Poem to a Racist White Woman (By Shaft)

Discussion in 'Conversations Between White Women and Black Men' started by Shaft, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Shaft

    Shaft New Member

    I thought I'd take a chance and use my creativity to come up with this poem:

    You look and act so innocent, but you're the most deadly poison to society
    The racial hatred you have in your heart boils like a pot of fuming hot water

    You frown when you see me walking down the street, holding hands with women who look like you

    You perceive them as "race traitors," a disgrace to your people...because in your eyes they're lowering their standards by getting involved with a lesser human being, a man of an inferior race

    Throughout history, you plotted with those who killed and slaughtered people of African descent

    You revealed their hideouts when they fled from gangs of hate groups , slave owners and race terrorists

    You ignored their wailing when in pain, they called out to you for help
    In darkness as in light, you stood in the middle of the fields, your blue eyes completely devoid of any emotion.

    I know your worst nightmare today is for any of your daughters to marry someone like me

    You who moves from one state to the other and one neighborhood to the next so that your children would never interact with me

    How much space do you have in your heart to overcome your hatred, O racist white woman?

    How many times will you try to play on both sides of the coin?

    You who claims to have black friends but won't touch a black man no matter what the case may be

    You who preaches racial purity at every turn, but when your marriage is on the rocks, prefer cheating with black men for sex

    O racist white woman, please wake up. The world has changed. Judge people not by skin, but rather by their ways.

    Learn, racist white woman, that although the entire world may open its doors for you and opportunities without measure may come your way due to the color of your skin, the fact that I look different from you doesn't make me less human.

    O racist white woman, poison to the world, silent and conniving, dangerous and tricky, opportunistic and plotful, wake up and smell the roses...the world is more diverse and people of all races are falling in love and embracing each other. Today's world doesn't have much room for your kind.
  2. 13Wisdom

    13Wisdom New Member

    beautiful man, and thats saying something from a guy of my age, i luv it
  3. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Thats so true and creative. I wish more of them would see the world the way you, I and the females on this board see it.
  4. Lexington

    Lexington New Member

    Are there any instances where you would not consider a WW racist for not dating BM? Like a personal preference?
  5. Shaft

    Shaft New Member


    Of course, I'm sure there are instances where white women choose not to date black men due to personal preferences, although in quite a few of these cases, their reasons are based on societal pressures and fear of rejection by family and friends. What my poem focuses on is the white woman who disapproves of interracial relationships...who frowns whenever she sees another white women dating a black man, and who throughout history, has perceived the black man as her inferior. Such a woman is actually the black man's worst enemy.
  6. INJERA70

    INJERA70 New Member

    So we are all insane huh,go back and read any of my posts or most of the folks here and come back with a mature responce.
  7. QSSassy

    QSSassy New Member


    I didn't comment ( so far ) to your poem, not because I don't agree with it, I can see things as they are through your eyes.

    I just have such a hard time understanding why anyone would behave that way. I guess I am fortunate to have been raised that not only are all men created equal in God's eyes, but also from my parents to see people as having value not because of the color of their skin, but based on those things which come from inside.

    I realize there are racists in every race. But when I see things such as through your eyes in this poem, I find shame in someone white who would behave such a way.


    and rgb.. I am not sure what your problem is, you have two posts here, so one can only assume you are someone else who had an agenda by creating this account
  8. SardonicGenie

    SardonicGenie New Member

    Let me guess... you have a personal problem with the poem, right? What does this have to do with the thread? And, wouldn't you be the one to whine constantly about the 'black male hatred of black women' and 'black male fetish of white women'? And, now, you write this. All you seem to know how to do in here is prove most of the men in here right about you again and again. You weren't even trying this time. :lol:
  9. Lexington

    Lexington New Member

    I don't have a problem with the poem because I know what he writes about is true. This is one aspect that's quite difficult for many of you to address. It hurts to acknowledge faults in those you consider the epitome of perfection. My first thread on this site dealt with this very question of preference. Some of you have a strict preference for WW but can't seem to believe a WW isn't racist when she has a preference for men that exclude you. I've witnessed some of you whining about WW enduring one disasterous relationship after the other with nonblack men but won't give BM a chance knowing you idolize them more than any nonblack man could ever surpass. Her preference is dismissed and replaced with discrimination against you...but you don't recognize your own intra-racial bigotry which you have no control over. Also everything you mentioned that I've discussed has been highlighted by others as well. BW have to understand that BM with your mentality are completely devoid of any positive feelings towards them and barely view them as human IMO. I know you absolutely cannot help yourself and BW are better off coming to terms with this fact.
  10. SardonicGenie

    SardonicGenie New Member

    Oh, please. You can't even stop contradicting yourself to make any perfect sense. First, you admit that all of what he says is true, but then deliberately misread the posts in here about what the men say in regards to black women vs. white women, when there is just as much criticism about both women throughout these forums, though knowing YOU, you only see the kind of criticism that you want to, and then you come in here and whine about how and why we have a preference for white women, and then whine about what we say about their choices to not date black men, but wait, I forgot, you don't have a problem with the poem and our choices, right?

    So, make up your mind, is the poem true or false, Lexington? You just took Shaft's poem and compared it to some rants about black women that were written months ago in here (by posters who hardly ever post nowadays), which you have been using to troll the site about, and for someone who has nothing but negative, nasty, and derogatory comments to write about black men (unlike the men in here when it comes down to black women by your claims) you actually have the nerve to concoct this garbage. Who exactly do you think YOU are???

    And, guess what, sweetheart? You're just as racist as the women Shaft describes in his poem, if not more. Instead of considering dating non-black men and not just putting them on a pedastal in comparison, you'd rather come in here and try to defeat the purpose of this site, but at the same, can only see the 'bad', 'immoral' and'wrong' in black men. Now, before you post again, let your meds kick in first...

    also, LEXINGTON, for someone who thinks they have their priorities in order, you seem to be quite lonely, in fact, I would say that you don't have much of a life outside of these forums, and I'm sure that several other posters can confirm that, because anyone can tell from reading YOUR posts that you think YOU are the eptiome of ALL black women :lol:, and yet, despite all of your claims about the men in here and their feelings about black women, not every black woman, as well as black man and/or white woman agrees with you. Get that?

    One thing you're right on about: "It does hurt to acknowledge faults in those you consider to be the epitome of perfection." Maybe you should learn to acknowledge it from now on. You know what it is. :lol:
  11. OmahaBoy2003

    OmahaBoy2003 New Member

    Nice poem yo.

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