Female Reporter...'Harassed' In Locker Room

Discussion in 'Sports' started by pettyofficerj, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. pettyofficerj

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    this has to got to be up there, with the shorty walking through the crowd of guys and getting groped video

    seriously..you send in a beautiful reporter with bigass titties (dont take my word for it, look at her photos), into a lockeroom full of the biggest testosterone-ragers of them all (football players) and not expect this type of behavior to happen?



    "I called her the minute I found out about it, and I finally spoke to her later on in the day," Johnson told the media. "We take this very, very seriously, as you can imagine. We want all of our reporters, female or male, to be comfortable wherever they are, on the sideline, in the locker room or at a game. We have to make the working environment professional, representing the New York Jets well."

    eat shit and die lol..grown men are half naked being invaded in their changing area, and you're concerned about a busty reporter getting odd looks? stop this equal-opportunity BS, send in the guys like the old days, and this wont happen unless he's gay.

  2. Loki

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    Co-sign, I experienced this in college when women reporters would "linger" near the dressing rooms and shower areas, "just doing their jobs". Harassment is never acceptable behavior, that being said in my opinion, no reporters, male or female should be allowed into the dressing room/shower area until after everyone is dressed or just do the interviews before anyone goes in.
  3. FRESH

    FRESH Moderator

    I just saw this on the news, is this girl serious. I don't condone sexual harrasement, but of her own accord, she felt emmnarrased not harrassed. Don't try to play me as a fuckin fool either, she knows why she and other women are the only ones on the sidelines now. She even said she dresses to be attractive, so when more than one guy notices it and calls it out, she can't handle it, I call bullshit. I bet if she was reporting in a lockeroom and the only other person cat calling at here was some one she was really attracted she wouldn't have said anything. I don't give a fuck how good she looks, we should boycott her ass, & I'll bet she feels salty then, especially since there's plenty of ladies that would take her place in heart beat.

    This is like a woman going to a club and getting mad when someone asks her to dance lol. Catcalling is not harrasement, expressing your lust as in, "I want to hit you from the back," or "your ass is fabulous" when said directly to her face would be harrassement.
  4. JordanC

    JordanC Well-Known Member

    I hate to not be supportive of another woman but she says she was wearing this:


    If you want to be respected and taken seriously you should probably dress appropriately. The jeans are pretty tight and you can see the top is left open. Looks more appropriate attire to wear out with friends to a bar not around half dress testosterone laden men in a locker room. :(
  5. Loki

    Loki Well-Known Member

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to JordanC again.
  6. JordanC

    JordanC Well-Known Member

    Thanks loki. My impression of what looks professional for the record:



    So if she got unwanted attention she may have asked for it. Her boss needs to school her in how to look respectful.
  7. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    this isnt some average reporter for your high school newspaper either. she is smoking hot with a tight little body. they need to stop trippin' because they (the companies) know they hire these models to get ratings from male viewers. they know they wouldnt hire some uglyass joint (people wouldnt watch Greta Van Sustern giving a play-by-play in football), so they need to chill with the whole 'i cant believe this is happening.'

    that's straight garbage because 'it' happened when they got rock-hards and hired that ass...they just didnt verbalize it.
  8. FRESH

    FRESH Moderator

    I thought about this later, ol girl said that she dresses attractive. Well, you can't be attractive unless people find you attractive, and that happened, now your complaining, hypocrit.
  9. goodlove

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    GOT DAMMMMMMN !!!!!!
  10. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    seriously shorty is bangin'

    what did she expect

  11. goodlove

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    got damn it she is the drum section grambling university
  12. FG

    FG Well-Known Member

    I dont even understand what the hoopla is about.
    Why is the news and media even covering this.

  13. wtarshi

    wtarshi Moderator

    yeah yawn. if she would like, i'll take her job...!!! i'd be more than happy hanging round the mens locker and shower rooms....
  14. goodlove

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  15. xoxo

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  16. wtarshi

    wtarshi Moderator

    lol...to quote mr cartoon....

    'nuff said

  17. Newpowermoves

    Newpowermoves New Member

    In other news, an obese reporter claims he was being overly tempted to eat during an interview in a restaurant with a world renowned chef. According the reporter, the chef and his staff purposely prepared foods in his presence knowing full well he'd be tempted to gorge himself.

    In the reporter's words, "I can not believe they'd treat a professional journalist this way. They saw that I'm severely overweight yet they didn't have the courtesy to not prepare all of this delicious food. They also could have put the food away that was already prepared or at least removed it from my field of vision. Their behavior is borderline outrageous. Yes, I was there to conduct an interview of a famous chef but I can not stand being disrespected in that manner. I want an apology".
  18. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    lol attention whores...these guys are grabbing for media more than that deranged pastor
  19. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    My favorite part of the story is that after suffering this terrible ordeal, team owner Woody fuckin' Johnson called her. Am I the only one to find humor in that?
  20. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    lol@woody johnson

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