bring your babies to work?

Discussion in 'Getting Ahead: Careers, Finance and Productivity' started by goodlove, Aug 11, 2015.

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  2. RaiderLL

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    My mom used to bring me to work only out of necessity (sitter sick). She'd put blankets in a chart cart and keep me next to her station (she worked in a hospital). Never fly nowadays lol. As a boss, I'm not a fan of people having their children at their work area (even if I worked in a different field I wouldn't be for this). Too much distraction for focused work. I'm a huge proponent of large companies offering onsite daycare though. It'd decrease absences and increase emp sat.
  3. Cherok33

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    Totally agree, Raider.

    I think it's ok on an as needed basis because not everyone has the luxury of on-site daycare or an emergency back up plan.

    On site childcare is a great idea and would benefit everyone. When you bring a small child to work, productivity decreases.

    As a single parent I struggled with sick little ones for many years and I was in the military so I had no choice but to have a backup plan. It certainly would've given me peace of mind to have on-site childcare available to me, but when your child is sick you really don't have many options.

    Nowadays, some have the luxury of teleworking which is nice.
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    Couldn't of said it better myself Raider and Cherok33...
  5. goodlove

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    I think it would be ok until the child starts to walk and then they need to go to daycare

  6. Bug

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    I had to bring Spence to work when he was a baby quite a few times, but it was a case of that or I can't go.

    Now normally the area manager would have said an absolute no....but I was only contracted to do two Saturdays a month and I tended to end up working every single Saturday (6 day week) and these were the hardest to find care for as his Creche was Mon-Fri

    I used to have him in his buggy or travel cot in the Hire desk/ office area and I found it quite easy to handle TBH I would make sure all my workshop and storage stuff was update before the weekend and he was a hit with the builders especially the regulars who knew why he was brought to work in the first place lol
  7. GFunk

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    If it's lunch time in the office yeah. During work time, leave their ass with the sitter. Especially if your job requires thinking.
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    I'm not with it, kids drive me crazy

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