Percent of WW that would date a black guy

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    I'm not sure if this is the right section so if it isn't then move it.

    Anyway I was wondering what percent of WW that would be open to dating black guy(or outside her race but this site is for ww and bm so we'll go with that).

    There are 2 groups, American White Women and Non-American White Women.

    When it comes to race, there are 4 types of women. They are:

    1. The "I don't care as long as he's a good guy" group
    2. The "I don't usually find them attractive but if the right one comes along then sure" group
    3. The " I love them and/or I only date (insert race here)" girls
    4. Then there are the " I don't date(insert race here) guys and never will" group aka imo the racist group.

    Which percentage of the 2 groups fall under one of the four groups? Opinions are welcome.
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    You have a lot of things figured out. That's great bro. But, you left a few things out. You have to divide the white women by height, weight, and physical strength (to see who are able to work). Then you divide then you disregard the disabled and any that have the slightest could probably use those for "testing". Then once you have them all separated, just get rid of the ones who aren't able to work, and from there you can put your "white women" in the groups that you have identified. I hope this helps...
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  5. Sin Mari

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    Good advice.
  6. andreboba

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    Unless a woman of any race has a serious bigotry problem, the skin color of a man will not be the ultimate barrier for whom they find attractive.

    Most of the WW I've dated had NEVER been with a BM before. They never even really considered it IMO. But in a work/social/academic environment where you're able to interact with someone day after day, sometimes you find you have things in common, your personalities mesh and things just 'click'.

    Just my gut feeling, but I think less than half of all WW are totally opposed to dating BM under any circumstances.

    The OP's post IMO is sad because it sounds like you have never really interacted with White people in any significant way socially, and the idea of who White women are collectively is a theoretical concept you're still trying to work out.:roll:

    I think most people here have a preference, although it may not be exclusive.
  7. Iggy

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    If you go on (which I have been doing lately since I'm newlly single)
    You'll see that a LOT of ww are strictly looking for men that are white.

    It is refreshing seeing some women that have "no preference" when it comes to race. thats the way it should be imo but life isnt always fair,

    And ftr, I dont think ww that refuse to date bm are racist. Maybe they just prefer their own race because thats what they are attracted to. Just like ww that are strictly attracted to bm. Lets not demonize ww that arent down to swirl now.

    My best advice to all the brothas out there is to keep in great shape, get money and be a gentlemen at all times. It goes a looong way.;)
  8. andreboba

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    I'm not looking to date a woman from Burma, but I'm not against Burmese women on PRINCIPLE.

    See that's the difference and why some people consider that view bigoted.
    It's cool however to have a preference. Very normal in fact.

    I think it's dicey anyway to criticize a woman for having a 'drop dead' rule when it comes to certain types of men since many of the women on this site would fall into that category.

    It's not something to really worry about because there are more WW than you can count who don't view race as an obstacle for dating.
  9. The Dark King

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    Most of the women on this site are open to everyone but prefer bm. I don't think they'd turn their noses up at an attractive wm, hm, am, or whatever have you if he comes at her right.
    The difference I've noticed about women who are strictly about "their own" race is they are either to please others or they deep down believe they could do better than a (insert race) guy. For a lot of white people in America a white woman dating something other than a white man means they couldn't attract a decent one or they're trying to get back at their parents for some reason. Seen it my whole life fam.
  10. MixedCalifornian

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    Definitely plenty of white women that will not date/associate with black men.
  11. qaz1

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    This is interesting to me because I just got on a couple weeks ago. I was actually surprised by the number of ww who list 'no preference.' I expected a much lower percentage. It doesn't hurt my feelings when a ww is looking specifically for a wm. However, what does strike me as suspect is when a ww lists every option as acceptable except bm. Anything is good enough except a bm.

    It's cool for anyone to have a preference, and it's cool to have a certain group not be 'your type.' But to me, it's a problem when skin color (with nothing else considered) automatically disqualifies a person. The definition of racial bias is making judgments based on color alone (I'm paraphrasing). If a person sees black and automatically thinks 'NO,' there's something there. They may not be ready to join the Klan, but there's some racial hang up. Then again, we've all got racial hang ups in this country....

    The best plan (as others here have stated) is to forget about it, be your best all around, and go for any woman who catches your eye. The numbers are still on your side.
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    i know, right:smt043
  13. pettyofficerj

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    if you want women of ANY color who love BM, go to the personals@blackplanet's THAT easy
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    heh, they will never understand us. they just dont see the greatness. uhhhh
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    Match is for wm its as simple as that. I rarely see ww on match check every box but black but I've seen it probably about 4-7 times out of all the cities I looked at(I seen them do that in florida mainly). The people who exclude blacks on match are minority groups( especially asians ).

    To the dudes posting pics, I fail to understand what your messages are.
  17. SexyBaltimorean

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    ....but since we're on percentages, I'd say, maybe, 45%??

    Just merely guessin'.....
  18. TB1958

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    I understand what you are trying to say, but it's hard for me to assign a percentage to the groups because I don't know anything except what I have personally observed or experienced. That said, based on what I have seen, I would say that the first group is the one that is becoming increasingly larger. Many women I have dated or friends I have talked with are just looking for a nice guy (whatever that means to them) and are willing to consider men outside of their own race or religion.

    Another thing to consider in the discussion is you're just talking about dating. If marriage is in the discussion, that's a whole 'nuther ball game.
  19. The Dark King

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    And age. I find women 35 and over are less likely to care about pleasing others and will date/marry based on their own happiness. Girls in their early to late 20s is a whole different ball game.
  20. Addolorata

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    probably low still?

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