Why Mature White Women Love Black Men

Discussion in 'Conversations Between White Women and Black Men' started by creolelad2009, Apr 5, 2012.

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    I just had to write about this subject. No one on here is talking about it; however, this is happening in droves all across America and the world over. More and more mature, 50+ white women are gravitating towards black men. Not because of the sexual prowess we obviously possess, but because we make them actually feel younger. That "taboo" they were taught to accept and demonize years ago back in the 1960s and 1970s when they were young is now being destroyed by today's landscape of diversity. Not mention, websites ran by mature women who sex us men are all over the web. It's actually a wonderful thing and very beautiful. Having a mature lady named Lola finally get her first BBC from a young brother and then falling in love with him.Yes, there are mature women and young black men involved romantically out there. The myth of racism in the minds of mature white women is something they've lived with for their entire lives. Not that they never wanted a black man, but that they were highly mis-educated about us. And then they find out the truth and are changed forever. So, without further ado, here are reasons why mature white ladies fall in love with brothers;

    1) stronger, assured, long-lasting relationships,

    2) sexual prowess of brothers (like me),

    3) chivalry factor (i.e. opening the door, taking coat off ladies)

    4) realistic and effective communication between the two,

    5) mature ladies feel a lot younger and happier,

    6) mature ladies' sexual potential is finally realized (i.e. provocative dressing)

    I'm sure that there are more reasons, so feel free to add to it.

  2. Nebula J

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    Wish I could contribute

    but I wouldn't know anything about the quinquagenarians, sir
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    Man, you......................

    Never mind. It's not even worth my time.
  5. andreboba

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    It's all about compatibility.
    Who makes you feel desirable?? Who makes you feel beautiful??

    And this goes for BM as well. When you feel you've been denied something most of your adult life because of cultural and social taboos, the desire for that something doesn't wane, it just becomes dormant.

    IMO American society has literally fought wars to keep BM and WW apart from each other.

    That right there is going to create a powerful curiosity on both sides to find out what all the fuss is about.lol
  6. Archman

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    Even if you feel you know enough to share in this area...................Somethings are better left un-said.....................
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    You're not far off at all bro. There is something to that.
  8. Ches

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    This one time

    A while ago when I was around 17 I went to this big house party in this really rich neighborhood called Blackhawk and this older white woman (who was my moms age) hit on me in front of her kids (who were my age) and it made me feel so uncomfortable hahaha. She was ok for a 50 year old woman with a nose and boob job. She tried to take me to her room upstairs and told me, "You know whats up". She said I reminded her of someone she knew when she went to parties in Oakland in the 70's XD!!
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    I met a mature women at a bar yesterday, 23 years older than me (I'm 25 and she was 48) She is greatly smitten over me and treats me like royalty after 1 freakin day. I'm so spoiled.
  12. Bliss

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    You poor thing. That was very disrespectful of her. What a sleaze bucket. Her kids should have put her in the corner on time-out.
  13. GFunk

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    God damn. She was a little kid partying with mofos?
  14. christine dubois

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    women like that are a catastrophe:smt045
  15. rdubya86

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    Yeah that woman was really weird haha. She was definitely one of those real housewives type. I can barely recall but I think she got in trouble for sleeping with one of her son's friends, who was under age.
  16. GQ Brotha

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    Wouldn't be surprising from the sound of her style. :)
  17. 4north1side2

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    You lost.

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