Detroit's Mayoral Race: Half running are convicted Felons

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bliss, Aug 3, 2017.

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    So with Kwame Kilpatrick in jail, is its wonderful legacy moving towards repeat?

    The convict candidates: HALF of the hopefuls running for Detroit mayor have records for range of crimes including attempted murder, assault and drug possession :eek:


    Half of the candidates for Detroit mayor are convicted felons.

    Four of the eight hopefuls who hope to face off in the election on November 7 have been busted on various felony crimes including attempted murder, assault, weapons and drug charges according to the Detroit News.

    Two of the candidates, Donna Marie Pitts, and Danetta L. Simpson, were both charged with attempted murder.

    Mayoral hopeful Pitts, 58, exchanged fire with the owner of a collision shop in a dispute over a repair bill.

    Pitts in 1987 was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison after a jury convicted her of the lesser offense of assault. She ended up serving four years and eight months behind bars.

    Before that in 1977, Pitts was convicted of receiving and concealing a stolen 1977 Oldsmobile. She completed a year of probation.

    Simpson, 46, has a 1996 felony conviction for assault with attempt to murder. She claims she was wrongfully convicted.

    Her conviction stemmed from an incident with a woman who was living with the father of her two children. An altercation ensued where the woman claimed Simpson shot at her but missed.

    Simpson served a year probation.

    Candidate Curtis Christopher Greene, 32, was charged with a felony at age 19 after police say he eluded them during an attempted traffic stop. He was also charged with delivering and growing marijuana in the incident.

    Greene was sentenced to 18 months probation, but violated that probation in 2005 after being busted for passing fraudulent checks. He was sentenced to six months in jail according to the report out by the Detroit News.

    Candidate Articia Bomer, 45, was approached by police while she was sitting in her parked car. Police searched the vehicle and found a .38 caliber pistol with four live rounds.

    Bomer claims the gun was not hers. She was convicted in 2009 and sentenced to a year of probation.

    The primary for the eight candidates is Tuesday, the field will be whittled down to the final two who will face off in the November election.

    ( Don't worry, Philthadelphia's Dem politics is rife with corruption too, from our Congressman ( and his son), to our State A.G to our Philly D.A... All in jail.)
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    They can't all be money launderers.

    Are convicted felons ineligible to run for city office?? If not, let the voters decide.

    Nowadays, I simply cannot fake outrage that a certain candidate doesn't represent the stature and ideals of the office he or she is seeking.

    For example, our current POTUS is 'in love' with a former KGB chief and gangster/kleptocrat, is married to his 3rd wife who posed nude as a model, and we're beginning to find out he may have been involved in laundering money for the Russian mafia and oligarchs.

    If that's the new standard for POTUS, who really cares if a mayoral candidate for Detroit has a criminal record?
    Based on the sentences most of them received which looks like mostly probation, the crimes weren't considered that serious by the courts.
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    My pops and I are at odds on this one. He thinks the city would be in better hands with a black mayor. But, mayor Duggan is doing a good job from what I can tell. Yes, there is gentrification going on, but that's what happens when cities begin to come back. Rents are going to go up. I don't see any of those four being able to do anything but fail. And, knowing Detroit voters, that's who they'll elect. One of those four. You'd think they'd learned something after Kwame.

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