White women from small towns and interracial

Discussion in 'Conversations Between White Women and Black Men' started by Torque, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Torque

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    I had always assumed that white women who grew up in major diverse cities were more open to interracial dating. But lately it seems like women who grew up in small towns that were virtually all-white, are increasingly becoming open and intrigued by the notion of dating black men.

    Just one case in point.

    I recently was at a friend's house party and met this absolute stunner. She grew up in a small town in Indiana, went to a big 10 college, and just moved to the city for a job in advertising. She's my ideal physical type: about 5'7'', natural blonde, blue eyes, big natural boobs, tanned skin, wide hips and big toned thighs but a flat stomach. I was absolutely floored when I saw her. I of course assumed that I had no shot because she looked like the type who only dated fratty white guys. I just talked to her, made jokes, and was totally relaxed around her. Much to my shock, as people were leaving, she asked for my number and said that we should hang out.

    WTF! I was pretty excited but played it cool. I later told my friend about this, who knows this girl rather well. And she said that this girl actually told her in private several times that she's never dated a black man but am really curious about doing so.

    Question for the brothers. Is stuff like this becoming more common? Are the typical "all-american" blonde women now getting more comfortable with dating us?
  2. blackbrah

    blackbrah Well-Known Member

    It's Obama's fault.:wink:
  3. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    I don't know brotherman. Just date the woman and see how it goes.
  4. GQ Brotha

    GQ Brotha New Member

    Reading this reminds me of a blonde soccer chick I deal with in college.

    She had those nice soccer legs you see on white girls who play the sport.

    Personally it still comes back to the individual guy. If you know how to deal with women and she is feeling you she will let you know and go from there.

    Don't over analyze it just do your thing bro.
  5. The Dark King

    The Dark King Well-Known Member

    The vast majority of girls Ive dated were from small towns. Dont let the hype fool you homie
  6. Loki

    Loki Well-Known Member

    My wife is from a town of 400 people, doesn't get much smaller than that.
  7. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator


    Small town WW are the last untapped resource.
  8. GirlieGirl74

    GirlieGirl74 New Member

    I believe you are tapping it, aren't you? ;)
  9. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano Moderator

    Once again you've rendered me speechless.:smt005
  10. GirlieGirl74

    GirlieGirl74 New Member

    :smt042 I just figured you were doing your part to help tap into that natural resource. ;)
  11. GFunk

    GFunk Well-Known Member

    TS and GG back in full force. All is well on the forum now. :eek:
  12. bmanz

    bmanz Member

    People are people... Prejudging is way over rated and you'll be surprised. Good luck and let us know how it goes...
  13. GirlieGirl74

    GirlieGirl74 New Member

    :smt042 Seeing you back on the board has made it feel like old times. I'm ready for a west coast marathon in the 'What song are you listening to?' thread. ;)
  14. Brittney

    Brittney Moderator

    As a small town girl who lives in IN. I've been attracted to BM since I was a pretty young teen (27 now), and for being mostly a loner homebody in a small town (less than 10,000), I still know and see quite a few interracial couples around here. So, yeah, I'd say it's pretty safe not to assume that any more. :)
  15. buglerroller

    buglerroller Well-Known Member

    They two summed it up.

    If anything there is a difference between east and west coast small towns, either way if your fresh you get what you want without trying as you have witnessed by her asking you for your number.
  16. MixedCalifornian

    MixedCalifornian Active Member

    I to have had more IR with women from small towns. This was the case even when I lived in Los Angeles before attending college.
  17. GQ Brotha

    GQ Brotha New Member


    Exactly, if you're a cool dude with good vibes, the ladies can feel that and take a fancy to it.

    Then its up to you to treat them right. :D
  18. The Real Me

    The Real Me New Member

    I kinda learned the opposite. Small town girls seemed less cliquish. Ask one of them brothaz that grew up in a small town how hard they had it. They may be makin out like bandits!
  19. Iggy

    Iggy Banned

    Just have game & you'll most likely get laid. It ain't rocket science boys.
  20. andreboba

    andreboba Well-Known Member

    It still comes down to the girl and the guy. The difference nowadays compared to 25_years ago IMO is that there isn't that at times crushing social pressure and stigma placed on WW who pursue IR relationships.

    More people are like 'whatever.'

    There are still that gang of bigots who can't deal, but I feel that WW of all ages are freer socially than generations past.

    Being involved in an BM/WW relationship in the 1960s and '70s was damn near a political statement and and act of conscience. WW risked being almost totally ostracized from their social circle and immediate family.

    For the most part, it's nowhere near that dicey being in an IR relationship today.

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