How Do You Know When a Married Woman Might Want to Cheat?

Discussion in 'The Attraction Between White Women and Black Men' started by Shaft, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Shaft

    Shaft New Member

    I'm not one to attempt pursuing married women and it will always remain that way. But today at my gym was particularly interesting. This very tall lady with long black hair (I'm taling about 6'3-6'4) worn in a pony tail, big ass, black spandex pants and a black sweatshirt walked in with such a broad smile, whistling and walking with such confidence, radiance and energy and made eye contact with all the men seated at the machines when she walked in (myself included), as if she was enjoying the attention.

    She made eye contact with me twice when I happened to walk past her and then at one point, we happened to both be in the same area using the same machines. A while much later, she happened to sit next to me. Although I noticed the shiny ring on her finger and could tell she was obviously taken, I just couldn't resist at least saying "hi" to her. So we talked a little bit about how her workout was going, etc. and then to see how she would respond, I told her I would have liked to talk more to her but noticed the shiny ring on her finger. She smiled and did confirm to me that it was indeed a wedding ring her husband bought for her but that the diamond is currently fading off.

    After that, she asked me my name and I told her, then she told me hers and said "I'm sure I'll see you around." To which I responded, "Sure, I'm always here."

    But she did strike me as just a generally very friendly and approachable woman (very jovial and sociable in terms of the way she carries herself) and I don't think there's anything or that she's expecting anything to come out of her interaction with me and even if she did, I wouldn't take such a risk. I'm curious as to what you guys think.
  2. SharenoH8

    SharenoH8 Active Member

    Hey Shaft, from my own experience...don' t let that wedding band block you too much. It can' t hurt to try, does it? In small steps.. :)
  3. redlady

    redlady Member


    Sounds like me! I have a very bad marriage and was totally faithful mind body soul. But came to the point that I was in such a bad spot. I started to look. That lady sounds like she is looking! BM seem to be really tuned into that vibe I was putting out and hey she sounds like she has it. :oops: :twisted:
  4. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    Don't do it man wait till that woman is single,you would not want anybody hitting on your wife or girl. Bad karma man bad karma too many single women out there for you bro it is not worth looking over your shoulder everywhere you go.
  5. Shaft

    Shaft New Member


    But I wonder why a married woman with children will put herself in a situation where she would risk jeopardizing her marriage when she hasn't formally ended things with her husband. It seems to me that the woman in question might have children, because she briefly walked into the kids' play center (a separate area where parents at the gym drop off their children before they start to workout) .
  6. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    Dude I think she was just being friendly with you. Man you have to stop reading into things too much or your head is going to pop off. Just because a woman might carry on a conversation with you does not mean she wants to shag you.
  7. Effie

    Effie New Member

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  8. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    if that were the case...the guy at grease monkey now thinks i want him...and the guy at the grocery store that works in the meat department must think i love him...i talk to complete strangers all the time...just being friendly...doesn't mean i want to shag them...i think that you need to let things just flow are trying too hard to make something happen...why would you want something that already belongs to someone else...sounds like torture...
  9. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Moderator

    She PROBABLY isn't interested in that way. I suspect this lady has been married for several years...and while she may love her husband very much....he probably is too busy to give her the attention she desires.

    Women (like men to some extent) who aren't receiving something in their relationship will look for it elsewhere....that "something" could be attention, sex..a shoulder to cry on..etc.

    Married women....I must have a certain 'glow' about them that makes them nearly irresistible.


  10. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    Doing someone elses wife is a BIG NO-NO!

    You wouldn't want someone doing your wife now, would you?!!
  11. Shaft

    Shaft New Member


    For the record, I've never been willing to consider dating married women. It's a line I know I can't cross. It was I who actually started a topic on here a very long time ago wondering what so many married women were doing in the Personals section of this site. I started this post out of curiosity and to also get other people's perspectives.
  12. Malik True

    Malik True New Member

    Messing around with a married woman is not worth it. My child hood buddy's wife's brother was killed maybe a year ago messing around with a married woman. There are too many single women out there willing and able. Find one...

    Admittedly I have done so, but will never do it again. I was wrong and it's not right....
  13. SharenoH8

    SharenoH8 Active Member

    About all the views you can have on this issue, just for you to grab in this thread:)

    Still think it is right when the lady initiates. You can all say that it is trouble to hang out wth a married lady but she is in control and in many ways it makes the relationship easier.. just be clear about your intentions: mindblowing drama
  14. BlackMasterJay

    BlackMasterJay Well-Known Member


    You can sleep with a married woman. Just dont catch feelings. If shes dumb enough to cheat with you it speaks volumes on her moral fibre. She would be considered a hoe and undeserving of any level of respect. However if shes that sexy, fuck her. Fuck her hard
  15. dudaroosky

    dudaroosky New Member

    Trust a guy who has been there. If you persue it, karma will come back to bite you in the ass. Yes, there is a rush that you get from dating or having sex with a married woman, not to mention the ego boost but like they say, what goes around comes around.
  16. Pinnacle23

    Pinnacle23 New Member

    If this is remotely close to what you may hope it is, and if it becomes worth it to the two of you, establish an acquaintanceship/good friendship temporarily with her until she can get a divorce. Getting involved with a married woman can be and often is bad news all over the place. That may need to be something that remains fantasy. It's extremely tempting, but you must let your head do the thinking instead of your heart in this case. This is only assuming you are looking for an actual relationship. As far as flings go, well...that should be handled with care as well.

    However, if this comes to be something as innocent as flirting, then there's hardly any harm or foul depending on how far it is taken.
  17. Shaft

    Shaft New Member


    I appreciate your thoughts, Pinnacle. As much as most of the women on this forum here gave me the "Dude, I think you're reading too much into it-she's only being friendly" response, I've seen that woman since then flirting so shamelessly with the male personal trainers to the point where if she didn't have a ring on her finger, you wouldn't even have known she were married. Afterall, she doesn't act like it. One time she was sitting at the personal trainers' desk chatting flirtatiously with three of them and the other time, one of them had his hand wrapped all around her waist and they both were walking to the treadmill area. I'm not gonna go anywhere near her, but based on what I've seen since then, I think my interpretations of this woman were accurate.
  18. kygirl

    kygirl New Member

    I did

    I'm not proud of it but i have cheated on my husband with a black man. He is someone I work with and he actually knows my husband. I also know his wife but not too well. It started out just innocent flirting that got out of hand. I can definately see me falling for him but it's a mutual understanding that its only physical. It's a very long story but a good one
  19. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    If you're a single guy and she's married you're not doing wrong, she is.

    Think about it

  20. stiletoes

    stiletoes Well-Known Member

    Re: I did

    Take a piece of advice from someone who learned the hard way.. END IT NOW

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