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    Scenes from the Book Signing.

    Book lovers purchase a copy of Sarah's book.
    Darnel Williams (white shirt) and Sarah Hubinger.

    Elana Buchanan enjoys Jiggles: Backyard Tales

    Sarah and her friend Katrina Wright

    Sarah, Bean Soup Times publisher Toure Muhammad, and Katrina Wright.

    Sarah Hubinger (left) enjoys some time with the owners of the Sole Lounge and Poet Strawberri.

    Leon Rogers, Sarah Hubinger, and Cortney "Baby Girl" Hicks.

    One one One with
    "bootieologist" Sarah Hubinger

    You grew up in Germany. Why did you decide to come to America?
    At first I came to Chicago for college for one year. Then after being back in Germany for a while to finish my degree I decided to come back to NYC for work. I work as a radio producer for a German network here.

    What type of music did you grow up with in Germany?
    Techno baby…all German and raunchy. I love it. Techno, Drum'n'Base, Electronica, Hard Trance.

    How long have you been in America?
    Since 2001 – 4 years now.

    You came to Chicago first, but decided to live permanently in New York. Chicago feels deprived. (YES, I speak for all Chicago men, black and Latino men) Why didn't you decide to move to Chicago instead of New York?
    I went to Chicago in 1993 for one year, then moved back to Europe to finish school and work. In 2001 I moved to NYC for work. I just recently was back in Chicago for the first time in 10 years and I LOVED it. The city changed so much, it's beautiful and there's so much to do. My job and life though are in New York but I promise I'll visit you guys as often as I can.

    After learning how men in America like the butt that was unappreciated in Germany, what made you decide it needed to be put in a book and DVD? Was there a moment or comment that made you say..."I'm writing a book!"
    The first few weeks in Chicago I got so many comments and catcalls (it was a hot summer…) that I decided to write them down for they were often too funny. My friend and I would talk about the booty-comments and we went on saying rather jokingly "You gotta write a book about butt." That's how it started in 2001. It evolved from there.

    Considering the bad of Germany to the good of America, are there ever times when you wish you had a regular size butt, one that caused less attention?
    With the risk of sounding conceited I have to say I don't I wish myself a smaller behind. I guess I did enough wishing for a lifetime living in Germany for so long (esp. when I was a teenager), so now I am just proud and see it as an asset.

    What was the most exciting part of putting your project together?
    Since this is labor of love I had fun all along. But I really liked interviewing all the people since I'm naturally curious and like to ask questions. Also editing the DVD was fun.

    How long did it take you to write the book?
    Now it started in 2001 with the comments and anecdotes I was writing down. That's when it started in my head. Then came developing the idea. Research, interviewing and writing took about 2 years. But until it was all said and done and printed and edited – altogether 4 years…although you have to take into account that I'm a huge procrastinator at times in between!

    You are a radio reporter and producer by trade. How did those skills play into you producing your book and DVD?
    Interviewing skills I learned from being a reporter and also 'cause I'm just a nosy person. Being a producer gave me the research and writing skills. I was a TV reporter for years in Germany and so I knew how you put together a piece in the editing room, prepare for the video editor and such. Also, and this will have to be proven by my success or failure, I learned how to contact media and get some press for a project by sending out media advisories and such.

    What's was the most memorable response from someone you interviewed while doing this book.
    I loved Anthony's remarks about how a big backyard feels "like home" to him. How he just lays his head on it and "it's all good." He was very sincere talking about his infatuation and I though it was hilarious.

    Explain the connection you feel with Sarah, the South African woman.
    When I first came across her story I was just struck by what she went trough and how she was abused by people who had promised her a good future. Then through further research I came across pictures of her and when there was a face to the story she became real. We share the same name. She was a young woman going to another country to get a better life – like me. I just feel so much for her. That's why I decided to dedicate the book to her.

    That was obvious race and gender exploitation. Do you think those types of attitudes still exist today, just played out differently?
    There are always going to be people trying to exploit others for their gender, race, religion or looks. And there will be those with low self-esteem and low education who are willing to play into it to make a quick buck and get some questionable fame. I would hope that something similar to what happened to Sarah Baartman is never going to happen again, esp. nowadays with all the laws regarding human rights and such.

