British Conservatives line up Black politician for next Prime Minister

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chamber, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. chamber

    chamber Active Member

    Black MP is hot tip to be the next Tory leader

    Adam Afriyie grew up in poverty in Peckham, southeast London

    A SECRET operation is under way to propel a black Tory MP to the party leadership amid signs that David Cameron’s referendum pledge on the European Union will not revive Conservative fortunes.

    Adam Afriyie, a self-made multimillionaire, is being groomed as a surprise candidate to succeed the prime minister if Cameron fails to deliver a majority in 2015.

    More than 100 Tory MPs have been approached about whether they would support a bid by the Windsor MP, who has an eight-strong team in place. A covert campaign to line him up for the leadership has been under way for at least three months.

    A friend said: “The team are well organised. They are very concerned about the long-term future of the party and believe Adam is the future. He has a fantastic back story and is very impressive".


  2. Blacktiger2005

    Blacktiger2005 Well-Known Member

    I wish we could have a million like him in this country. This so-called black leadership in politics, the church, and communities in the U.S. need to be cleaned out and started over again.
  3. Gorath

    Gorath Well-Known Member

    We have men like these in this country but I think they are in they military, clergy or legal field. Some are moderately wealthy but not famous. I agree that the black community has to ween itself from the hip-hop persona. Education is your salvation.
  4. Ra

    Ra Well-Known Member

    You can always tell black people who don't spend time in black communities because they are always going on about "the black leadership". Reality Check: There has not been anything resembling "Black Leadership" in the Black Community since the end of the Civil Rights era. If there were, the black community would have been able to put up far more resistance to the rise of the gang and drug culture when it started to blow up. That lack of leadership is exactly why that culture was able to take whole in the black community with the fervor it did in the first place.
  5. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    LOL. what you guys are talking about is a whole different discussion....but Its a good one to have.

    as far as this dude is concerned ...good luck to him
  6. Ra

    Ra Well-Known Member

    Yeah it is. That's why I don't even know why he brought up "the Black Community" as it has nothing to do with a "black conservative" in Europe since that's a whole different animal compared to a "black conservative" in America.
  7. Morning Star

    Morning Star Well-Known Member


  8. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    I will believe it when Cameron steps down. So far he is just a face in the making. I remember a Black man running for Tory MP years back and he lost. Wished he could jump to New Labour and then run for leader of the party.
  9. Caerdydd

    Caerdydd Active Member

    This guy has only just recently just been mentioned, he is quoted as saying that he has no interest in taking the Tory leadership. Which in British politics can mean just that or the complete opposite, our British politicians are a strange bunch.

    Ill be watching this guy with interest if he does makes his way even further up the Tory party ranks.
  10. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Caerdydd,was he mentioned in the Voice newspaper?
  11. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    LOL. MS...str8n up dude plz

    TERRASTAR18 Well-Known Member

  13. Caerdydd

    Caerdydd Active Member

    I wouldn't know as I have never read it.
  14. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    Did you find a newsstand that sell the Black London paper? I know there is got to be a Black newspaper in the UK besides The Voice.
  15. Blacktiger2005

    Blacktiger2005 Well-Known Member

    How large a black population does the UK have and do they have political clout in that country?
  16. Caerdydd

    Caerdydd Active Member

    The Black population is small here and so no we don't have political clout, it should also be mentioned Britain doesn't have race politics like the US. I would say that the bigger debates here are that of culture and national identity rather than colour of skin.
  17. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    There were a few time race politics were in play like Enoch Powell's "River of Blood" speech,Maggie Thatcher's attitude toward the Brixton riots,the Notting Hill riots of 1958,and the Stephen Lawrence killing.
  18. Blacktiger2005

    Blacktiger2005 Well-Known Member

    I applaud you and your fellow citizens in the UK. You seem to have more sense in recognizing the importance of preserving your culture and national identity than this country that is in a state of decline by litterly giving the country away. We have no sense of importance in this country anymore. We are the next Roman Empire in decline from within.
  19. Caerdydd

    Caerdydd Active Member

    Rivers of Blood was a very different Britain and so was the Britain during the Thather era.

    The Stephen Lawerence murder was horrific, thuggish and racist pure and simple. However the case that followed was as much as about Police corruption and incompetence as it was about institutional racism.

    There are race related problems here but they are nothing compared to most nations, but race is never used as a vote winner here. Its ironic and a bit comical as immigration IS an issue over here. So you get some native whites (small minded Brits) bitching about foreign whites (Eastern Europeans).
  20. Caerdydd

    Caerdydd Active Member

    We are far from perfect and many here feel the same way about the UK, I personally feel that we still have a national identity and culture. Its just the fact that it has transformed drastically over the decades and that pisses some people off.

    Britain had an empire that was arguably much greater in power, and quite considerably than the Roman one and even that fell like a sack of shit eventually. America in decades to come might have to deal with being a former super power like many European nations.

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