Older white women dating black men

Discussion in 'The Attraction Between White Women and Black Men' started by Tenn1972, Jan 31, 2012.

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    As a Caucasian female, I have never dated interracially, yet at 55, the idea really intrigues me for a multitude of reasons. I have only worked in a corporate environment and never really had much contact with educated, black males there. I know that sounds terrible and I am very open as a person. I really don't buy into the black man sexuality myth and wonder why young, white women do. The photos of couples that I see are usually of thug looking black guys with ditzy white girls that I would never let my own son date! How about some intelligent white women of various ages and smart, sexy black men, wearing their pants all the way up where they should be, so that we can see their bodies, and who really are good their partners? That would intrigue me again and mean much more than just a physical attraction.
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    this some bullshit right here
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    ungetly needed

    hallo every one am a black,tall,loving ,honest guy searching for a white lady ...you know getting a lady from the web is like meeting black obama in the white house but i hope i meet a chance on finding a white lady for real then we communicate.my email is
    mjeffinskigoye@yahoo.com am 36 years
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    mj, meet tenn1972. your search is over
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    I think the hair board might be missing one of their members. :p
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    What exactly is the point of this post??
  9. goodlove

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    the point is .....uuuhhhh. uhhhh. uhhhh. Oh yes. the point is to racist bait. yeah.
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    You spoke sense madam. I hope you can find a brother who has the same interests like you.
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    lippy is going to get in trouble if she asks if this is a man or a woman...hit me with your best shot...fire away:smt083
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    Nah...I was wondering too. I think it's a white man, personally.
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    Misleading Intro - [​IMG]

    Regurgitated Sterotypes - [​IMG]

    Insufferable Ignorance - [​IMG]

    All adds up to someone mightily daft enough to sign up just for this foolhardiness.

    Figure some folks would have better things to do with their time.

    Then I am reminded that ever so often one of these clowns show up on here before scurrying away.
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    You missed hot avatar. :p
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    then you need to look a bit harder, that kinda shit i have heard out the mouths of certain people, fact is there are nice bm and ww couples, but i guess they dont exsist because you dont see them, that logic you pretty much gave away in the squirting thread
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    I never thought of Moe from the Three Stooges as hot. :cool:
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    ROFL. :smt023
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    LOL, Misswacy, you can't reason with a stereotyping fool, jokers like that will see what they want to see in order to justify their preconceived notions in their minds.

    Guess its that time of the new year again when the trolls make an appearance before going back under the bridge they came from.
  20. Iggy

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    thanks for finally considering us old lady.:smt026

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