    The whole section on padded undergarments blew me away.I had no idea that type of stuff was being made. You mean to tell me that guys looking at a woman walk by may be admiring her padding and not her "pudding?" Is this really a big practice?
    Boy, don't discriminate! It's like wearing a padded push-up bra, just for the booty. There are the "tushily" deprived who need some extra help in the hindquarters and they are happy these padded panties exist. If it's nice to look at who cares, right?

    I've always known that Black Americans need to design their own clothing because I know it's very hard for you to put all that "Africa" into "European" jeans. Is it really that hard finding jeans that fit?
    I can count the brands of jeans that fit me on one hand: J-LO jeans (I wonder why…), Apple Bottom by Nelly and the cheap no-name brands I buy uptown where the Spanish girls buy. Sometimes I'm lucky to find a VERY stretchy, low-rise jeans by some other brand. That's a very lucky day though. All I can say is that if I finally find a pair of jeans that fit, I will hold on to them for a long time. Have them patched up and fixed just because it's so hard to find a new pair.

    Are you looking forward to coming to Chicago?
    Very much. I have so much going on with the book signing on Saturday at Tre's Pancake house and the WGN morning show on Tuesday. I will also be on four radio shows: Power 92, Soul 106, WCKG and WVON. Lot's to do!

    Where's your next stop?
    After that I'll be in LA, Atlanta and Miami.

    Do your parents still live in Germany? Would you ever return there to live?
    My mother and grandparents are in Germany. At this time I don't want to go back to live there. But who knows what the future brings.

    I'm assuming you speak German. How do you say, "Toure is a handsome guy" in German.
    Toure sieht gut aus. = Toure is a handsome guy.

    Now this is what I'm talking about and she's local too. If I ever see her on the street. I will pull out EVERY trick in the book to get her.
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    That's too much booty for me!

    The Kid Rasta 8)
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    Not for me. I have to go with diamond on the pick up.
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    There is never too much booty.
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    i agree guys...never too much booty....y'all think she'd be into younger guys.... :lol:
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    my question is she even german? look at her face, is more than obvious that she's not even white. there definitely a black foot in the family kitchen. besides, she looks like any other big booty latina or mulatto (mixed black woman)
  10. TheChosenOne

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    oh yeah....she is mixed....it kind of took the edge off...because ample-posterior owning sistahs and latinas are fairly common. But....I have to say...that she does have a nice ba-dunka-dunk. Seems like there are a lot of Afro-Germans...maybe i'm just seeing things.
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    There are many women in Germany that that have a dark skin tone like her.
  12. diamondlife

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    I read another article on her and she said that she is half Creole and half German.
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    of course, 10% of Germany's population is foreign born.
    the majority coming from places like Turkey and North Africa and Eastern Europe.

    but they're not really ethnic germans.
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    Being in awe of women's bodies is quite natural and it is wired into our DNA to get aroused when we see women that are attractive to us. It's not to say that we should let our animal spirit take control of us either.

    How can it feed into some warped broads feminists agenda when the vast majority of women do everything in their power to get men's attention and relish in the attention that they get. In case you did not notice it seems that the author wants to be "objectified" just scroll up to see and read her book or better yet look at women these days and you will see that most of them strategically dress in order for the assets to be "objectified".
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    You would think that some people these days would've had this figured out by now, but maybe not.
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    Long time no see Diamondlife.
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    What's up INJERA70?
    I've just been really busy with work and some other projects that I'm working on. In the past 4 months I've been back and forth from the states to Canada trying to get some employment up there but it's not easy since I'm not even a resident. This U.S. dollar is going down hill quickly so I would like to "get up thew" as soon as possible. So how have you been doing?
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    Man I am just going to school and handling some things here and there, Man I need to move to Canada my damn self missed out on it in the early 90's when I had a chance. Still might though.
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    I agree.

    For me, less is more.

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