How To Meet Beautiful Scandinavian Women

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    By Sylvia Cochran, eHow Contributing Writer

    Scandinavia is a notation that defines a geographic region in the northern part of Europe. Countries included in this classification are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. With Viking blood flowing in the veins of many Scandinavian women, they are quite often tall, well proportioned, blonde, and have refined facial features with startling blue eyes. It is no wonder so many men are eager to learn how to meet beautiful Scandinavian women. Read on and you will find the best spaces for such an encounter or introduction.

    STEP 1: Visit the Scandinavia House in New York. It is a good idea to become a member of the organization and connect with Scandinavian artists, lecturers, and those visiting the locale for a taste of home. This offers up a plethora of opportunities for networking, personal introductions to non-members, and of course participation in activities that encourage social interaction. There are different membership levels that are sure to be affordable to anyone.

    STEP 2: Travel to Scandinavia. The best way to meet beautiful Scandinavian women is to go straight to the source. There are some travel agencies that specialize in travel arrangements and tours to this region, and when you spend a week in Scandinavia you cannot help but meet up with several Scandinavian beauties.

    STEP 3: Turn on your computer, log on to the Internet, and visit the dating sites. Scandinavia Singles is particularly geared toward single men and women hailing from that region and for the American who does not wish to travel to New York or abroad, this is the next best way of meeting beautiful Scandinavian women. Basic membership is free.

    STEP 4: Join social networking sites and actively search their membership for Scandinavian women. Quite frequently these sites will show pictures and you know right away if this is the beautiful Scandinavian woman you would like to meet or not. When you locate some promising individuals who sound interesting and look beautiful, engage them in online chat, following the rule of the social networking site you are using.

    STEP 5: Volunteer at special events catering to the Scandinavian community. The biggest one is the annual Norsk Hostfest which utilizes 8,000 volunteers over the course of five days. Located in North Dakota, you will have ample opportunity to meet Scandinavian volunteers, visitors and also artists. Best of all, you can even sign up for shared quarters with other visitors or volunteers - some of whom may know a beautiful Scandinavian woman to whom they might introduce you!

    STEP 6: Log on to the Internet and search for Scandinavian clubs, dance lessons, and also language courses in your vicinity. There is a cornucopia of such locales, since Scandinavians always have that little bit of homesickness in their hearts that is so common to Northern Europeans. Visit the locales, participate, and strike up friendships and relationships.
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    There you have it men! good luck with your search! I'll stick around for the german or english or american version.
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    Done all those already, except number 5, cause I've never been to North Dakota.
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    North Dakota??!! They are not like the ones in Stockholm,Oslo,or Copenhagen. I rather go to the Nordic nations.
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    Step 1 and 2 are my best bet
  6. Soulthinker

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    Good advice. I recommend all except 5.
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    They might be the redneck version.
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    #2 is really all ya need.

    It worked fer *me* Back In The Day.:smt080

    'Nuff Said!!!!

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    I would say #2 does work best.

    Scandinavian women aren't out in the large numbers online looking for Black Men, I should say Non-Africans. Brits and Germans out number them severely online. Not saying its hard to go the online route but its far from shooting fish in a barrel.

    You do need time however, I would say a couple of weeks is all you need.

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