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  1. Liquid Swords

    Liquid Swords New Member

    This is a little early but I'm going there in June next year with my twin sister to go to Rock The Bells in New York, maybe it's in July. Well June/July we're definitely going.
    Anyone wanna meet? :D
    We're both cool girls, though we can't go clubbing because the US is strict! Only have to be 18 over here, but 21 over there! Crazzzy.

    Old bad one of us lol
    me again.

    Would be cool to actually meet up with some people when we're out there.
  2. Liquid Swords

    Liquid Swords New Member

    The only way ya can really tell the difference between us is the fact I have my lip pierced and her hair has blonde highlights :)
  3. Complex

    Complex New Member

    I can definitely show you some 18-year and older clubs in NYC. However setting a date for July in November is far too early. If you remind me in May, I will be able to confirm the offer to be a tour guide. :cool:

  4. Liquid Swords

    Liquid Swords New Member

    Haha, I know I'm just extremely excited about going, was there before and I absolutely loved it. It was just so exicting to me because I'm from a small town in Scotland near Aberdeen and although I've been to London it's so different and multi-cultural. I love the fact that it's so diverse. Plus I'm a Law & Order addict and seeing New York on that I always wanted to go, mainly just to go see One Police Plaza, lol.

    That would be cool, I didn't know there was 18+ clubs there, last time I was there I was the total "tourist" with my map and camera and Lady Liberty hat... haha okay I'm kidding but I was just more being touristy and looking at all the attractions there. I'm hoping to do a good bit of shopping there too, it's much cheaper there than here. I am partial to clubs here in the UK so I'd love to check out the ones in the US too.

  5. Complex

    Complex New Member

    Of all the places I've heard many would like to visit in New York, One Police Plaza is the first! LOL!!

    If you like a wide variety of people you'll enjoy NYC. Musically speaking they offer a little of everything but they are still far behind on the Drum & Bass scene.

    However, Hip Hop is the most dominating music found here which is rightfully so considering it was born in New York.

    Of course, if Hip Hop is not your cup of tea you can easily find other types of music without driving miles without end. If you are a Raver then rave until your heart is content in the UK for, it doesn't exist in NYC.

    If you plan on staying until September, you would enjoy the West Indian Day Carnival. It's like Notting Hill Carnival but much larger.
  6. Tonivegas82

    Tonivegas82 New Member

    I disagree with that statement. I used to rave quite often at clubs as a teen in New Jersey. I was recently at a club called Pascha on West 46th and that is practically an all night rave. I left at 5a.m. and people were still on line, rolling in like it was 11p.m. Granted, the rave scene in NYC may not be as intense as the London/Euro scene, but it is alive and well nevertheless.

    Here's a link:
  7. Complex

    Complex New Member


    I would not class any nightclub in NYC Rave material these days. For the hardcore Raver, anything that mentions Ibiza or Ministry Of Sound as a selling point means commercialized rubbish.

  8. SirNice

    SirNice New Member

    how can I cast my lot in the Sarah sweepstakes??
  9. Raul Sinclair

    Raul Sinclair New Member

    Hey Liquid Swords are u still coming to new york??
  10. Liquid Swords

    Liquid Swords New Member

    Hey, I'm back! I was there for a week at the start of June and didn't wanna come home! :( Had loads of fun, going back next Summer for sure.
  11. Liquid Swords

    Liquid Swords New Member

    Oh Webbie, can you delete those pics, they're soooo old! URGH LOL.
  12. Raul Sinclair

    Raul Sinclair New Member

    oo thats cool, glad u have fun. New York is crazy bitch and I love her lol. If you come back next summer let me know.

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