What do you think about French women??

Discussion in 'The Attraction Between White Women and Black Men' started by Celine, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Celine

    Celine New Member

    Hello, I am a French woman, 34 years old and having always dated white. Recently in a dinner out with friends a black American guy told me that black American men love French ladies, specially the very classy beautiful ladies with "brains" like I am supposed to be.

    I am not specially interested in black men and I already have a boyfriend so no mp and no propositions of any kind please. It's just a simple question.

    All your thoughts and commentaries will be welcomed.


    AAYUSLASH New Member

    Emmmm i dont know about him
    but i date women on the basis of their personality(ok and looks)
    not because they belong to a certain nationality
  3. diamondlife

    diamondlife New Member

    I've made some interesting observations and I've come to the conclusion that this website is blue like the oceans and the seas and I feel as though I'm a hungry fish. As I glance up ashore, I see a line attached to a hook with a helpless worm dangling from it.
  4. Kev

    Kev New Member

    I have always heard that it was the other way around.
    Someone told me that French women liked black American men but not black guys from countries in Africa. ????????

    I doubt that nationality has much to do with it.

    I think people are people in the end.
  5. Celine

    Celine New Member

    Oh, really? :wink:

    Without doubt we don't move in the same circles. No offense intended but those poor crazy women going around looking for exoticism... honestly I would be really amazed they could be interesting for anybody.


    AAYUSLASH New Member

    very interesting

    AAYUSLASH New Member


    i am curious as to why a self-confessed non BM lover is posting at this site? are you sure about your present tastes in men ????

    :? :? :? :? :wink: :wink: :roll:

    or are you seeking answers for something else :?: :?:
  8. Celine

    Celine New Member

    As I already said, I was just curious about what you, black American men, are looking for into a woman.

    For instance, I have known lots of men who are apparently looking for a "smart woman with personality" and when eventually they find one they are so afraid that they run away, other men are just and merely "collectors" of easy women putting up quantity over quality, so let's say I was interested to see if you really love the "beautiful classy lady" kind or it was just a bluff of our friend.



    AAYUSLASH New Member

    I cant speak for all BM, but most women i have dated have very high IQs and are beautiful in character and looks,
    its not just about the booty call,well is it when your a teenager,
    but as you get older things change
  10. Kev

    Kev New Member

    I lean towards classy and smart of any nationality.
    I have a real attraction to white women but she needs to be far more than just a white woman to get my attention.

    I hope that helps you.
  11. 7Seven

    7Seven New Member

    These days, beauty and intelligence are an oxymoron, they just do not coexists.
  12. lainarain

    lainarain New Member

    In men also?
  13. 7Seven

    7Seven New Member

    :lol: I do not know many women describing men as "beautiful", in fact, there isn't much of literature from women describing the "beauty" of men, if any at all. My conclusion is, women are unsure of what is "beautiful" male with the hive mind complex and all. For men, by the majority, it is pretty clear Lainarain! Which begs the question really -- what IS a beautiful man? What IS an intelligent man?
  14. LA

    LA Well-Known Member

    I think of French women the same way I think of American. They're just women. Are French women special? I don't seem to think so.
  15. fly girl

    fly girl New Member

    Here is your answer short and sweet and honest.

    There is no one thing all black men are looking for any more than there is one thing white men are looking for. Black men are individuals and they each have their own wants, needs, and desires. No different than any other men.

    Honestly, I see you as being no different than the men who come here and post questions about their big black cocks. Both you and them are looking for an ego stroke.

    Diamondlife hit the nail on the head with the fish analogy.
  16. Celine

    Celine New Member

    I don't know if we are special or not, honestly I think it could be possible. All in all, French cuisine is not the same thing as Macdonalds and Burgerkings, isn't it? :wink:

    "Honestly, I see you as being no different than the men who come here and post questions about their big black cocks. Both you and them are looking for an ego stroke.

    Diamondlife hit the nail on the head with the fish analogy."

    Oh, really? :cry:

    Kev and Aayuslash thank you for your answers.


    AAYUSLASH New Member

    your welcome, have fun on the site if you chose to visit again
  18. lainarain

    lainarain New Member

    Gasp! Most women cannot find beauty in a man?!? Most women may not adore men! As much as a man likes to watch a woman, I enjoy watching men. I love to observe them walk, lick their lips, rub their head. A perfect place to watch men is at a coffee shop on a Sunday morning as he is sipping his drink and reading the newspaper. That...is beautiful.

    As for a measure of beauty or intelligence in men? It's irrelevant. It varies from woman to woman. If you are saying that men, in contrast, would agree on whether a woman is beautiful/intelligent, I would agree.
  19. 7Seven

    7Seven New Member

    Beauty is often most titillated from a form of expression, for instance, art and poetry; beauty and intelligence is relevant to men Lairnarain. Alas, no point of reference describes men in that same light, so we agree. That is why I say to use both, to describe any one women in the same sentence is an oxymoron, for something like that does not exist in reality and there is no reference to that which describes men in the same light.
  20. lainarain

    lainarain New Member

    Your flattery, 7Seven...is irresistible. Then I choose beauty. I beautiful woman with a clever secret of intelligence is a role I may play. Beauty is more difficult to hide.

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