Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ra, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Ra

    Ra Well-Known Member

  2. ColiBreh1

    ColiBreh1 Well-Known Member

    He deserves to be in the museum, coon or not.
  3. Skaddix

    Skaddix Active Member

    Meh only if the Thurgood Marhsall Statute is kicking his ass.

    I bet good money Clarence Statue gets vandalized.
  4. medullaslashin

    medullaslashin Well-Known Member

    He deserves to be literally put in a museum. The actual dude (not a statue), behind glass, like the fuckin monkey he is... He was scalia's bitch. Fuck thomas.
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  5. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    I want to see Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Dr Mark Dean (IBM) in the museum.
  6. Soscean

    Soscean Member

    Why put an exhibit of someone who consistently objects to being an African-American in an African American museum? Yeah ok, the Rachael Dolzal of the Supreme Court.

    Here is the Exhibit, enjoy -______________-
  7. Ra

    Ra Well-Known Member

    He doesn't deserve to be in there, but for a fair and objective representation of Black history & achievement, I see why he had to be added.
  8. flaminghetero

    flaminghetero Well-Known Member

    Being a tool of White supremacy is hardly an achievement.

    Jews (or any other race worth a shit)don't honor their sell-outs nor should we.
  9. Ra

    Ra Well-Known Member

    Which "race" is worth a shit?
  10. flaminghetero

    flaminghetero Well-Known Member

    The ones that put traitors on blast..surely not the ones that honor them.
  11. Ra

    Ra Well-Known Member

    Thomas being in this museum is putting his ass on blast. It's an example of what not to do if you are a black person elevated to a position of power and you fail to not only do anything to elevate your community but also society as a whole.

    But of course we can always continue to do the shit white folks do and candy coat/white wash/just ignore when any of our people do fuck shit and say it's everyone else's fault when/why shit is fucked up.
  12. flaminghetero

    flaminghetero Well-Known Member

    Maybe we should have a coon museum and dedicate an entire wing to that shuffling sambo.:D

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