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Discussion in 'Stereotypes and Myths' started by Shayla4bbc, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Shayla4bbc

    Shayla4bbc New Member

    I didn't see this covered elsewhere, so I thought I would bring it up.

    I have heard that black men have larger cocks than other races. I have dated many black men, and they have ranged from above average to huge (get away from me with that thing) but all have been bigger than in one way or another from the white men I have been with.

    Have I just been beating the law of averages, or are black men bigger? Ladies, please share your experiences on this.
  2. Be-you-tiful86

    Be-you-tiful86 New Member

    mh well the first black men I ve ever had sex with was even smaller down there than average size for white men according to some studies Ritex(a condom company) made.
    Then some were just average and some above average.
    I personally can't tell whether it is just a stereotype or not.
    I just know that Ritex said the average length for black men was more than for white and that Asian was even smaller.
    That I have totally know clue about though.Never slept with an Asian guy
  3. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    troll? :?:
  4. Canelle

    Canelle New Member

    horny white man.
  5. Be-you-tiful86

    Be-you-tiful86 New Member

    Lol who knows?
  6. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    here we go again
  7. Shayla4bbc

    Shayla4bbc New Member

    It would be nice to have some actual replies, rather than the bullshit you guys are putting in my topic.
  8. alli

    alli New Member

    Since I have not seen every penis God ever made I cannot tell you if all black men have bigger penises than men of other races. How is my or any other woman's limited experience going to prove or dispel that myth?
  9. pettyofficerj

    pettyofficerj New Member

    stop making bullshit threads and people will stop posting equally bullshit replies

    simple logic

    you know..

    let me give you somethin else....

    stop drinking spoiled milk if you know it's going to give you the runs later
  10. Moskvichka

    Moskvichka New Member

    That's the way to talk to these trolls!
  11. GFunk

    GFunk Well-Known Member

    HA!!! Nice.
  12. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    Some women are just down for a big dick. Let your girl ask her question.
  13. Persephone

    Persephone New Member

    Can't really tell you, as most of my info comes from hearsay. Contrary to popular belief, I've had limited experience with different men, so my current boyfriend is the only black man I've slept with. He proves that specific stereotype right, but I've had other girls tell me it's far from true. I did make out with this gorgeous 6'4 African guy, and I could tell he either had some large, penis shaped socks in his pants, or he was quite well endowed.

    So technically, from my personal experience, I could say black men have bigger dicks. But it doesn't prove anything, cause I only know for sure about two black men, not all of em.
  14. suprchic73

    suprchic73 New Member

    ....this is why we love petty.

    :p :wink:
  15. BoredMale

    BoredMale New Member

    Swedish magazine Science Illustrated (Illustrerad Vetenskap) once said in a number that Blacks are bigger when flaccid (it had something to do with the warm climax), but in erect length the difference is quite small.

    Penis size are generally correlated to body size, no matter what short people say. This is why Asians are generally smaller than the other races, since they generally are much smaller in body size. You can find big penises on all races (this includes Asians).

    There have been studies that have said Blacks are bigger, and there have been studies that said they are actually smaller. So I wouldn't relate the size of the organ with skin color.

    And the reason why you always see big Black men in porn is because they are fewer than the White actors, and producers/directors also have higher requirements on that point for those actors. If you watch non-interracial porno websites like "" or "pornstarslikeitbig", you'll see that it's not much difference there, since the producers have the same "rules" as they do for the Black actors.
  16. Be-you-tiful86

    Be-you-tiful86 New Member

    So what about a short black guy of 5'5 and being quite skinny having nearly 11 inches down there? It doesnt always have to do with size of the body
  17. Canelle

    Canelle New Member

    Right, shape and Penissize do not have to correlate.
    I once had this big denish men in my bed who was, well. A little disapointment.
  18. Be-you-tiful86

    Be-you-tiful86 New Member

    Hehe Im sorry for that :)
  19. Canelle

    Canelle New Member

    Me too, to that point. :lol:
    If you dare to, you may google "Micropenis" :? :shock:
  20. Be-you-tiful86

    Be-you-tiful86 New Member


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