finding s soul mate in kenya

Discussion in 'The International Perspective' started by naija4real, May 6, 2011.

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  2. naija4real

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  3. archangel

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    Well it is what it is. You got to go to where all the men are to get a man. lol
  4. Soulthinker

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    I doubt you will see a White woman in that crowd.
  5. z

    z Moderator

    I am not interested in Kenyan woman, Thank you very much, unless of course she is a Brit descendent who lives there coz she loves Africa.
  6. Trey1540

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    They seem like nice girls but they're not my type.
  7. karmacoma.

    karmacoma. Well-Known Member

    LOL damn.

    APPIAH Well-Known Member

    I am sorry naija but this really doesn't help the already stereotypical morons(mostly black non-africans) in any way

    KENYANVISITOR Restricted

    Our women are simply reaping the bitter harvest of the Angry Black Woman Syndrome:they did everything they were told;be strong (get an attitude),put yourself first (worship yourself and your needs) be independent (turn men away).
    Ohh well! The price the simple minded women of an overly westernised country pays for imbibing all that Oprah! Luckily however,we're not yet a full cuntry.


    I agree with KENYANVISITOR on this one (very much so). I even asked my husband about this exact same thing and he said that is how Kenyan ladies are. That is why it taken him time to get a woman of his dreams, a woman who will depend on him and mostly stay at home, which happens to be a white and an American (it is a rarity that I am an American). Most white ladies that are married to Kenyan men are of European background.

  11. Sin Mari

    Sin Mari New Member

    A woman he can rule over, you mean? LOL Look, honestly, although a lot of Kenyan women are known to be after money and not much else, they are not (in my experience) as you describe. My husband is also Kenyan (Kikuyu) and I lived there last year. All the women I met were subserviant to their husbands (not something I agree on) and most were beaten by their men, so I don't see how anyone could think otherwise. In the city things are starting to change, but still, when it comes to marriage and family, being a wife and mother seems to rules in the minds of most Kenyan women, as far as I could see (from the women I met).

    Men were openly shocked that my husband wanted to be with a white woman because we have a reputation for NOT being passive, for doing our own thing, for having our own means of support and for not wanting to be just housewives (plus they think we're too sexual). topic :)

    How did you meet your husband? Were you working over there? Was he working in America? Kenya is an amazing place, part of me wishes I was still living there, but the lifestyle in my own country is much better. :smt110


    Sin Mari,

    I will live accordingly to my husband’s tradition (Ephesians 5:22). My husband mentioned that many Kenyan ladies are changing when it comes to roles. Most single Kenyan ladies are not submissive and that is why they are still single. Also, he mentioned that they can be dating four or five men at a given time. He calls this new change a social disorder. He says the problem with many Kenyan women is that they are being too independent from the man. Maybe this is because we are living in a city.

    I have been here in Kenya for five weeks. He says white women are known to be more faithful, honest, sincere, and of course sexual (they know how to love). The only small problem we ran into was with the man that married us (here in Kenya). He mentioned that it is RARE for an African man to be single (never married) at his age. It is RARE in Kenya, especially being from his social status (a RARITY). The man then was saying that this part of Kenya is a LOW-RISK fraud area (Kenya as a whole is low-risk), but is threatened due to the advertisements of green card lottery. His job is to prevent future fraud. Other words, he calmed down after I told him that I was going to stay in Mombasa (the man was just doing his job).
    My husband is a Luhya, and we will stay in Mombasa (coastal city in Kenya). Money will determine your lifestyle just about anywhere in this world. My husband and I go to the beach as we stay near the beach. This your question on how we met is interesting. My husband contacted me through a dating site ending of last July (hence, it was a month after I registered for this site). We started to communicate and he asked me a question if I was willing to relocate to Kenya. I told him that I was free to do so. I was a fresh new graduate who did not have any commitments that would tie me to America at the time. My husband has a PhD in energy. Within two weeks after he first contacted me he went to the airline and bought my ticket to come to Kenya and then I applied for my visa. I arrived in Kenya six weeks after our first contact. It was love-at-first-site. I also been to Nigeria, West Africa eight years ago (I am not new to Africa).
  13. Soulthinker

    Soulthinker Well-Known Member

    You hit it on the head ILAM,the ghost of the "Happy Valley Set" has not died since those WW over there go after any WM who lives or works in Kenya. Only the rich brothers or government officials get their pick as well because for example a WW who belongs to Doctors Without Boarders would not be hanging with a poor African man.
  14. z

    z Moderator

    Damn, six weeks after e-contact y'al are husband and wife? You traveled across the ocean to different culture and land to meet the man face to face for 1st time and POW, get married.

    LoL, and ppl say I move too fast, lmao.
  15. Sin Mari

    Sin Mari New Member

    So much about this worries me. I can't even begin.


    I must really be hanging out with the POOR African man with these following facts

    a) Having four cars (One for me after I get my drivers license, one for him,
    and the other two for sale)
    b) Living in a big estate
    c) Outings a couple times a week (outings that involve money)
    d) Buying food inside the same supermarket where foreigners shop
    e) Hot running water
    f) Internet Access for more than one computer inside house
    g) Health Insurance (around 5% of people here are insured)
    h) Househelp that comes to clean the big estate
    i) Will be traveling to other East African nations

    Ooops. I forgot to mention that around 20% of the people in my neighborhood are non-black-Kenyans.


    Its okay!


    You are close! Six weeks after e-contact we met, and 10 weeks after e-contact we got married.
  19. z

    z Moderator

    10 wks, damn, good luck in your marriage!

    BTW, How do you like Kenya so far?
    Are there still lots of Brits and Indians living there?
    What business opportunties are available for an American business minded person?
    I thought you said you were into west African guys in one of your earlier post so what gives?



    Kenya is good. The only challenge I had was medication. Trying to find medication equivalencies like the US will be a challenge, especially for controlled substances such as painkillers. Import/export business is good. Places such as Dubai, India, China, Turkey, etc... are good for imports to Kenya. I need to know how much capital you are willing to invest before I can tell you what type of business you can be doing. Not so many Brits here. For Indians, yes (many of them) are residing here. Arabs, Italians, and Germans are the large percentage of foreigners that are here.

    If you go read again, I clarified my formal post on West Africans. I realized my mistake earlier. I had no knowledge on East/Central Africans. In other words, I did not know that there are certain groups that carry the broad Nose (WIDE NOSE) trait. Not all Kenyan tribes have broad Noses. There is one tribe that predominately carry that trait and this other tribe with most of them carrying that trait. Majority of West Africans carry the trait broad Nose. I am fortunate that my husband's Nose is broader than MOST West Africans. My husband comes from a group of people called the Western Bantu's incase you didn't get my earlier post.

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