do black women not like ww/bm together?

Discussion in 'Dealing with Prejudice' started by missykins, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Misery loves company. I don't think really together women/men care what any guy/gal is doing because they can attract whomever they choose.
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    Bw in South Africa

    From my personal experience bw are the worst, one of my housemates who is dating a wm has gone out of her way to try and destroy my life. Apart from being a hypocrite, she goes out of her way to try and inconvenience me as much she can. She steals my food, locks the sliding door from the inside etc. First she tried to convince me that I was racist because I wasn't attracted to her. Then she tried to convince the ww who are my friends that I was racist. When that didn't work she tried lying about me and trying to make me feel guilty with the usual arguements bw make. One night when she thought I was too drunk to remember she accused me of trying to rape her and wanted to use it to gain power over me. Her story changed 3 times then it became "I may have overreacted because I was raped before."

    I wish this was an isolated incident, but it wasn't, whenever a bw sees me with a ww, they will give me looks and sometimes even interupt our conversation. The ww don't wanna be called racist so they allow it whereas I have no time for that. 2 bw arrived at my house with one of them suggesting that I should date her friend instead of ww I was seeing.

    4 bw have tried to use witchcraft on me over the past year. Regardless of whether it's real or not, just the idea of someone trying to do such a thing puts me off. Bw go out at night specifically to cockblock bm and ww I and my friends have noticed it and have developed a system to prevent it, it's gotten that bad.

    I'm sick of them because they make these guilt and shaming arguments to force bm into dating them. Your mom is black, you've lost your roots etc. In general they treat bm poorly at least where I live and expect us to put up with it. They will talk about how attractive some wm is then in the same breath condemn bm for doing the same. I've also noticed a trend of bw trying to get knocked up by my friends who date both black and white. Deliberately getting pregnant to baby trap them. It's not racism it's bw, it's unpleasant to be around them but they don't want to change. Some listen to my advice and other who cannot accept the truth or responsibility try to destroy me.

    I think it's pathetic that bw behave like this. Are you/they really content with someone being with them so as to avoid being called a racist. Is it really okay to destroy someone's happiness just because your life sucks? How sad is that.

    Being completely honest I noticed that I wasn't attracted to bw when I was 10 and I know that I'm not alone on this, more and more bm are starting to be more vocal about it. Some don't even understand it. A friend of mine who only dates bw says that racism has made him not attracted to bw but he still dates them. He told me that it takes a while for him to find bw attractive that he has to consciously try. For me it's the same as a gay man. You wouldn't judge a gay man for not liking you, he is just not attracted to you and I am the same.

    Bw are just jealous of ww end of story. Never dated a bw and never will. This is not hate speech, if you can see it, it's advice and my opinion.
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    No, you are not hateful. Perhaps, very bitter from your experiences.

    I understand the feeling.

    It makes one wonder what's the use in living if one cannot be happy?

    I had been through what you experienced(except the the witchcraft).

    I have heard those comments, also. The silly questions and laughter behind my back.

    Yes, it hurts.

    After a while of looking into myself...very hard, I might add, I decided that I can't fight bw, or the whole damned world for that matter.

    In the end, it is about you and no one else. The only betrayal is to yourself. Be true to yourself.

    Your bitterness will hurt you someday if unchecked. You might take out your frustration on someone who doesn't deserve it.

    Be yourself. Don't be someone's fool.

    Don't let anger dominate you.
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    I honestly thought only american BW made that argument. Interesting
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    You should have known better.

    An timer told me long ago that the bw IS the wm's woman.

    It didn't me long to learn how right he was.
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    LOL, I've heard similar. BW (especially particularly Black feminists) HATE & want to replace WW. But yet, they take their cues from WW. For example I saw someone bring up a good point about the fake outrage controversy about Mike Coulter having a White Wife. The best way for a regular working BM to attract BW is by getting a white woman. All sudden BW who weren't checking for you before, will now care about you.
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    You ok? Lol
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    I need a drink
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    Me too!
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    Worst part of it is that you're not their first choice but they want you to make them your first choice. BW have some other level of ego, but I don't understand where it comes from.
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    That picture says it all.
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    I can say the quite the opposite as a BM born and raised in South Africa. I had a WW American girlfriend. We met in South Africa she was an exchange student, and we hit it on. She came back a year later to visit me. She was getting those looks from our age and younger BW but the older woman like it, they even gave her a Xhosa name,which is my native language. Her name was Mbali(Rose). She was renting an apartment in a neighborhood which is 100% black.
    One day we went to a mall, every WW where giving those looks, I mean nasty looks. One WW came to us speak to her in Afrikaans and she said she don't understand what she was saying. She said, there were no white guys that you throw yourself to a black man. I was right next to her, she didn't call her aside or something. None of that, right in front of my eyes. She said I can be with who ever I want to be. She couldn't believe it.
    Two years later a friend of mine a BW who was dating my friend a WM who is German, she told me excactly the same story, that a white woman came to them asked the guy that there were no White woman that he can date a black girl.
    That's my experience.
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    There are very few South African BM in this forum if I'm not the only one, so people don't know the side of blacks in South Africa especially black man like me and my friends who are willing to date WW but because of racism they couldn't even get close to say hi.
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    ^SA seems really racist
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    It is racist Preiod.
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    I think the older generations are just happy to see integration, its the younger ones that are the problem. It also depends on where you live. I'm between Cape Town and the Eastern Cape. Where do you live?
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    I haven't seen any different so far but older black woman liked the idea of myself having a ww. I'm from Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Now I'm living in DC. I have a bad experience with older ww, but I'm not holding anyone for it.

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