1. This one guy I dated liked to call me a snow bunny. I thought it was cute and kinda sexy. Anyone else ever hear of it? How does it make you feel, girls?
  2. lol..i only heard it via the web(by americans)i never heard it in the uk though...
    i dont think anyone would call me a snowbunny because my skin colour is not white.im olive skinned.im presumeing snow bunny means white pale skin,,?

    but its cute though i guess..lol
  3. hntr18

    hntr18 Well-Known Member

    snow bunny: 1.) a white female; this expression is commonly used to describe a white female who mingles amoung black males
    2.) can be used as a sign of approval
    "I got a snow bunny and a black girl too, you pay da right price and they'll both do you." -Terrance Howard
  4. fromrussiawithlove

    fromrussiawithlove New Member

    Yeah, I agree with Black Men Are Beautiful, I've never heard it in the UK either, but it's kinda cute :)
    I wouldn't personally like it, but I don't like pet-names that much anyway. I'll go as far as 'babe' and 'baby' but I think that's it for me, lol.
  5. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    snowbunny has a different meaning when the snow is flying in colorado...this is when the "snowbunnies" flock to the high-end ski resorts...dressed head to toe in the most fashionable skiwear...they hit the bunny hills once or twice if it's a nice day...but they spend most of their time in the lodge looking perfect hoping to catch the eye of some wealthy business man that took the day off from work to hit the slopes
  6. Liquid Swords

    Liquid Swords New Member

    I was watching an episode of Cold Case Files on the Crime channel recently where some pimp called the girl he murdered what he called his "snowbunny". I don't really like it anymore. I didn't really like it in the first place but it's a stupid name. It's like I don't think much guys would like being called a "chocolate teddy bear". It's just so cheesy. Anyway, that was a really good episode of Cold Case Files. The pimp's 3 year old son solved the case, he testified against his father and everything.
  7. Intriguedone

    Intriguedone Well-Known Member

    :cool:It's simply a slang term for a white female. It's generally used very affectionately, trust me. Cocoa or ChocolateBunny is also used for BW as well. It's no different than calling a sister 'Redbone' (light-complected bw). If it offends you, then that has to be respected, but it's not derogatory at all.

    It just sounds a lot better than " 'Sup pimpin', any white girls in there?" Rather,..."It's a blizzard in tharre, snowbunnies for er'body!!!"

    Playa A: "You fallin through the club tonite killa?"
    Playa B: "Naw, I'm choppin'it with my 'Bunny' tonite, Lipstick just flew in":twisted:

    Y'all should know by now that black folk have nicknames for everything and everybody (i.e. DD-Dub=BookWorm, LOL!!)

    So if you want to call me Choclate TeddyBear, than you need make sure I get to watch you undress like the rest of your stuffed-animals!
  8. Bryant

    Bryant New Member

    I worked with a black guy who was totally disrespectful towards women as a whole, but especially towards ww. He would always call them snow bunnies, and pink toes, and sluts. But then again, he called every woman who walked into the place a slut, whether he knew them or not.
  9. Bug

    Bug Well-Known Member

    Ahh i love Cold Case, only thing i watch on Sky 1 apart from Futurama, anyway Snowbunnies once again No! No! No! plz ref past snowbunny threads for further details lol, but im seriously think we need to have a revamp and get a thread of the week going or something (current topic thing), so we don't end up back at the same old chestnut over and over.:D
  10. Bug

    Bug Well-Known Member

    He sounds an absolute Diamond! lol
  11. csbean

    csbean New Member

    I was walking to the liquor store in the sketchy part of my neighborhood and two bm standing on the corner, said "Hey, snow bunny!"

    In that particular instance, I did not find it very flattering.
  12. Intriguedone

    Intriguedone Well-Known Member

    ;):smt105Damn, it's always the bum-ass dudes ruining it for the rest of us....Sorry Bean.
  13. Bryant

    Bryant New Member

    lol....exactly. i'm sure the ladies are lining up around the corner for him haha.
  14. Arwen

    Arwen New Member

    I'd love to be called snovvbunny... it's so cute!!! :)
    My ex ex called me Snovv VVhite but it vvasn't cute! LOL

    Intriguedone, u r too much! LOL :smt050
  15. Intriguedone

    Intriguedone Well-Known Member

    :smt057{using my Southern'drawl} See shawty, that makes you ma' special mediterrenean snow-bunny, ma'personal cuddle-bunny.
  16. Arwen

    Arwen New Member

  17. malikom

    malikom Banned

    Its a term of endearment ....
  18. shion

    shion New Member

    "pink toes"

    That's a new one....lol
  19. shion

    shion New Member

    should have called you Italy's finest export....besides Monica Belluci
  20. Arwen

    Arwen New Member

    grazie Dee-yo.

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