Where are the P.A.W.G.s?

Discussion in 'How To Meet White Women and Black Men' started by DJ Fukalya, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. DJ Fukalya

    DJ Fukalya New Member

    Is there a P.A.W.G. presence on this board?
  2. wtarshi

    wtarshi Moderator

    go to the mens locker room dj
  3. DJ Fukalya

    DJ Fukalya New Member

    Thank you!! :hug:
  4. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

  5. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    what is pawg
  6. Liquid Swords

    Liquid Swords New Member

    "Phat ass white girl" I believe.
  7. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator

    Or "Pretty Ass White Girl".

    It's a win-win situation either way.:smt045
  8. goodlove

    goodlove New Member


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