How common do you think sex between Black male slaves and White females was during

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  1. AfroLove

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    slavery. My understanding is that it was beyond taboo, I'm sure it was extremely rare but some people claim otherwise. Are there any documented cases of this happening?
  2. Chandarah

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    Yes it happend and there are records of that... just donĀ“t know anymore who it was... it is somewhere hidden here in the forum.
  3. Lowrey

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    I'm sure men and women used slaves for whatever they wanted including sex, and not just afroamerican slaves, all slaves throughout history
  4. Al Walker

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    Yes it happened often I took three African American courses and there were plenty of occurences. Most that were found out about ended in a lynching.
  5. supertype

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    true, in roman times sexslaves were not uncommon....
  6. FG

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    Unfortunately, sexslaves are still out there.. all over the world.
  7. FRESH

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    There are a lot of personal familial stories about past IR relationships in the United States, most of them not being documented for obvious reasons. It was socially unacceptable before there were even laws against it one way or another. Even though the civil right movement happened, obviously it is still socially unacceptable to a degree with some. Do you even need anthropological research or stats to see the sheer numbers of fair complected (brown, not dark brown closer to black) African Americans, Africans surely didn't step of the boats like that lol. Just think about how many fair complected people you know and see on a daily basis, just from that observation I think we can safely assume there was a lot of unwarranted and mutual IR relationships back in the days of slavery.
  8. AfroLove

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    Actually, many of them did..

    No one is denying that 'miscegenation' was common, I'm only wondering how common it was between Black men and White women rather than White men and Black women.
  9. Tony Soprano

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    I know for a fact that I couldn't have been around back in the day.:smt042
  10. pettyofficerj

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    i cringe just at the thought of that
  11. Chandarah

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    yeah and some people are sorry that those good old days are over.....:smt012
  12. I'm pretty sure negroes aren't being lynched in classrooms. :)
  13. madscientist

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  14. KimboSlice

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    I TOTALLY agree.

    Benjamin Banneker, the black man who designed Washington D.C., his mother was white. She was from England and purchased her husband then set him free and married him.

    BEFORE the civil war, Virginia had a law on their books that forbided white men from forcing their wives to have sex with black men. When the wives got pregnant, it was easier for the man to sell a mullatto child into slavery.
  15. One of the more effective ways of determining the existence of sexual relationships between black men and white women during the era of slavery, for example, is to read satire of the times.

    There are numerous references in various novels, plays (and anecdotal information from those who witnessed these performances) of writers shocking audiences with references to white women giving birth to black children. While some of this was exploitation of the seeming neverending white fear of the "black man," it's understood that America's nasty little secret from its origins was that white men were not the only ones enjoying the company of their dark skinned serfs.
  16. rpeg

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    That sounds interesting. Can you cite anything? Are there any article or documents on this subject? I always assumed it was never clearly documented and just a matter of hearsay and discussion within families. I mean, it knows it fact but I'm wondering if there's professional research on it.

    Regarding my family, I know that early on an Irish indentured servant engaged with an African slave. Eventually leading to me I guess.
  17. KimboSlice

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    White Women, Black Men is a fascinating study of a category of interracial relationships that conventional wisdom has held did not exist: liaisons (the term author Martha Hodes prefers) between black men and white women in the antebellum South. Hodes shows how such relationships were tolerated, though not encouraged, to a surprising degree before the Civil War. In a fascinating feat of historical detective work, she uses court documents and other records in cases involving racial status, rape, divorce, and property, to explore the nature of these relationships. She shows white women who voluntarily gave up their privileged status to cohabit with black men, and white communities that turned a blind eye toward such unions. It was not until after the Civil War--when freedom for blacks meant Southern whites needed new ways to enforce their putative superiority--that black men were routinely punished with violence for real, or imagined, relationships with white women. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
  18. Mr Tibbs

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    I would recommend Sex and Race by J.A. Rogers Volume 3. All three volumes are worth reading but volume 3 quotes countless case histories during and immediately after the end of slavery of IR relationships both BM WW and BW WM.

    You'll learn it certainly wasn't "extremely rare". Think about it, if it was so rare they wouldn't have needed so many laws against it!
  19. Soulthinker

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    Mr.Tibbs,the J.A.Rogers books are the best on IR. Martha Hodes' book about BM/WW sex during slavery is good. It is better than the Mandingo books that were written in the 1950s. In the agrarian world where you don't see a person in many miles such sex happens. The hard part was if the WW has a child.
  20. idear987

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    Highly unlikely. Women in general are attracted to men that are powerful, slaves on the other hand are powerless, therefore highly unattractive.

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