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Discussion in 'Conversations Between White Women and Black Men' started by goodlove, Jul 16, 2010.

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    i dont know why women should submit, other than if they are religious(as muslim or christian women) are called to do by God, as unto the Lord. and the husbands should love the wife as christ loved the church.

    but for non religious, secular people, why would submission need to take place since they believe rolls are 50/50 and equal?
  3. goodlove

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    I know exactly what you are saying and I agree to a point but

    never heard of 2 presidents of the same country or 2 kings of the same country.

    how ever women do like for men to take the lead. so.....

    what do you think. Taking the lead doesnt mean dominate just be a leader.
  4. GFunk

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    Monique can go fuck herself.
  5. goodlove

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    LOL. why u say that
  6. archangel

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    I think whoever has the experience should lead. I do not want to be pushed into leadership (by a woman or anyone else) where I do not have the expereince just because society has institutionalized that man leads. It backfires on men and sort of puts a double standard if you don't have the experience.
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    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs - Karl Marx
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    I'll buy it.
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    Samo samo replies on that site. We as black men have heard the same BS 50 million times before.
  12. goodlove

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    elaborate on ur feelings! LOL
  13. karmacoma.

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    Nothing to elaborate on. Saying "submit" to a BW is like waving a red flag in front of a bull (and I do mean bull, not cow). It's all the same ol' shit I've heard for years. They even talk about it (from the male point of view thank God) here:

    I personally don't need a woman to "submit" to me per se, except in the bedroom.
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    I agree with you to a point. ( I also said the in another thread the feminist movement was not for the BW) I was trying to cover these kind of stuff playfully but failed miserably in the trading mack notes. when i say submit in my eyes would be as follows:

    1) the men should have the final decision but women should be a good advisor and help manage the money.

    2) the men should have a vision and a plan. that makes a leader. women are to cosign and again advise and help execute the plan

    women have the best of the deal because men are responsible for the majority issues. the women are to enjoy and advise. the major problem they dont appreciate it . that is the real problem
  15. goodlove

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    the other problem women have is not knowing what a leader is .they also cut the men's penis off thru out the last 50 to 60 years due to welfare and the feminist movement
  16. Espy

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    What woman in her right mind would object to that?

    Sorry to tell you this goodlove, but you're full of it on this. Men are not responsible for the majority of the issues, I know a lot of women who handle the finances, and in those cases we get screwed because we have to handle that along with everything else. Not all men are born leaders, some are not well suited for that role, and some are just plain lazy. I'd love to meet one who was actually up to that task, it'd probably blow my mind.

    As for how the money is spent, if I'm earning it, I will have a say in how it's spent. That's not to say that he gets no input on how I spend what I earn, but he's sure not getting the predominate say in spending what I work my ass off for. That's just asinine IMO.

    It's like anything else, one person's talent is another person's deficit. The key is to let each person handle the areas where they excel, work as a team, and to appreciate them for what they have to offer, rather than resent them because they have talents that you do not.

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  18. vanilla2chai

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    Oh lord I have been away far too long.

    Submit.....are you kidding me! I work my ass off and I make A LOT of money doing it. You think I am going to let a man tell me how to spend my money.

    Please fool....not in this life time

    How does the song go...I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan....
  19. FG

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    Good luck with that.
    The 50s called, they want you back.
  20. vanilla2chai

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    and THAT is why I love you so xo


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