Letterman and Palin

Discussion in 'In the News' started by z, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. z

    z Moderator


    What y'al think?
  2. satyricon

    satyricon Guest

    I think it's in very poor taste. Sarah Palin is enough of a comic book character, there is no need to involve her family.
  3. alli

    alli New Member

    As strange is it sounds in my head, I'm with Sarah on this one.
  4. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    So now you've suddenly developed a conscience[​IMG] for this idiot and her family?!
  5. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator

    I just wanna meet Bristol for myself.:tonqe:
  6. Dex216

    Dex216 New Member

    He could have left her daughter out of it
  7. Sir Nose

    Sir Nose New Member

    Dave is just continuing the Sarah-bashing that has been in vogue since she emerged as a conservative stalwart during the elections. Had he done this last fall he wouldn't be catching the flak he is getting now.

    I'm sure the leftist blogosphere appreciates his efforts nonetheless.
  8. Bookworm616

    Bookworm616 Moderator

    Letterman is rarely funny. And that joke was lame and inappropriate.
  9. raocha

    raocha New Member

    The jokes were in very poor taste, but Palin's comments about Letterman actively promoting statutory rape and attempting to destroy the self-confidence of young women in America during her interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show were farcical. They should both shut up.
  10. alli

    alli New Member

    So true.
  11. Max Mosley

    Max Mosley New Member

    Inappropriateness aside... did Palin con yall into thinking the joke was really toward her 14 year old daughter?
  12. kuntrygirl30

    kuntrygirl30 New Member

    I get that, but it's hard for me to put inappropriateness aside. There is a line.
  13. Bookworm616

    Bookworm616 Moderator

    A big ole co-sign!! :smt023
  14. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    Since when has Dave Letterman ever been considered conservative?:confused:
  15. Blacktiger2005

    Blacktiger2005 Well-Known Member

    My final post to this site.

    I think what we are seeing here is an organized effort by the far left whether it's Letterman, the alphabet channels, the liberal blogs, and the multitude of far left concerns to so damage and marginalize this woman to keep her from being viable for the 2012 Presidential election. Palin is targeted for termination by the far left. She is a threat to them. If the kind of comments were made about Obama's family it would be all out war from the left. Don Imus was nearly destroyed for what he said about that women's basketball team. Letterman also insulted flight attendants by comparing Plain to a sluty airline attendant. Where is the outrage from the National organization for Women (NOW) and other women organizations on this one? You hear nothing because they are in the pocket of the far left. Thank you George Soros. You may not agree with the woman's politics it does not mean you have to trash her family or her. Where is the decency in this society? The far left is never tolerant to ideas beyond itself. There is far left fascist movement in this country to extinguish any ideas or thoughts they do not favor similar to Nazi Germany (National Socialist Party). Wake up America before it's too late.
  16. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator

  17. alli

    alli New Member

    I was with you until the last couple of sentences there, bud. But, yeah, to everything else, I agree. The far left doesn't realize how much like the far right they actually are.

    Oh and . . . bye!
  18. Sir Nose

    Sir Nose New Member

    You clearly misread my post. Please retry.
  19. Howiedoit

    Howiedoit Active Member

    Letterman and his writers should of foreseen this would be use against them by the Palin camp to boost her popularity.
  20. Sir Nose

    Sir Nose New Member

    Yes, this will serve to boost her already strong status amongst conservatives. It is good to see someone take on Letterman for a change.

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