Once u go black u never go back

Discussion in 'Stereotypes and Myths' started by IndoGal, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. IndoGal

    IndoGal New Member

    I've heard this a lot. what is your though ?

    Personally one of my friend used to have black bfs... she know loves dating white guys so... :lol: it belongs to Myth for me ^^

    don't know if i shall specify that she's asian (& me too actually :p but it's not about me)
  2. hellspawn72

    hellspawn72 Member

    Here in the States, it seems like white guys and asian girls are a good match. And this topic has been talked about on this forum on more than one occasion. Personally, I think asian girls just have a "thing" naturally for white guys, but that's just me. They make up the largest group of IR couples in this country.

    Um, anyway I'm black myself and the white girls I've "messed" with in the past haven't seemed to stay with black dudes strictly. In America here, I've found that white women love their white men, but quite a few will hook up with a brotha without too much hestitation. I just think that "once you go black" thing is just a myth. Maybe your friend just loves dating white dudes now. She probably still likes brothas, but it's who people are with in the present.

    By the way, checked out your yahoo pics. You're a cutie. What nationality are you? And are u into us brothas too?
  3. QSSassy

    QSSassy New Member

    its just a phrase someone coined and stuck...

    I know plenty of WW who date only BM and plan to keep only dating and eventually marrying a BM.

    However there are others who date any race, or go back to white...

    its all up to the women.

    I like to kid that I live that phrase because quite honestly I doubt i would ever date again anyone who wasn't black..
  4. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    It's just a stupid myth coined by white males to steer white womenad "other" women they want exclusively for themselves from dating black men. The belief is that if you get "tainted" by a black man, no white man will "want" you again - as though white males were some kind of kings who owned serfs and shit-. Just imagine how white guys would jump out of their skins if Heidi Klum says she's divorcing Seal and she wants a new guy. Yeah, i thought so.

    I've dated white girls and some have "gone back". A few have dated other black men but their future dating patterns are none of my fucking bi'nizz. lol.

    For real, white males are the most insecure bunch i've ever come across.
  5. IndoGal

    IndoGal New Member

    Thanks Hellspawn :oops: i'm indonesian ^^ and yeah i like black guys but i like others too, especially white yeah maybe there is something asian girls/white guys like white women/black guys =]

    i believe as well it's just a myth, mostly it will just depend on ur preferences and on who u meet up with. meeting black guy wont change ur life more than meeting a white one or latino or whatever. depends on the people :D maybe for sassy it's true though :p but it's her choice not the same for all people :)
  6. AquaPeach

    AquaPeach New Member

    I get approached by more BM than WM. BM seem to be more cool witht he disability, most WM see me as defective, and yes I've been told this. Whoever said WM are insecure, you're right, and a lot of them are narrow-minded. They don't mind a friends with benefits kind of relationship, but anything beyond that is out of the question for them.
  7. Bryant

    Bryant New Member

    yeah, i checked out her pics too. she is a cutie. :wink:
  8. Bryant

    Bryant New Member

    i just find that statement to be extremely interesting AquaPeach. i've been hearing it more and more how some women say that black men are much more open to accepting them as they are than white men. for me personally, i wouldn't be scared off by a few extra pounds, or a disability or anything like that as long as the woman loves me and i love her. so maybe there is a shred of truth to that as far as black men are concerned u know :wink:
  9. shoegr1

    shoegr1 New Member

    I'm w/ Qsassy and AquaPeach. Have been in IRs before and currently w/ an Haitian, hope it lasts, but if it didn't can't picture falling for a wm. Feel most of them don't have a clue, are insecure and, frankly, don't feel they're very manly; although, as I type that I do have a twinge of hating to generalize.
  10. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Pardon my insensitivity, but what disability are you suffering from?
  11. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    Indogal that is a stereotype I hate that crap. Damn LOL. No disrespect but I am not losing any sleep over Asian women sorry.
  12. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Whoa, damn brotha, you just had to come straight up with an all-out assault!!! :lol: :lol:. Actually to be honest, i'm not particularly attracted to East Asian women the way i am to black, white and Latinas but lawd knows i'd fuck Lucy Liu till kingdom come. I do see many hot Asian chicks but they do not catc my eye the way others do.
  13. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    Man I just had to say it some folks think that a black man will go for anything. I am not trying to come off mean but some not all of the asian women here in DC think black men want to get with them and they act all nasty towards you for nothing.
  14. awia

    awia New Member

    too funny! :smt038
  15. awia

    awia New Member

    all I can say is.... let me at 'em :smt067
    not that I condone violence, of course. :axe:
  16. awia

    awia New Member

    I'll be honest, if every black man I met had all the inner qualities and values I value, and am attracted to, and was attracted to me, then I wouldn't ever feel the need to be looking sideways or anyways at anyone else. :smt049
  17. graphicsRat

    graphicsRat New Member

    I suspect the saying was coined by (a) BM, in order to convince WW that BM are better lovers, i.e. once you've been with a BM you won't want anything else.
  18. sarah23

    sarah23 Well-Known Member

    It just a nice catchy phrase to convince WM that BM are better lovers.
    In reality, i have found that once I showed a preference for BM at college, I was getting more attention from BM. At least they knew I like BM. Even my white girlfriends assumed that I would shag the one black guy at the party - which needless to say, isnt at all true. Its an assumption that once you go with aBM, that you never date anybody else.
  19. archangel

    archangel Well-Known Member

    I believe it is actually once you do Archangel you don't go back
  20. Moskvichka

    Moskvichka New Member

    I was married to a black man, got divorced and now date white men. I don't date any men of color anymore.

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