms with this on your own.
  13. Relaxed

    Relaxed New Member

    Which type of white woman

    I love em all
  14. Howiedoit

    Howiedoit Active Member

    It's not who you dig it's who you end up with that counts!!!
  15. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    I like different types of white girls(if at all there is anything like that :lol: ); it is all about the attitude. I have no problems with loving hip-hop and black culture as a whole but i dislike white girls who take it way out of proportion. It is a heavy turn-off. I like the country girls with the southern accents although they tend to be hopelessly naive and unenlightened. The sophisticated, upper class, business women are very hot but they'd never in a million years date a black man(let's be real here). The tomboys are okay but you must not remind me of my older brother or else i am not attracted. In sincerity, the Slutty Bi-sexual/Lesbian clubbing ecstasy popping party girls are the types i mostly meet at clubs, take home and that is it. I rarely ever, in fact, i have never and never will date any of those types. The hard-rocker, heavy metal chicks are okay but i'll never date one. All American, Goofy, Kind, Sweet, Goody Two Shoes Suburbs White Girl are one of my favorites but goodness gracious, they are so spoilt and naive. The nerdy, geeky shy smart girls are cool with me (seeing as i myself am a nerd :lol: ) but i've never dated one. Quite frankly, i love the dumb ditzy blonde airhead valley girls because there just is something that is hot about them to me, even though they are not that smart :twisted: And yes, European girls with sexy foreign accents and super model looks are my personal favorites. In my opinion, European white women are much more attractive, original and approachable.
  16. marieSF

    marieSF New Member

    That may be your personal experience...but it's not a universal truth. While I'm not 'upper class' financially speaking (yet :wink:), I would consider myself sophisticated and am a successful businesswoman, and I date black men. I have two girlfriends--both WW--who are just like me... One is an attractive, successful 6-figure salary woman, who has been married to a BM for ten years. The other is also an educated top level executive and has been with her black boyfriend for two years....

    We are out there :D
  17. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    I like the bold ones and since most of them are from America it would be unlikely I would ever meet them in my lifetime. I love the European WW since they don't have much scruples. For fantasy purposes I love them all.
  18. nilan

    nilan New Member

    Well, well, well............
    Look who has returned.....Welcome back bro. been wondering what happened to you. Good luck with your girl and your child. It sounds like you have had quite an adventure. Well, to answer your question Peyback, if I had to choose, I would go for a mix between the All-american girl and the conservative, nerdy type who is not exactly super hot by American standards, but hot enough to get me going (gotta have some visual stimulation, it's crucial). For me, they tend to have more lasting value than your typical girl who just gets guys because she is hot by American standards.
  19. Javelin

    Javelin New Member

    Let me see*

    UUhhhhhh, can't decide. I like them all? :D
  20. dollypartonfan

    dollypartonfan New Member

    My favorite is the buxom type. Sorta shaped like Anna Nichole Smith....except bustier :D And certainly she should have brains, be funny and a good conversationalist. Which I guess puts Anna herself out of the question.

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