1. nobledruali

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  2. LaydeezmanCris

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    Noble, don't tell me you dig this kind of thing or i'll lose all respect for you.....
  3. nobledruali

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    :idea: I'm a "realist" LC so it's neither here nor there for me as long as it's what grown people want to do I have no problem with it...for them anyway. It's not very high on my list of how proper relations/romance should go on between black men & white women but again, that's them & not me.

    I just posted it up because the article acts as if it's something new when that shyt's been going on for a while now & I live down south in the DIRTY-DIRTY :shock: otherwise known as the ATL :!: :wink:
  4. LaydeezmanCris

    LaydeezmanCris New Member

    Ah, seen, seen. Anyway, i knew this kind of thing happened; i just didn't know it was rampant.

    That "Jeff" is a racist muthafucka. Once a racist, always a racist. He thinks because he lets a black man fuck his wife, he's "progressive. Fuck outta here.

    I'd never do this kind of shit but that's me ........
  5. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    True on that LC. 8)
  6. Bryant

    Bryant New Member

    After reading that, all i can do is :smt011 . I mean, the entire act itself is sickening to me, but i have to admit that it's a shame that those successful, college educated black guys, allow themselves to be treated like pieces of meat like that. Sure, the sex may be great, and what guy doesn't enjoy sex right..lol but c'mon, i just can't understand why they go along with it. maybe i'll never understand. :smt102
  7. jeverage

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  8. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    :shock: LOL>>> :smt081 ...I call it that the brotha could do better than that but again, that's THEIR THING I guess...:smt102
  9. Javelin

    Javelin New Member

    Come on people, don't be prudes. This is just fantasy stuff(like bondage or role-playing). No one is getting hurt(in a pleasurable way only). The wife is satisfied, the husband gets to witness his fantasy, the guy shoot-off his rocks. Everybody is happy, they go home nothing has changed. I've been to one a couple of years ago, I had a lot of fun.
  10. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    :smt103 :smt104 :smt108...Well at least you're honest about it.
  11. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    :twisted: Hell I'd love to see COS' at one of those parties... :lol: :!:
  12. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    That seems pretty humiliating to do. I would like to see what kind of couples show up at those parties. I guess it's nothing more than swingers with a preference. Nothing new.
  13. Soul_Brotha

    Soul_Brotha New Member

    Good article whoever posted it. There was so many "Jeff. Not his real name" quotes that you start to get confused. I heard about this, but never knew it was this intense. Damn. I'm not gonna judge anyone, but one can only imagine all the disease going around. And no a condom doesn't always protect. Laydeez I don't think this is as bad as you make it out to be. I personally wouldn't do it. I've heard of worst things. Like a drug party.

    But whoever organizes this is a PIMP. Each member pays 30-70 dollars a month, and an additional 30 everytime a party is held. And he has like 100 members. 30 times 100 is like 3K. 3K a month, not including the additional $30 each member pays to attend a party. And that's assuming each member only pays $30.

    He probably makes 60k+ a yeat tax free. The owner of the house should feel ashamed. Finding used condoms in his kids room. And how can a female take on 12 cocks in one night? Goodness sakes.

    Good and very educational article I must say. Now only if I can organize something like this in Ontario.

    The highlight of the article though. "The owner of the house starts playing JayZ and Sean Paul before the guest comes" Typical stereotype.
  14. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

  15. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    NO>>>IT'STHE JIGGAMAN :!: :wink: :p
  16. AquaPeach

    AquaPeach New Member

    [quote ="SoulBrotha"]
    Good and very educational article I must say. Now only if I can organize something like this in Ontario.

    i'd go if it was free. :lol: Just kidding, I love sex but not that much. Twelve men in one night? no thanks, i have no desire to walk bo-legged. lol
  17. nobledruali

    nobledruali Moderator

    [quote ="SoulBrotha"]
    Good and very educational article I must say. Now only if I can organize something like this in Ontario.

    Hey SB ask Lana Love:smt118 . She's from Canada & loves black men to say the least. I'm sure she can help you out! :wink:
  18. hellspawn72

    hellspawn72 Member

    As fascinating as this practice is, I've never been a huge fan of any dude sitting back and watching his wife/girlfriend getting "done" by ANY guy, much less with this IR angle. But what's more troubling is the question posed towards the end as the author briefly asks what this does for the state of race relations. CAn't be good because the black guys are all hanging out amongst themselves and the white people left are at the pool. Straight up segregation.

    I understand it's all fantasy, but it's pretty messed up how they all would look the other way if they were to run into one another at the mall. Protecting private lives is one thing. But it just seems so much more emotionless when the racial element is envolved.
  19. Shaft

    Shaft New Member


    I personally find those swinger articles disrespectful and shameful to college-educated black males like me who respect themselves. It gives the impression that black males are so desperate to hook up with women just because they are white, to the point where they would stoop to unbelievable lows. Anyway, more power to those who choose to pursue this kind of lifestyle.
  20. Iffy'swifey

    Iffy'swifey New Member

    How offensive was the banner for "Queen of Spades"!

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