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    Hello everyone this is my first post on, my current situation is that I am 18 and planning on going to college soon, I am narrowing my choices down, and it seems that I will be in 1 of 2 major American Cities. Richmond, VA, and Chicago IL. My current situation is peculiar however as a live in a small town in the deep south plagued with racism. I have always loved white women and I know I could treat them better than their many of their white counter parts, but I'm a little hesitant having lived in my town for the last 4 years. How do I meet white women in a major city, as a dark skinned black man, and do I still need to worry about racism as I am starting to lose hope at interracial love.

    Thanks a ton,
    Any advice welcome.
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    :lol: nice
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    So that's how a guy gets your attention. Good to know:)
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    Lol, there's lots of ways to get my attention. Just thought the grocery store thing was cute. Although, a guy that wouldn't know how to make spaghetti.... hmm. :p Could probably tell that he was using it to strike up a conversation.

    Obviously you don't go to the lingerie/boxer thread, I'm 100% woman :smt081
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    it's all good :p :smt023
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    Richmond is a pretty cool area for diversity, but I'm not sure how open women are towards interracial dating down there. Luckily, if you do end up in Richmond you'll be almost an hour away from Norfolk, VA / VA Beach, which, like any beach area, is filled with people who are open to dating people of different backgrounds.
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    Just ask, Silly

    I understand how you feel. I have wanted to hook up with black men, But I believe it can be hard sometimes. Lets take a hypothetical...lets say your at a bar or club. You see a white woman you like with her friends. A good idea is to ask to borrow something like a cellphone for a "Phone call" from the girl you like. THAT makes her HAVE to notice you. Watch her while you make the call and after you go back to where you were. If shes really interested she'll look at you a few times and smile.
    If she does that you NEED to move in. Be firm and confident. All women like that. Be polite and maybe crack a few jokes. If you think you hit it off tell a kinda corny joke no one would really laugh at. If she laughs it's a good sign. She might touch your arm or twirl her hair a bit as well. If she does youre gold.
    And don't worry about it. There are plenty of white women looking for a guy like you. Trust me. The white "boys" can just get over it. ;)
    Hope that helped. :)
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    I remember watching that very episode of leave it to beaver on summer break.

    Just be who u really are. Women of all kinds of color appreciate that more than a fake reason to get their attention or corny jokes no one thinks is funny. If the dis you because of your skin color you don't want to be with them anyway.
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    Very Interesting Advice to take note of.

    No wonder cellphones were invented.:smt003
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    Start with "hello".
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    And how many women have you had to approach in your life again? lol

    If it works it can't be wrong right?
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    Mikey 2.0?
  16. wtarshi

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    i couldn't handle that. hell, the site couldn't handle that
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    Nations would crumble. Galaxies would collapse...
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    Wow, you are 18...Only a few years older than my son! lol. You are a young one! Anyway, in a major city, it should be a lot easier to talk to WW. How about start with a smile first? If she smiles back at you, then you can initiate conversation...:)
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    "excuse but I'm making spagehetti for the first time tonight which sauce to recommend that I use"

    I'm so using this.

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