Keenen Ivory Wayans & Brittany Daniel

Discussion in 'Celebrity IR Couples' started by nobledruali, Aug 3, 2006.

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    :arrow: Keenen Ivory Wayans has found love with Brittany Daniel, the young, blonde co-star of his latest movie Little Man. Keenen directed the movie that stars his brothers Marlon and Shawn. Keenen recently reached a settlement with his former wife, Daphne. She is the mother of his five children, and she is finally getting her due. Daphne Wayans was with Keenen for 12 years. They got married in 2001. After two years of marital bliss, Wayans dumped his wife and she had to go live with her mother. Keenen wanted the Hollywood life, and Daphne wanted a home. Daphne Wayans knew she was being dealt a raw hand, and she got herself a top attorney. While Keenen enjoyed life with his trophy girlfriend, Daphne took him to court and she came out victorious. A judge ordered Keenen to buy Daphne a multi-million dollar home so she could raise his children. She also got 50 percent of his business because she was with him in the beginning when he had nothing. He also has to pay child support.

    Here's her a pic of her :arrow: [​IMG]

    :idea: Venting: I don't know all the details about the divorce but alot of times when it's a black man getting with a white woman it's WRONG! But, when a black woman's getting with a white man no matter what the reason is, she's found TRUE LOVE! :?
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    Are you playing stupid? All you can see is a Black man getting with a white woman and supposedly angry Black woman. Come back to reality. Take race out of the equation and what you have left = A man has been unfaithful to his wife and mother of 5 children and he's now suffering the consequences.

    "She also got 50 percent of his business because she was with him in the beginning when he had nothing."

    What a slap in the face!
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    Speaking of Brittany Daniel, she's made several movie and TV appearances since the early '90s. Most notably, Joe Dirt and Dawson's Creek.

    I didn't really recognize her otherwise. But of course, people are going to let everyone know about her now that she is presumably dating a brotha.
  4. LaydeezmanCris

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    I think this whole thing is just a rumor anyway.
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    Nobledruali, can you give us the link to the news source?

    It sounds more like wishful thinking.
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    :idea: I was just stating a popular sentiment that I hear alot from black women concerning celeb divorces and white women! That's all so no need to say I'm playing stupid because YES if she was there from the beginning then she is entitled to half! Did I say she wasn't? No I DID NOT! That obviously was his call to make if he walked away from his marriage so therefore he should pay :!:
  7. Kid Rasta

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    Keenan is currently dating Brittney Daniel.

    The Kid Rasta 8)
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    And, what a good choice on his part.
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    He has good taste.
  10. LA

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    :D Yep! Nice pic too! :wink:
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    These pics don't do her much justice. You guys should see her in a bikini.......

    and, yet, another blonde for the brothas (to add to all the rest) but hey, it's still a little progress in the IR world.
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    She puts the "ivory" in Keenan Ivory Wayans. But he sure is giving up a lot to be with her.
    "From the beginning, it has been a no-no for a black man to touch a white woman." - Nina Simone
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    He damn sure is, I hope it is worth it you know how Hollyweird is.
  15. nobledruali

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    :idea: His marriage was probably over with or on the "outs" before Britt came into the picture.
  16. nobledruali

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    Well then hook us up with some please. :wink:
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    It's been a while since that show which launched her career (Sweet Valley High) was canceled, and although the show was great, what made it worthwhile for me was seeing her in a bikini on that show, except that she wasn't wearing the same one displayed in the above link.
  18. SardonicGenie

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  19. LaydeezmanCris

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    She's gorgeous.
  20. nobledruali

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    Bro SardonicGenie>>>THANKS A BUNCH FOR THE HOT PICS! NOW THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT...LOL :!: :wink:

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