FAA Air Traffic Controller $120,000 a year, no degree or experience necessary.

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    That's one of the most high pressure jobs in the country.

    You fuck up and people die and you're going to federal prison.
    I've read there's a very high burnout rate for air traffic controllers, and what's fucked up is I think they earn more money than the pilots.lol
  3. 4north1side2

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  4. The Dark King

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    congrats fam
  5. DudeNY12

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    Nice! I hope it works out for you.
  6. Paniro187

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    If I were you and going for this position I would take all the swinging dick photos down off this site.

    Companies are really looking out for all that these days.
  7. 4north1side2

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    Thanks guys. I'm surprised that I got accepted for testing, I never expected to hear back from them.

    Paniro that is smart but I won't do it.
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    My boyfriend is an air traffic controller. The only downside is that you are put where there is vacancy not where you prefer to be, like hometowns. We both lived in NY and he had to move south.

    He enjoys the job. There are many different levels which range from less complex and smaller, a level 4 to extremely complex, a level 12 (think LAX, Atlanta, Chicago, NY, DC) and of course pay corresponds with the level of difficulty. If you don't start out at an extremely high level, it is magageable. He loves the job. Great pay, excellent benefits. Hard work though, lots of training and learning at first. Its also a very long process. He took the exam in 2013, was hired in 2014 and wasn't fully certified until 2016. You also have to go to Oklahoma to train. But I know they do have a shorage and it is a very good career.

    Best of luck if you do decide to go this route!
  9. Thump

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    I occasionally get small panic attacks just sorting the medications for my clients (a wrong pill at the wrong time could be very bad) I can't even imagine how anxious I would be making sure airplanes don't smash into each other. Good luck to anyone who has the nerves to do that job.

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