Elena's Models - Good Resource for African American men?

Discussion in 'The International Perspective' started by OakParkIllini, May 4, 2015.

  1. OakParkIllini

    OakParkIllini New Member

    Greetings gentlemen. I just joined this site today and I must say I'm impressed with the wealth of knowledge and advice I've seen here. Recently I joined Elena's Models because I am looking for a good Ukrainian or Russian women to be my wife. My question is, have any of you used Elena's Models? And if so, did it prove to be helpful in finding your soul mate? Thanks
  2. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    I have not but,maybe some member did. Hope you find the ones who loves brothers.
  3. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    naw man....i keep it local
  4. smoothtalk

    smoothtalk Member

    No need to keep it local, but at the same time, definitely there`s no need to spend thousands of dollars just to score a trophy wife.

    Unless you are OK with marrying someone just because of the green card you can give her...lets be honest here.

    Go across the border to Canada, go to Europe, New Zealand, Australia and you can find someone who is really into you, there`s a lot of WW who genuinely appreciate the black men.

    Work out ( mind and body ) save some money and that`s it
  5. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    Miami has more Russians than Russia, and it's about $900 cheaper.
  6. MixedCalifornian

    MixedCalifornian Active Member

    LOL I would say better to approach women in person or better just to go find a Russian that has spent a long time in the Us and can actually speak English. Do not waste money on websites. Also I am pretty sure there is a free dating website in Russia that normal people actually use.
  7. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    real talk

  8. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    seriously though.....dudes are really lacking social skills in getting a woman (im not saying im some romeo but i darn do ok).

    dudes need to be giving real advice to dudes so they can do fine. especially in keeping themselves away from snakes (karrine steffans)
  9. Gorath

    Gorath Well-Known Member

    Elena's Models is a very legitimate company. They are constantly on the lookout for scammers one both sides. You have to pay a pretty penny to fully enjoy the site. The women are beautiful and they seem genuine. Elena's Models not only has Russian and Ukrainian women, but just about every woman from Europe and Asia. Their office is in Australia. If you can find these women here in this country, it is all good. They are here in South Florida. They like the weather here. But I suggest that you use caution with these sites.
  10. K

    K Well-Known Member

    Maybe "dudes" should be asking women for advice on how to get a woman, instead of "dudes"
  11. Gorath

    Gorath Well-Known Member

    The problem with that is a woman can only speak for herself, and not for every woman because every woman is different. As it is said in the bible, "The ways of a woman is not known." For that reason, men have to ask other men because it is to their benefit to bond and fellowship. That doesn't suggesting anything physical. Men want to share these things because, in their collective mindset, they are helping each other. They are encouraging and empowering each other. Because they understand the other man's pain. Women don't want to see a man in pain. They want to see a man at his best all the time because she wants to feed off his energy to pick herself up. Or she will be energized by knocking the man down.
    Not every man is a hero, or the most successful of people or whatever else. He is a man no matter what labels are put upon him. First, last and always.
  12. goodlove

    goodlove New Member

    yeah lets do that and then we can ask ISIS whats the best way to attack em.

    dont get me wrong a small group of women will sprinkle the info but will not spill the beans. they tell some things like "shes not into you" info.

    men will tell u str8 stuff like say it this way...dont spend that kind if money on her in the first month....u crazy.
  13. RaiderLL

    RaiderLL Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to tell these people lol. No one knows better what works, than a woman herself! My spidey sense guesses this will continue to fall on deaf ears tho (as I'm sure you're aware) ;)
  14. jaisee

    jaisee Moderator

    Horrible idea.
  15. K

    K Well-Known Member

    So lets think about this. Dude goes and asks his "dudes". Are said "dudes" actually successful in relationships? Do they have what dude is wanting to find for himself in his own life? If so, great have at it. But just as I see lots of women asking other women about how to deal with men, and usually they don't have a f'ing clue and do not or have not had the type of relationships the women are wanting who are asking the advice, dudes do the same. The only thing you are going to gain from asking the dudes who don't have what you want is what NOT to do. That can be valuable in itself, if you are smart enough to realize it's what you should NOT do rather than thinking it's what you should be doing.

    I don't recommend asking a group of women, I recommend asking several different women that you trust and you know have their head screwed on straight. When you get a group together (men or women) you aren't going to get what you are wanting. Again, it's got some value, if you pay attention.

    But then we can give you all sorts of insights and answers and if you just keep doing the same shit or do what you want to hear rather than the real deal, that's on you.
  16. K

    K Well-Known Member

    oook so fellowship with other men all you want. Commiserating with other men who have no idea how to have what it is you are wanting is not going to help you get what you want though. Are you wanting a man or are you wanting a woman?

    If you want to know how to make money are you going to go look to those who have made the money? or are you going to go to the ones who have all sorts of ideas and theories but haven't accomplished it?
  17. K

    K Well-Known Member

    Yes I know. Many people have a very tough time getting out of their own way in life. You can give them the manual and even read it to them, but often they will convince themselves it can't be that simple.
  18. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    This could be of help to men that are going thru a rough patch in a relationship, but you'll are talking about getting a woman for that this is bad advice.
  19. K

    K Well-Known Member

    So asking a bunch of men who don't have a woman how to get a woman (and keep her) is the smart way to go?
  20. Beasty

    Beasty Well-Known Member

    Keeping her is another subject in itself. (Stop trying to be slick lol)

    But in comparison to asking a bunch of women; asking men is smarter if your goal is to get a woman.

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