FloJo's Hubby Has Remarried?

Discussion in 'Celebrity IR Couples' started by nobledruali, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. nobledruali

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    :arrow: Few people know that Al Joyner-who was once married to the late Florence "FloJo" Joyner has remarried. Joyner married for a second time to Alisha Biehn[​IMG] in 2003. The couple has a daughter, Skylar Rose and a son, Jayden Alfrederick. :shock:

    Wedding Pic...

  2. kenny_g

    kenny_g New Member

    Damn she fine, anymore scoop on them, Thats a good looking couple.
  3. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    :wink: Yep she is but that's all I could find as I got the tip from another site & then found out that they've been married 4 yrs plus have 2 kids :!: :smt023
  4. JasieS

    JasieS New Member

    That's cool, she is gorgeous.
  5. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    :p My bad...here's a link to some more wedding pics...
    :arrow: http://insideweddings.com/real-weddings/68/a-rush-of-emotion/
  6. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    I'm glad he has happiness. Hope the marriage lasts for a long time.
  7. FG

    FG Well-Known Member

    A 7 year old informative post. Lol.
  8. 4north1side2

    4north1side2 Well-Known Member

    That woman looks like a living statue.
  9. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    dude got lucky twice
  10. orejon4

    orejon4 Well-Known Member

    It's great to see that he has found love again. Best wishes to them both.

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