Interracial wedding cake toppers?

Discussion in 'Conversations Between White Women and Black Men' started by kenny_g, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. kenny_g

    kenny_g New Member


    To the married couples here (or once married.)...Have you found
    it difficult to find interracial wedding cake toppers?

    Did you ever found one?

    I was always curious of that now days, because I know a
    while ago it was still hard for interracial couples to find
    interracial wedding cake toppers.
  2. fly girl

    fly girl New Member

    Those wedding toppers are kinda kitschy. I havent been to a wedding in years where they had a cake topper, interracial or otherwise.

    Our had sugared fruit and an sugared edible-flower bouquet as a topper.
  3. chicity

    chicity New Member

    There's a bunch of places online nowadays that have them.

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