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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Paniro188, May 10, 2018.

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    Interesting, however, their words and discussions are irrelevant. The questions that need to be asked are why? Why are the subjects of race and gender things these white men spend so much time and energy discussing? What underlying psychological need does their research and endless talking fill for them?

    The funny things is that human beings are simple creatures, the majority of the things we choose to focus our mental energies on are things that feed our psyches, things that hold a personal interest for us.

    The way it seems to me is that these guys have a desperate need to justify their sense of superiority, yet, they are smart enough to know that showing overt displays of outright racism and sexism will get them lumped in with the toothless hillbilly sister-fuckers who wear confederate belt buckles. So to scratch their superiority itch, they over-simplify, obfuscate, and cherry pick data from studies and statistics that reinforce their superiority mentality.

    The funny things about statistics and "scientific" studies are that they don't account for motivation, they don't tell you why the researcher chose to do the research in the first place, they also don't take into account the bias of the people compiling the data. So any time you see one of these low-key white supremacists whip out their 10 point list for why blacks commit so much crime or why gender equality is unnatural, Just ask yourself WHY?
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    I always ask now what is the exact methodology of data collection. Just like crime statistics we are suppose to believe the source is fair and unbiased and that's usually the police who routinely do whatever they can to protect each other not tell the truth. We also have to rely on judges and juries to be unbiased. Eventually most of the data is corrupted.
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    So, the stats are racist, gotcha.
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    Paniro didn't watch that whole video!!lol

    He maybe watched the first 10 minutes and thought they were gonna talk about the phenomenon of angry White men and politics.

    That vid was a discussion about rationality, religion, good and evil, and how religion and faith create rules for one's life and society as a whole.

    The gender discussion was just Jordan Peterson's opinion based on social science research that there are 4 basic gender differences between men and women that become more pronounced the more egalitarian societies become.
    Gender differences in his opinion don't become less the more 'equal' we become. And that gender differences may be based in biology.

    No discussion of race whatsoever.

    He did however discuss how the Columbine shooters became 'possessed' by evil because of their wallowing day after day after day in their sadistic, depraved thoughts.

    I find it hard to respond to anything Paniro posts since he struggles to give his OWN opinion about whatever he posts.

    The dude is still a lame ass troll. Beware.
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    Ideally you need to know the background and previous writings and comments of anyone who conducts a study, just to get a feel for their biases.
    We all have a bias and in the social sciences particularly in can affect how data is collected(included/excluded) and interpreted.
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    Never said it was racial....was it supposed to be? I said I was a good conversation only. Actually, never mind I'll respond d like I have been.

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    NO, but per your typical troll behavior, instead of correcting TDK the video wasn't a discussion about race, you left your snarky response that the stats are racist.

    Which told me you didn't even watch the whole vid yourself.
    You just posted the vid like it was some political turd and waited to see what the fallout would be.
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    Mind pointing out where I alluded to that?
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    Maybe I read what you typed wrong. Either way we won't see eye to eye.
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    Another good one

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    Righties like Paniro and Bliss just can't help dragging their debunked talking points where ever they go
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    Love how you feel you know my politics.


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    Trump derangement syndrome

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    Support for Trump by black males has gone up ..50% increase, allegedly.

    Black Men Doubles After Kanye West Endorsement, Reuters Poll Says

    Yeezy’s total embrace of POTUS may be starting to have real-world implications

    Jon Levine | May 3, 2018 @ 11:30 AM

    Now, whether true or not... He has gotten their attention, at the least.
    Even Malcolm X once said don't trust White Liberals. (not knowing that in the future, some Black Liberal politicians would also take on their style of politics).

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