NBA Players' Wives and Girlfriends: The Shocking Truth

Discussion in 'Celebrity IR Couples' started by mosiah1, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Whats surprising about it? I've always known that most NBA players were married to/dating black women. The whole NBA players dating white women is exaggerated. In fact, we can clearly see from that list that about 10% of them are dating/married to non-black women. Its just a shrewd stereotype that the media perpetuates but i've always known the truth. How i wish everybody did!!!

    BTW, some of those basketball players are some of the luckiest muthatruckers on the planet eg. Kobe, Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion, Scottie Pippen etc. The majority of the women there are pretty anyway.
  3. hellspawn72

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    I've pretty much known myself. Most B-ball players that I either went to college with or you saw in the pros playing or courtside had their wives/girlfriends nearby. So you could see them for yourself and yes, most of the time they were black women. "LaydeezmanCris" is right. That whole baller gettin' a white girl bulls@# is just that. Bullsh@#.
  4. mosiah1

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    That's why I started this thread, guys. If you listen to most other people tell it, you'd think that they all had a hot blonde waiting for them on draft day (not that there's anything wrong with hot blondes or brunettes, etc). But with the link I posted, the proof is in the pictures.

    "(Women) have participated in my triumphs and suffered with me in my moments of disappointment. They have inspired me to attainment and they have balked me; they have caused me joy and they have heaped misery upon me; they have been faithful to the utmost and they have been faithless; they have praised and loved me and they have hated and denounced me. Always, a woman has swayed me - sometimes many have demanded my attention at the same moment." - Jack Johnson
  5. malachi

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    interesting, but this doesn't take away from the fact that highly-paid, highly visible black men (athletes and otherwise) are still more likely to date white and non-black women than other black men.

    i couldn't imagine any black man being motivated to succeeed for the "promise of a 'hot' blonde", but there is definitely a correlation between the level of success a black man attains and his choice of partner.
  6. SardonicGenie

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    From what I viewed, most of the men in the link are not only married to black women mostly, but most of those same men are family men also...

    and, it seems like the ones who are married to sistas have kids, and the ones married to white women don't.
  7. Gorath

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    About 80%(perhaps a little more) of black NBA players are married to black women. Leaving only about 20%(perhaps a little more) of the players who are married or dating interracially. Either from college or the pros, most black basketball players have black wives/girlfriends.
  8. andreboba

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    I'd like to see a stat about how many B-baller's have White baby mommas?

    Bet it's more than 20%.:freehug:
  9. Satchmo

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    I think the more important issue is providing support for the wives (irrespective of color) of the SEC players before they go pro. My friends at LSU racked in a TON of dough for their organization and came home from games stressing about how they was gonna buy diapers.
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    this fool bumping threads from damn near 10 years ago

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