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Discussion in 'How To Meet White Women and Black Men' started by Soulthinker, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Has anyone know of any German,Swedish,or any main dating websites? I had not know of any so I ask the WW/BM group. Looking forward to your suggestions.
  2. dj4monie

    dj4monie New Member

    Here's how I see it -

    If you want to find women that only speak German and very little english, then using sites local to Germany would make sense.

    However on searches of the Tango Network of sites come up with PLENTY of German ladies in all age ranges with 70-80 profiles in each of the most popular age ranges - 21-25, 25-35 & 35-45

    www.loveiscolorblind.com is one of the Tango sites.

    Sweden is an interesting case...

    It gives me these impressions -

    I think there's quite a few Swedish women interested in dating American Black Men, however they are HARD to find online. I think most of this has to do with their location. Its seldom less than $1,000 to travel to Stockholm or Malmo (In the Winter is DIRT CHEAP but I'm sure you know why...) and that's just out of the price range of most brothas, so in turn they put fewer personals up on sites frequented by American Black Men as they are less likely to visit them.

    That is the ONLY reason I can find that makes any sort of sense.

    I think the experience would be FAR different in "real time" if you visited Sweden however. Alot of Africans but very FEW African-Americans and all throughout Western Europe, American Black Men are far more desirable, its just fact.
  3. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your advice djm. I will defiantly check them out.
  4. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted


    Swedish women are act with reserve -- except when they have been drinking -- so, you're not gonna find them on those sites. Plus, they know that they're fine. The best thing to do, is to roll thru Sweden -- Stocktown is a good place to start...then take the train to Goteborg (Gothenberg) on the west coast. Be sure to roll thru Lund, which is a little college town with cobblestone streets near Malmo.

    Hit the clubs, bars & restaurants in those towns.

    The Kid Rasta 8)
  5. diamondlife

    diamondlife New Member

    Kid, what exactly do you do for a living? Not trying to get in ya business but it seems you do an awful lot of travelling and I might want to do what you do :D
  6. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted


    I used to work in sales/marketing for a global air carrier, but now I'm with an aviation/airline consulting firm.

    If I were y'all, I'd forget about those online dating sites, because the hott chicks don't use them. Ya gotta roll thru the countries yourselves, and hit the clubs, bars & restaurants. Also, go to the shopping malls & stores.

    ****A little known secret: hit the ladiez up at the train stations, because when they're traveling...they're ready to mingle.

    The Kid Rasta 8)
  7. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member


    Kid,I hope you have some time to write a book or have a website of your own. You have a lot of info. Oh yes I hope the webmaster of this site can give you a category of the wisdom of Kid Rasta.
  8. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Kid,I had to admit it is a little hard to approach them even though I love to go to the clubs. Fasching has great soul music on Saturday nights but it is a difficult place to meet those women even if they are buzzed. If one approached me I love it.
  9. SardonicGenie

    SardonicGenie New Member

    I noticed that all the hot girls I see frequently when I'm out are hardly ever on the Internet in chat rooms or posting photos of themselves in Personals sties...

    plus, with all the fakeness and lies these ads contain in the majority of a bunch of Personals sites, it doesn't even come close to the real thing in person when meeting these women on the street abruptly.
  10. Kid Rasta

    Kid Rasta Restricted

    Co-sign. That's what I'm talkin' bout -- don't waste your money on those sites.

    The Kid Rasta 8)
  11. dj4monie

    dj4monie New Member

    I'm not here to defend sites really, but there is some value to internet dating. Its kinda like searching for buried treasure, your not going to find it if you don't go looking for it, especially when you are given a map...

    I agree with Kid that always the best thing to do is to interact in real-time if possible. But sometimes your game isn't as strong as it should be and in that sense the net gives you a chance to get to know somebody without your obvious flaws getting in the way.

    For myself I find it very interesting that I attract FAR better looking women online than I do in person at clubs and such. Maybe because I don't look confident or something, I can't really explain it. Its not like I'm Tyson Beckford or something so I know that can't be it.

    But its true, I only get the fat and ugly girls that want to dance with me for instance...

    I know things will be different when I travel because I'm only counting on myself to provide the best time on my vacation, nobody else.

    I have used these sites to my advantage and will continue to do so until I am forced to stop because I have found somebody I desire to be with on long term basis (that might have happen already before I even left...)
  12. dj4monie

    dj4monie New Member

    Re: Book

    His book would raise alot of eye brows for sure, especially with black women. Knowing that black men aren't just after American white women but Europeans as well?

    That would get their panties in a bunch...
  13. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Dj4M yes the sisters would have a fit and I don't care what they think. Some go after Scandinavian men like Diana Ross. Beside they should live and let live.
  14. SardonicGenie

    SardonicGenie New Member

    :lol: *at dj4monie's post*

    And, I agree with him and Soulthinker.
  15. tuckerreed

    tuckerreed New Member

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